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Save Big On Furniture!

Brand new furniture from retail outlets or online websites can end up costing you quite a bit. Instead of paying high prices you should considering taking a look at auctions. Auctions can allow you to save on all sorts of things including furniture. For example this auction lot is for several desks that would be perfect for your office or even your home. This auction includes a four desks. There are two metal desks, a wooden desk, and a free standing desk. These desks would be great for your office! They would also work well in a home office if you are working remotely or even as computer desks in your kids rooms! No matter how you use them you can sleep well knowing that you saved big! Inspection prior to bidding and/or purchasing is of course always highly recommended. This great auction is located in Ogden, Utah and the closing time is on October 8th at 12:05 pm central time. Right now, the current bid is $5 USD and there has been 1 bidders so far. Act soon as you definitely do not want to miss this amazing deal! Start saving today! For any further information, simply click here to subscribe to www.governmentauctions.org for your FREE 3 day trial.

Instant office, just add water (and a building)

deskThis auction truly is an instant office, all that is needed is a building so whether you are planning on a mass employee hire soon or you’re a startup looking to expand out of your garage and into a real office, this sale is perfect for you. On auction today are approximately 111 office work station desks made by Steelcase and Knoll respectively. The work stations come in many different configurations and dimensions and the desks are all different shapes and styles for differing work styles. In addition to the dizzying array of work offices, it also comes with many different accessories including but not limited to, pencil trays, a diverse collection of file cabinets, wardrobes with coat closets, overhead and task lights, keyboard trays and more. The office equipment is located in Lees Summit, MO and would need to be transported from there. It should be noted that although the sale ends in a week, this is a sale of supplies that are part of a furniture refresh project so the actual removal and transferal of the office equipment will be in stages starting November 11 through April 2016 so if you bid, you must be willing to work closely with the owners to plan the removal and transportation of the supplies. Currently no one has bid on this auction so head on over and cast your bid on this huge sale! The auction closes in 8 days on November 3, at 5:32 PM Central Time (CT). To find out any more information about this auction or to find out about many others going on now, you can simply click here to subscribe to www.governmentauctions.org which comes with a FREE 3 day trial!

Lot of Misc. Office Furniture: Buy In Bulk And Save!

office furnLooking to spruce up your office environment with some new furniture? Well you’ve come to the right place, because now up for online auction is this massive bulk auction consisting of nothing but — you guessed it — office furniture! Just some of the items contained in this bulk include: 1 brown leather sofa, wooden computer desks, metal computer desks, end tables, 6 blue cloth desk chairs, 1 blue velour recliner, 3 brown leather arm chairs, 1 gray tweed desk chair, several high back tilt chairs, 1 credenza, various tables, and a whole lot more. There are literally too many things to list individually, but trust us when we say that this is definitely an auction worth checking out if you’re looking to purchase furniture in bulk. The current asking price for this lot is only $221 with 4 online bids placed. To find out more about this auction ending in 1 day, 8 hours, and 6 minutes, all you have to do is click here to begin your 3 day free trial account.


File Cabinets, Chairs, and More: Spruce Up The Office!

cabinetzIf you’re looking for great deals on office furniture, then you should definitely check out this next auction deal. Now currently up for bid is this bulk sale consisting of file cabinets, office chairs, shelves, and more! The winning bidder of this auction will receiving the following items: 2 4 – drawer cabinets each measuring 33″ W x 56″ H x 24″ D; 2 office chairs; 1 TV hutch measuring 36″ W x 62″ H x 25″ D; and last but certainly not least, 1 metal shelf measuring 30″ W x 44″ H x 12″ D. From the looks of it, these items appear to be in fairly good condition, but either way we’d still recommend that you come in and preview these items in person before deciding to bid. The current price for them is just $94 with 5 online bids already made. The auction will be ending shortly so hurry up and activate your free trial now before this deal passes you by!


