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Own The Road With This Utility Truck!

Just imagine cruising down the highways in this former military utility truck! Even better imagine taking it off road! This is a vehicle that can handle anything life will throw at it. You will never be caught unprepared again. Even better is that you can get this great vehicle by bidding on a government auction! This will let you grab this incredible vehicle for even less than you think! The details of this truck are as follow: 2007 HMMWV AM General Utility Truck; MDL: M1097R1; SN: 608874, est. mi. 23634: 6.2L V-8 diesel. Inspection prior  to bidding and/or purchasing is of course always highly recommended. If you want a great deal on a vehicle you should think about bidding now before this great opportunity disappears and you miss out! This auction is located in Fort Worth, Texas and the closing time is on 03/15/2024 10:01 AM CT. Right now, the current bid is $4,325.00 USD and there has been 13 bidders so far. Act soon as you definitely do not want to miss this amazing deal! Start saving today! For any further information, simply click here to subscribe to for your FREE 3 day trial.

Check Out This Military Artwork!

military paintingAre you a history or military buff that enjoys collecting pieces of art? We all know that war, combat, and military play crucial roles throughout history, so having a framed collage of military images is just what you need if this is what you have a passion for! This auction has one lot consisting of one military print collage (six images total), including one of a military person shaking hands with a male in suit holding a book, army doctors treating a patient, a military brigade in battle, and more. It will look great as it hangs in your house, room, or office! This auction is located in Springfield, Virginia, and the closing time is on February 13th at 5:31pm, Central Time. If you would like to inspect this piece of art before placing your bid, then you must make an appointment ahead of time. You will also need an appointment to remove the artwork from its auction site if you happen to be the lucky winner. At the moment, the current bid is $75 and there has been only one bidder so far, so be sure to be the next person and place your bid! For any further information, simply click here to subscribe to for your FREE 3 day trial.

A Hummer H2, The Impractical Vehicle Everyone Needs!

The Hummer was the answer to the question no one asked. “What happens if you take a truck, widen and lengthening it while making it bigger and heavier, then giving it the gas mileage and styling of a brick?” When it was first unleashed upon the world, it was quite the polarizing vehicle. While the conservationist folks wrung their hands at its wastefulness, high riding Americans uncaringly roared past, a huge All-American grin on their collective faces, which led to the successful sales of 3 different models, creatively named the H1 H2 and H3. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending who you ask) the popularity of Hummers started plummeting with the rising cost of gas in the early 2000’s. With prices at the pump quickly rising into the $3 a gallon range, owning a vehicle that besides being hugely impractical, was racking up huge gas bills hastened the Hummers fall from grace. The final death knoll for this vehicle was the recession and GM issues which culminated with the brand being discontinued in 2008. Well, with gas prices now finally returned to $2, the Hummer is powering back into the automotive story! Now, you can finally bid on a 2004 Hummer H2 and it’s not totally impractical anymore! Why would you want to? Easy! With the multitude of cars today looking more and more like over sized hot wheels, what other car is so commanding as this beast which unabashedly bellows “I am American.” With a huge amount of surface area and an “in-your-face red” paint job, this is sure to command the road. Its massive 6 liter V8 and seating for 6, makes this car ideal for weekend getaways, and the zombie apocalypse! Bidding for this America-mobile began January 13 at 11:00 AM (ET) and ends January 20 at 12:20 PM (ET) starting at just $100; and remember, what you lose in MPG you gain in SMG (Smile Per Gallon)! If you are interested in this or any other Government Auction, please click here to head over to www.government and subscribe to your FREE 3 day trial.

U.S. Army Black Hawk Helicopter Auction!

When you think of the U.S. Army and helicopters, chances are you think of the Black Hawk helicopter. Ever since the first one went into service in 1979, this helicopter has been the primary medium lift utility transport and air assault aircraft for the U.S. Army. Truly ubiquitous, they played a part in the Osama Bin Laden raids and many others. Manufactured by Sikorsky, there are many different types and a variety of models to fit many different needs, but this version is the UH-60A model with a top speed of 150 Knots. Fuel is stored in two crash worthy fuel tanks totaling 360 gallons which keeps the plain aloft for a range of 320 Nautical Miles. The strong and secure build of this craft means that it can keep a maximum 2640 lbs airborne, the equivalent of 11 combat equipped troops in addition to a pilot, co-pilot and crew chief. As a twin engined helicopter it is equipped with two General Electric T700-GE-701 turbo shaft engines rated at 1,560 shaft horsepower turning a single 4-bladed rotor and a single 4-bladed tail rotor. If you are interested in bidding in this auction, make sure to do your research and place your bid before the auction ends on January 13 at 10:00 AM Central Time (CT). With a starting bid of $200,000 this auction is only for those who are serious about bidding. To get more information and to place a bid head over to and sign up for your FREE 2 day trial.


