Watch out because an iconic supercar is heading to the auction block.

lamboThe car at it’s most basic is a commodity, and just like a smartphone or a sunglasses, it’s meant to just fulfill a need efficiently and easily. You may enjoy having the item and get some modicum of usefulness beyond its basic intended function, but for the most part, cars are just that, cars. Sometimes though, cars can breach that invisible line, move beyond the strict definition of a “gas propelled, people mover” and become something that enters into the realm of the emotion. There are a few cars that come to mind but one that sticks out is the Lamborghini. Lamborghinis have never been made to be a regular people mover. From the formation of the chassis to the body panel styling this car is 100% intended to be a gorgeous, emotional speed machine. Whipping down the road, with the light from nearby streetlights intermittently flashing across its tightly styled form, heads turn as the beast known as the Lamborghini makes its growling way down the road. Instantly, it owns the road with its strong presence, helped by a ferocious engine that can rocket up to 8,000 RPM, cranking out 512 horsepower. That is what is being auctioned off, a chance to own, that. a 2007 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. Not only is is beautiful and fast, this drop top version allows you to enjoy not just the finely sculpted interior, but get the full sensory experience of the outer environment making your drive that much more momentous. the wind blowing in your hair, the smells wafting through the air, all while driving a performance beast. Now you may be thinking, “yeah but it is a 2007 and is almost almost 8 years old” and I concede that point, but keep in mind that it is an 8 year old car that has a top speed of 195 MPH, still a crazy top speed for today’s speed demons and it comes with a V-10 engine that is getting more and more rare in this efficiency minded era of car production. also, with these types of cars, sometimes a little age works in its benefit and means it had time to “ferment” and become that much more beautiful, iconic, and sophisticated, like an expensive bottle of wine. This auction is a chance to get your hands on this remarkable car, at an even more remarkable price. Bidding doesn’t start until November 3, but you should definitely head over and see more details of the auction to get ready for the bidding. This exact example is a 2007 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder with 35,849 miles on the odometer. The auction begins November 3 at 11:00 AM and ends November 10, 11:08 AM. The starting bid is a laughable 100$ with a minimum 100$ bid increment. For any further information about these, or any other auctions, simply click here to subscribe to for your FREE 3 day trial today!

Tip-A-Canoe! Enjoy this canoe at a great price.

canoeCanoes can be super expensive, but once you own one, it can last a lifetime which is why finding one on an auction so cheap is such a great find. Whereas usually you’d have to fork over hundreds of dollars for the luxury of floating down the river, you can bid on one today for just 35 dollars! Unlike some other buys, here there is very little risk and very high reward. With a simple craft like a canoe, not much can go wrong and that which does go wrong can be easily fixed by plugging the hole so not much risk is involved with buying one! This example is a Mad River Explorer 16 used canoe and in overall fair condition which comes with comfortable woven seats to sit on in the bow and stern, rather than an uncomfortable metal seat. It has some normal wear and tear for something that is meant to be kept outside and used in the water but besides for the finish fading due to being outside for several years it’s in pretty good shape. The canoes are being auctioned out of Fort Worth, TX and the current high bid is just 35$. Check out this steal of a deal and place your bid before November 4, at 10:11 AM Central Time (CT). To find out more about this auction or to search for more amazing finds, click here to subscribe to which comes with a FREE 3 day trial!

The Swiss army knife: The quintessential survival tool at a must see price!

knifeThe Swiss Army knife. The all in one tool that is the cornerstone of any wilderness survival kit. Opening bottles, fighting off a bear (not recommended), whittling away a fall afternoon, skinning a catch for the cooking fire, cutting a string, taking out a splinter or just doing any mundane task, the Swiss Army knife easily dismisses any problem thrown its way and is instantly ready for the next task at hand. It can be a gift that truly keeps on giving, tagging along wherever life takes the the lucky receiver of the gift, ready to spring into action. Whether you are buying them for yourself, a gift for others, or to sell, today you can get your hands on 100 assorted styles of the Swiss Army knife for quite a low price per knife. This auction is for 1 lot of 100 assorted used knives, in various styles colors and conditions. All these knives come at a current bid of just 210 dollars, which is just $2.10 each! If you have an efficient way to sell them, whether bulk or piece by piece, you can make quite a lot of money off this deal with current prices going for way more than what you are paying for them. This auction is out of Denver, CO and ends on October 31, at 11:11 AM (CT) but keep in mind there are currently multiple concurrent auctions by the same seller, all selling different assortments of 100 knives so if the ones pictured above aren’t what you are looking for, you can be sure that other styles are also being auctioned off so check them all out! For any further information about these, or any other auctions, simply click here to subscribe to for your FREE 3 day trial today!