Lot of Misc Office Furniture: Buy In Bulk For Your Business

furnsUp next is another fantastic deal on some surplus furniture that’s now available for online bid. This bulk auction consists of everything you’ll need to completely furnish your office. The lot includes: 6 grey office chairs, 2 green office chairs, 1 blue office chair, 2 brown filing cabinets, 1 white filing cabinet, 1 white table, 1 woodgrain cabinet, 1 3-drawer woodgrain cabinet, 3 woodgrain tables, and a whole lot more. This furniture, while used, appears to be in great condition and is ready for use! We still strongly recommend you preview this auction live in person prior to bidding. The current bid for this deal is just $10 with 1 online bid already placed. This auction will be ending in less than 24 hours so hurry up and activate your 3 day free trial right now before this amazing bargain passes you by!

Lot of 8 Double Pedestal Desks: Inexpensive Furniture That’s Built To Last

desksSurplus property auctions are a great way to score amazing deals on things such as furniture. Most of the furniture that’s sold at these government surplus auction come from government agencies that not longer need the furniture for one reason or another. Essentially, their loss can now become your gain for the right price. Now up for online auction is this lot of 8 double pedestal desks. These desks appear to be in very good condition and all of them come in a beautiful cherry finish. The current price for these 8 desks is just $22! That’s less than $3 per desk! Not a bad deal if you ask us. This auction will be ending in less than 24 hours, so get on it! And in the future, if you’re in need of furniture for your office, be sure to check out a surplus property auction. Click here to learn more about this and other great surplus deals!

Surplus Furniture and Fixtures: Items To Help Fill The Space In Your Office

Ifurnf you’re looking for cheap and sturdy furniture for your office, then you definitely have to check out a surplus property auction. This specific lot consists of the following items: 10 file cabinets, 1 conference table, 1 lounge chair made of brown leather, 9 executive conference chairs, 1 end table, 1 executive desk chair, 3 two-drawer metal cabinets, 1 literature rack, 5 miscellaneous shelving parts, 4 green leather chairs, 4 mauve guest chairs, a small GE refrigerator, and much much more. Most of the items are in perfect working/looking shape and others need a bit of repairing. As of right now the current price for this lot furniture auction is just $10 with 1 online bid already placed. To get the skinny on this auction, be sure to click here to activate your free 3 day trial account. But don’t wait around because this auction will be ending  in just 2 days, 4 hours, and 28 minutes!

2 Office Desks: Get To Work

Office DesksThis current online auction is for a lot of 2 Office Desks! These desks would be a great addition to any home or office and would come in handy if you were scouring for a desk of your own. They would bring about the perfect change you need in your life. You could get a new desk and transform  that into a new future. These Office Desks are located in the great state of Oregon and if you are in or around the pacific northwest then you should definitely check this lot of items out because you could just strap them to the hood of your car and take them home or to your office and enjoy the solidarity of these pieces of furniture. The current bid on these desks is only $10 with the auction ending extremely soon. You can find out more by clicking here.

15 Desks And Tables: Get Some New Work Spaces.

15 TablesThis current online auction is for 15 Desks And Tables. This lots of desks and tables would be great for a new office or a new type of school that you have opened or are already running. Just imagine the comfort that you have just unleashed on prospective workers and students, they would thank you for letting them have a place to put their laptops. You could put anything you want on these tables as well. Let us say that you are a catering service and need to place the buffet somewhere. Well, these tables would be a perfect idea because a lot of them can be folded and stored away. All you really need is a nice table cloth to go over them and you would be set for life. The current bid on this lot of desks and tables is only $39 with the auction ending today. Do yourself a favor and find out more about these items as well as many more by activating your free trial account now.

45 Tablet Arm School Desks: Teach A Class

Tablet Arm School DesksHave you ever wanted to be a teacher? Well, no you can; kinda. Check out this current online auction for 45 Tablet Arm School Desks. These desks with arms could help facilitate teaching in any study environment. Whoever sits in these desks has a place for their notebooks and would be able to write diligently into them. They are located in Michigan and can be picked up when you win. They are all the same style and also look to be in good shape as well as stackable. If you intend on picking them up, you should have big truck ready just in case. Since they are stackable, they can be stored easily when you aren’t teaching your class about the history of the Klingon language. The current bid on these desks is only $50 with the auction ending in a couple of days. Find out more about this auction and about many other government auctions by clicking here.