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Los Angeles Dodgers Jacket: Support the Team!

LA Dodgers jacketIf you’re a Los Angeles Dodgers fan, you’re in luck, in more ways than one! First of all, the team (as of this post) is in first place in the National League West division. The MLB season only has a little more than two months remaining before the postseason starts. Second of all, if you’re a Dodgers fan, this LA Dodgers Jacket is available at an upcoming live auction based in Long Beach, California. This is your opportunity to support your team in the dog days of summer. It doesn’t appear any team this year will go down without a fight, and chances are, everything’s going to come down to the wire. Gear up today! Just click here to start your 3 day free trial account. There are a ton of other items at this particular upcoming auction. You’ll need a GovernmentAuctions.org account to get all the info you need to participate.

Designer Clothing: Coats, Coats, Coats!

leatherThere is no greater feeling than going shopping for some awesome new clothing. Stocking up on clothes and breaking them out for a special occasion. Throw on that new dress and impress the socks off your friends and family. Try on that leather coat and feel like you’re back in the 50′s. If this sounds like an ideal situation for you, then you need to check out this next auction. Up for grabs is one lot containing six pieces of designer clothing. These articles range from a leather jacket to a full suit. This lot is worth thousands of dollars. Vintage clothing in this condition doesn’t come by all that often. There is about eight full days left to make a bid on this lot. The current bid is just over $1,000. Don’t miss out on this great deal! Click here for more info.

Gentlemen’s Parka: Keeping You Warm Through The Winter

parkaThe winter season is quickly creeping up. This year, we suggest you do yourself a favor and plan months ahead. Getting you winter gear before the season’s rush hits, could be a great money saving technique. Up for auction today is one large men’s winter parka. The color on this item is navy blue and should keep you nice and toasty during the harsh winter that is approaching. You could really wear nothing under this coat and still be secure and warm when walking outside. This items is only available through a live auction The auction itself is being held in New Jersey. If you want to head to this auction, you are going to have to wait until November 3. For more details on this item, just click here.

Camouflage Coats: Totally Incognito!

camo jacketsBe one with your surroundings. Wearing a camouflage outfit not only secures your warmth, it keeps you hidden in the woods. Up for auction today is group of Buzz Off camouflage coats. These assets are insect shielding and are a size medium long. There is approximitely 250 unused coats available in this lot. There are also four pockets and a button up front. These items are only available through an online auction. This auction ends in just over two. So, you want to make a bid, you better hurry. The current bid for this auctions is $1,030. If you want more information on this item, and many more amazing assets, simply click here and activate your free trial account today.