Hit the road in this reliable car.

carA good, reliable car that gets good gas mileage can keep your daily drive from being a drag and make you not despise those long hours on the road. This 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid fits the description of a good and reliable car and with an above average average gas mileage of 41 City and 36 Hwy courtesy of its hybrid fuel system this car won’t be a drag on your wallet. When it originally came out, Car and Driver rated it “the best mid-size hybrid sedan on the market.” This car is only 5 years old and looks to be in really good shape and well taken care of and it’s styling has aged well, keeping it looking younger than it is! It comes equipped with, among other things, airbags, a/c, am/fm and cd, cruise control, anti-theft, power locks, mirrors, a fabric interior, and key less entry. Besides for a small crack in the windshield this car seems to be in road worthy condition ready to begin your next drive.  If you want to get a better look at the car, inspections are by appointment only and if you are in the area it is recommended, just like for any used car purchase. The auction is based in Atlanta, GA and ends in three days on October 30, at 5:00 PM Central Time (CT) Currently, the high bid is 4,877$ with 7 bidders, well below the average going cost. For any further information about this or any other auction, simply click here to subscribe to for your FREE 3 day trial today!

Time to hit the ski slopes!

skiWith the fall in full swing and winter beginning to extend it’s frosty tendrils of cold amongst the piles of changing leaves, you can now start to think about the things that make winter so beautiful. One of the winters favorite sports is skiing, the wonderful game of seeing how fast you can plummet down a hill while trying not to suddenly become one with a pine tree. Associated with this fine sport is also a high price tag. Lift tickets, rentals, extra fee, it can get expensive. This auction is your chance to buy ski’s at a ridiculously low price and enjoy skiing without emptying your wallet. This current auction is for a bundled collection of assorted used Telemark snow skis. In particular it consists of of 1 pair of Dynastar Altipume; 1 pair of Atomic Premiere W/Riva Bindings; 1 pair of Research Dynamics Bravo Coyote W/Solomon Alpine Bindings; 1 pair of Tua 112-Cross Ride W/G3 Telemark Bindings; 1 pair Black Diamond Crossbow W/No Bindings; 1 pair of Voik Mountain Ranger W/No Bindings; 1 pair of Voik Carver Xt W/No Bindings; 1 pair of Black Diamond Vertige W/Riva Bindings; 1 pair of Fischer Eropa Glass X Country Skis W/Rottefella 3-Pin Bindings; 1 pair of Rossignol Telemark Tms X Country Skis W/Rottefella Bindings; 1 pair of Atomic Beta Telemark 20 W/Telemark Bindings. They are located in Moose, WY and are available for a pre-bid inspection by appointment only. If you are interested, now is your time with there only being 3 days left and a current bid of a paltry 10 dollars! You really can’t beat that, so head over before October 31 11:33 AM Central time (CT) when the auction closes, and get bidding! For any further information about this or any other auction, simply click here to subscribe to for your FREE 3 day trial today!

Mow the lawn while sitting down. Oh yeah!

lawn mowerThe dreaded time in the home owners life is when it comes time to put down the TV remote and mow the lawn. It’s nobodies favorite chore and while it can’t be solved it can be made way more palatable. The F725 pictured here is a John Deere ride on lawn mower. What? That’s right! A lawn mower that not only mows faster than a regular hand pushed mower, but you get to relax in comfort on the seat while all you have to do it steer. And what’s better than 1 John Deere ride on mower…you guessed it, 2 J.D. ride on lawn mowers with a GX95 John Deere riding mower thrown in to sweeten the deal! The 2 F725 mowers have only 120 and 235 hours on them respectively and with there powerful motors, your mowing will be history and sooner than you know it you’ll be back at the TV, job accomplished. As they have been stored outside they may need some maintenance so if you are in the Loveland, CO area you can stop by and inspect them. With over 5 days to go on this auction, the current bid is only 311 dollars with 7 bids, a small amount to spend when you keep in mind that one of these machines can sell used for thousands of dollars! The official end time for this auction is October 31, at 2:26 PM Central Time (CT). To find out more about this auction or to search for more amazing finds, click here to subscribe to which comes with a FREE 3 day trial!

Instant office, just add water (and a building)

deskThis auction truly is an instant office, all that is needed is a building so whether you are planning on a mass employee hire soon or you’re a startup looking to expand out of your garage and into a real office, this sale is perfect for you. On auction today are approximately 111 office work station desks made by Steelcase and Knoll respectively. The work stations come in many different configurations and dimensions and the desks are all different shapes and styles for differing work styles. In addition to the dizzying array of work offices, it also comes with many different accessories including but not limited to, pencil trays, a diverse collection of file cabinets, wardrobes with coat closets, overhead and task lights, keyboard trays and more. The office equipment is located in Lees Summit, MO and would need to be transported from there. It should be noted that although the sale ends in a week, this is a sale of supplies that are part of a furniture refresh project so the actual removal and transferal of the office equipment will be in stages starting November 11 through April 2016 so if you bid, you must be willing to work closely with the owners to plan the removal and transportation of the supplies. Currently no one has bid on this auction so head on over and cast your bid on this huge sale! The auction closes in 8 days on November 3, at 5:32 PM Central Time (CT). To find out any more information about this auction or to find out about many others going on now, you can simply click here to subscribe to which comes with a FREE 3 day trial!