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A Hummer H2, The Impractical Vehicle Everyone Needs!

The Hummer was the answer to the question no one asked. “What happens if you take a truck, widen and lengthening it while making it bigger and heavier, then giving it the gas mileage and styling of a brick?” When it was first unleashed upon the world, it was quite the polarizing vehicle. While the conservationist folks wrung their hands at its wastefulness, high riding Americans uncaringly roared past, a huge All-American grin on their collective faces, which led to the successful sales of 3 different models, creatively named the H1 H2 and H3. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending who you ask) the popularity of Hummers started plummeting with the rising cost of gas in the early 2000’s. With prices at the pump quickly rising into the $3 a gallon range, owning a vehicle that besides being hugely impractical, was racking up huge gas bills hastened the Hummers fall from grace. The final death knoll for this vehicle was the recession and GM issues which culminated with the brand being discontinued in 2008. Well, with gas prices now finally returned to $2, the Hummer is powering back into the automotive story! Now, you can finally bid on a 2004 Hummer H2 and it’s not totally impractical anymore! Why would you want to? Easy! With the multitude of cars today looking more and more like over sized hot wheels, what other car is so commanding as this beast which unabashedly bellows “I am American.” With a huge amount of surface area and an “in-your-face red” paint job, this is sure to command the road. Its massive 6 liter V8 and seating for 6, makes this car ideal for weekend getaways, and the zombie apocalypse! Bidding for this America-mobile began January 13 at 11:00 AM (ET) and ends January 20 at 12:20 PM (ET) starting at just $100; and remember, what you lose in MPG you gain in SMG (Smile Per Gallon)! If you are interested in this or any other Government Auction, please click here to head over to www.government auctions.org and subscribe to your FREE 3 day trial.

This deal is full of garbage!

garbage truckWe have all been there before. You only have one garbage bin and you’ve got one too many bags. You’ve tried everything to make it fit, including a desperate last attempt of actually climbing into the garbage bin and jumping up and down trying to compact the bags so the garbage men will take it all. Well fret no more  because the solution to your superabundant refuse problem is here! For auction today is a 2001 Volvo Garbage Truck for you to own! With this is your hands, no more worrying and no more being at the mercy of the trash collectors because now you are in control of your future! This vehicle does have visible surface rust yet only has 3,273 garbage trucking miles on its odometer. Although a fun vehicle to have it may need some tune ups and touch ups so if you are interested in bidding on this model Wx64 garbage truck you may want to stop by the aptly named Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania to take a look. The current bid for this vehicle is a low 1,140$ with just 4 bidders so far, so if you are interested, place a bid today! The bidding for this truck ends October 26 at 5:12 PM Central Time (CT). For any further information, simply click here to try to governmentauctions.org for your FREE 3 day trial today!