Fly away in this spectacular helicopter!

helicopter2The helicopter, the imaginative salve to every one of life’s issues. That long commute to the dreary office and back could become an experience to look forward to if you were being transported in your own aviational pod thousands of feet above the bumper to bumper traffic below, luxuriating in the back sipping a martini. A child uses a helicopter to imagine having the ability to fly above this grown up led world and freely look down upon it thinking of all the adventures it will take her on. Besides for the imagined aforementioned examples, a helicopter can have multiple practical uses. From serving as a way to expedite travel and impress clients, to offering the ability to enjoy the freedom of the sky on your own, away from petty human trouble, or maybe you are just in the business and are looking for helicopters for sale. Well no matter what category you fit in, today you have the chance to bid on 10 different Sikorsky model S-61-N helicopters, at super low prices. Although they are the same model they are all different model years, ranging from 1968 to 1980 and in varying states of repair, with each helicopter being auctioned off separately.  Obviously for anyone who is interested there are inspections available and Data plate, Historical, and Maintenance records available. The bidding ends in 12 days on November 30th and the helicopters are located in Sanford, FL. The kicker is that besides for the fact that these awesome machines are available, the price is unbelievable, with each auction starting at just a 1000$ bid. So head off and bid, maybe your dream of owning your own helicopter will come true! For more information about this or other auctions, click here to subscribe to and receive your FREE 3 day trial!

The Swiss army knife: The quintessential survival tool at a must see price!

knifeThe Swiss Army knife. The all in one tool that is the cornerstone of any wilderness survival kit. Opening bottles, fighting off a bear (not recommended), whittling away a fall afternoon, skinning a catch for the cooking fire, cutting a string, taking out a splinter or just doing any mundane task, the Swiss Army knife easily dismisses any problem thrown its way and is instantly ready for the next task at hand. It can be a gift that truly keeps on giving, tagging along wherever life takes the the lucky receiver of the gift, ready to spring into action. Whether you are buying them for yourself, a gift for others, or to sell, today you can get your hands on 100 assorted styles of the Swiss Army knife for quite a low price per knife. This auction is for 1 lot of 100 assorted used knives, in various styles colors and conditions. All these knives come at a current bid of just 210 dollars, which is just $2.10 each! If you have an efficient way to sell them, whether bulk or piece by piece, you can make quite a lot of money off this deal with current prices going for way more than what you are paying for them. This auction is out of Denver, CO and ends on October 31, at 11:11 AM (CT) but keep in mind there are currently multiple concurrent auctions by the same seller, all selling different assortments of 100 knives so if the ones pictured above aren’t what you are looking for, you can be sure that other styles are also being auctioned off so check them all out! For any further information about these, or any other auctions, simply click here to subscribe to for your FREE 3 day trial today!

Super Hot Helicopter Deal!

Stay Fly With This Black Hawk Tactical HelicopterBefore we explain how amazing this deal is, let us just explain one this. For sale today is a Sikorsky Uh-60A Black Hawk Medium Lift Utility Helicopter a.k.a Black Hawk Tactical Military Helicopter! Let that sink in for a bit…

How many people do you know that are willing and able to buy helicopters at their slightest whim?  Today, you are fortunate enough to be able to join the elite paradise helicopter owners club! The skies are yours for the taking! Clouds are but playful mists asking to dance with your helicopter blades. This is no drake and josh helicopter for children – this Black Hawk is proud to be included in the powerful class of military transport helicopters. With this nifty toy you can literally do anything! You can fly fast and low, or cruise at a snail’s pace up high in the sky. Want to throw a party in your luxurious Hamptons home this weekend? Why don’t you pull a “pimp my helicopter” and redo the inside of  your chopper with the must luxurious interior designs possible, and viola, you now have your very own luxury charter helicopter!  Perhaps you are looking for heavy lifting helicopters instead? No problem – this baby can haul an incredible 2,600 pounds (1,200 kg) of cargo internally or a massive 9,000 pounds (4,100 kg) of cargo externally by sling. Let’s put it this way: you can transport $410,000,000 in hundred dollar bills at once with this amazing tactical helicopter! As helicopters go, the is most likely the cheapest helicopter for sale today when it comes to the bottom line ultimate bang for your buck. 


