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A Hummer H2, The Impractical Vehicle Everyone Needs!

The Hummer was the answer to the question no one asked. “What happens if you take a truck, widen and lengthening it while making it bigger and heavier, then giving it the gas mileage and styling of a brick?” When it was first unleashed upon the world, it was quite the polarizing vehicle. While the conservationist folks wrung their hands at its wastefulness, high riding Americans uncaringly roared past, a huge All-American grin on their collective faces, which led to the successful sales of 3 different models, creatively named the H1 H2 and H3. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending who you ask) the popularity of Hummers started plummeting with the rising cost of gas in the early 2000’s. With prices at the pump quickly rising into the $3 a gallon range, owning a vehicle that besides being hugely impractical, was racking up huge gas bills hastened the Hummers fall from grace. The final death knoll for this vehicle was the recession and GM issues which culminated with the brand being discontinued in 2008. Well, with gas prices now finally returned to $2, the Hummer is powering back into the automotive story! Now, you can finally bid on a 2004 Hummer H2 and it’s not totally impractical anymore! Why would you want to? Easy! With the multitude of cars today looking more and more like over sized hot wheels, what other car is so commanding as this beast which unabashedly bellows “I am American.” With a huge amount of surface area and an “in-your-face red” paint job, this is sure to command the road. Its massive 6 liter V8 and seating for 6, makes this car ideal for weekend getaways, and the zombie apocalypse! Bidding for this America-mobile began January 13 at 11:00 AM (ET) and ends January 20 at 12:20 PM (ET) starting at just $100; and remember, what you lose in MPG you gain in SMG (Smile Per Gallon)! If you are interested in this or any other Government Auction, please click here to head over to www.government auctions.org and subscribe to your FREE 3 day trial.

Oxford Army National Guard Facility: Own a Piece of U.S. History!

CHICA113006001Here’s your chance to own a piece of U.S. history with this surplus Army Nation Guard Facility! That’s right folks, the United States government is selling an actual formerly used military facility to the general public. Located on Todd Road in Oxford, Ohio this property sits on approximately 11 acres of land, just two m iles from Miami University’s campus. The property itself is fenced and gated and there a total of eight buildings spread out over the entire premise. Have you ever wanted to open up your own gun range? How about starting your own doomsday cult? Well here’s your chance and this could be the perfect place to do it. There are literally a ton of different uses one might have for this property – the possibilities are endless! A bid deposit of $10,000 is required and there is roughly one day left to bid so sign up for your free trial membership to learn more about this amazing deal!

Army Surplus Boots: Get A Move On!

combatbootsArmy Surplus Boots are a great way to stomp a mudhole in something and walk in dry. If you were born to raise he** and need some appropriate shoes to do it in, then you should check out this current online auction for 115 pairs of assorted Army Boots. These boots vary in terms of color and what climate they can be used for. If you own a surplus store then this is the auction for you. You could win these pallets of boots and make yourself a little profit as you resell them. Plus, this kind of auction would be great for anyone’s inventory. You could also stand a chance to get a great deal on this lot of items because of the nature of this auction. The current bid on this lot is only $210 with the auction ending very soon. You can find out a lot about this set of boots as well as other government auctions by activating your free trial account right now!

Army Tactical Gear Ballistic Armor: Check These Helmets Out!

ballshelmetsIf you are looking for some Army Tactical Gear Ballistic Armor then you should check out this lot of Ballistic Helmets that are up for online auction. This auction contains a few helmets and they look like they are in pretty good shape. If you own a shooting range, like hunting, practice maneuvers, or just like to stay on your toes, then you should definitely take a look at this auction. This auction would be beneficial to a reseller or owner or squad leader. It never hurts to have extra equipment laying around and these helmets could save your life. You could probably even break down a bathroom wall like The Fonz with one of these helmets. The current bid on this item is only $135 with the auction ending very soon. You can find out about this lot of items and many other government auctions by activating your free trial account now.

Flak Vests: Be Protected

bpvestsThe times, they are a changing. If you have that clawing tingle of paranoia that nips at your neck, then this online auction for 3 Flak Vests might be right up your alley. This auction is also excellent for those that work at a shooting range or behind the counter of a bodega in a bad neighborhood. These three vests would be a great asset to you if you also like to go hunting with clumsy friends. If you are around a klutz with a gun, then maybe you should wrap yourself with all three of these.The current bid on this lot of items is only $75 with the auction ending in a couple of days. Find out more by activating your free trial right here.

Camouflage Coats: Totally Incognito!

camo jacketsBe one with your surroundings. Wearing a camouflage outfit not only secures your warmth, it keeps you hidden in the woods. Up for auction today is group of Buzz Off camouflage coats. These assets are insect shielding and are a size medium long. There is approximitely 250 unused coats available in this lot. There are also four pockets and a button up front. These items are only available through an online auction. This auction ends in just over two. So, you want to make a bid, you better hurry. The current bid for this auctions is $1,030. If you want more information on this item, and many more amazing assets, simply click here and activate your free trial account today.

1990 Kawasaki KLR250 Motorcycle: Head Out On The Highway

KawasakiIf you like bikes and are looking for your newest baby then you should check out this 1990 Kawasaki KLR250 Motorcycle that is on sale at this online auction. This is actually a government surplus ride that could  be the ride of your life. This looks like a straight utilitarian no frills motorcycle that can last you a good long while if you take care of it. Riding a motorcycle is one of the more freeing experiences you could have. You would probably get half a mind to ride across country with nothing but the clothes on your back and a twinkle in your eye. This auction ends tomorrow so you have a short time to activate your account.