Let’s get to the technicalities now: 

The UH-60 features four-blade main and tail rotors, and is powered by two General Electric T700 turboshaft engines. The main rotor is fully articulated and has elastomeric bearings in the rotor head. The tail rotor is canted and features a rigid crossbeam. The helicopter has a long, low profile shape to meet the Army’s requirement for transporting aboard a C-130 Hercules, with some dis-assembly. It can carry 11 troops with equipment, lift 2,600 pounds (1,200 kg) of cargo internally or 9,000 pounds (4,100 kg) of cargo externally by sling.

The Black Hawk helicopter series can perform a wide array of missions, including the tactical transport of troops, electronic warfare, and aeromedical evacuation. A VIP version known as the VH-60N is used to transport important government officials (e.g., Congress, Executive departments) with the helicopter’s call sign of “Marine One” when transporting the President of the United States. In air assault operations, it can move a squad of 11 combat troops or re-position a 105 mm M119 howitzer with 30 rounds ammunition, and a four-man crew in a single lift. The Black Hawk is equipped with advanced avionics and electronics for increased survivability and capability, such as the Global Positioning System.


This excellent army helicopter is bidding at just $200,000! That’s peanuts compared to the average $8,000,000 price tag on a new helicopter! This auction ends on the second of September, at 10 AM Central Time. As of the time of this post, there remain but 4 Days and 22 Hours until you are the proud owner of a hot, hot, hot helicopter!For any further information, simply click here to subscribe to for your FREE 3 day trial today!

41 Foot Long Seach and Rescue Boat: Search For Fish…and Find Them!

boatNext up for auction is a vessel formerly used by the United States Coast Guard that has recently been declared as surplus and is now available for online auction to the general public. This boat was previously used by the U.S. Coast Guard for Search and Rescue operations. The vessel measures 41 feet long and features two Cummins VT-903M diesel engines, an aluminum hull with main deck flush over the engines, a modified planing hull design, and the passenger compartment and pilot house are enclosed in a cabin of molded fiberglass-reinforced plastic over an end grain balsa core. Each engine has 340 horsepower, a 486.8 gallon fuel capacity, and a 300 nautical mile range at 18 knots. The current asking price for this vessel is $20,853 with 5 bids already placed and just 8 days, 3 hours, and 6 minutes remaining. If you’d like to learn more about this and other similar boat auctions, then simply click here now in order to activate your 3 day free trial account.


DOD Auctions: How the US Department of Defense Gets Rid of its Surplus

Humvee In part III of our six-part series discussing various types of government agencies that hold auctions, we talked about the General Services Administration (G.S.A), which auctions off billions of dollars of surplus assets for countless government agencies every year. However, one of the agencies that the G.S.A does not deal with is the Department of Defense, which instead contracts with outside companies to auction off its assets. The Department of Defense or DOD is a great source of assets and deals. The Department of Defense doesn’t just auction off combat gear and military vehicles, either. On the contrary, it the department also auctions off tons of other stuff like medical supplies, computer and office supplies, gym equipment, and a slew of other things. Keep reading to learn more!  


What is the Department of Defense (DOD)?

The Department of Defense is a part of the executive branch of the federal government charged with coordinating and supervising all agencies concerned with our national security. It also happens to be the largest employer in the world. In total, the DOD has over 3.2 million people working for its various agencies. It takes a tremendous amount of money and resources to run a department of that size. For 2014, Congress allocated over $526 billion for the DOD to carry out its mandate. Every year the DOD auctions off hundreds of millions of dollars of assets that it no longer needs, some of which can be had for extraordinarily low prices.

Where does the Department of Defense get stuff it auctions off?

As we mentioned above, the Department of Defense spends more money than some countries do. It has a lot of stuff, and not just military vehicles and gear, either. As our military grows ever more sophisticated, a large percentage of money is spent on offices and intelligence equipment and offices. Thus, you can find some great deals on computers, printers, office furniture, and more. Additionally, the DOD is an excellent source of scrap metal, plumbing supplies, medical supplies (x-ray machines, hospital furniture, instruments,etc), travel trailers, and more.

What you need to know?

  • Many of the auctions for the Department of Defense have a buyer’s premium attached to them. This means you will have to pay an additional amount (around 10% of the purchase price) to the auctioneer, in order to cover the expenses that they incur in running the auction. Remember to take the buyer’s premium into account when coming up with a maximum bid for yourself.
  • Almost all auctions for the DOD now take place online. However, the auctioneer will not ship the items in most cases so you will either need to find a reliable shipping and packaging service to handle this for you, or pick the items up yourself.
  • As a general rule, credit cards are now accepted as payment for items that are won, although an amount in excess of $10,000 has to be paid with certified funds (e.g. certified bank check).

Start looking for surplus stuff from the United States Department of Defense by activating your free trial account right now!