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LA County Public Administrator Estate Auction Starting Tomorrow!

Check out this huge online auction featuring 400+ lots! This auction starts tomorrow July 23, 2020 at 11am ET and ends on July 28, 2020 at 11am ET. This lot features a variety of valuable items including antiques, collectibles, original art, prints, books, LP records, CD’s and DVDs, gold, diamond and costume jewelry, coins and much more! All these items have a retail value of thousands and thousands of dollars, but if you bid on this auction before closing time you can have a chance at winning some of these amazing items for the best price out there! If you would like to inspect these items in person before deciding whether or not to place a bid then you must contact the custodian ahead of time to schedule an appointment. Click here to register your account. It’s the Buyer’s responsibility to understand & comply with the complete Terms & Conditions of the sale. Email service@cwsmarketing.com or call 855 463-3183 for any questions or inquiries. This auction is conducted on behalf of the Los Angeles County Public Administrator  and Treasurer & Tax Collector. All Items Come From LA County Estates and will be Sold to the Highest Bidder. Make sure you attend this special auction to have a chance at bidding and being the lucky winner! For any further information, simply click here to subscribe to www.governmentauctions.org for your FREE 3 day trial.

To INFINITI and Beyond (Part 2)

They say lightning doesn’t strike twice on the same exact spot but I’m here to tell you that it does, and when it does, it does it harder than ever before. What I’m trying to say is that if you missed out on last week’s blog you have another opportunity, and some might say this is even better than the last. This right here is a 2011 Infiniti QX56 up for grabs. It’s your second chance to drive a cool whip that’ll run great, as well as make you look fabulous while driving it. And keep in mind, this is in an overall good condition so don’t think you are just buying another piece of metal. So far, there have only been three bidders but just be aware that there are about three days left for this auction. That means that the bidding ends on the 14th of April so make your moves now. This car is definitely banging for you buck because of how powerful and stylish it is. And what do we call it nowadays? Oh yeah, this car is on fleek! And the current bid is at $18,076 so if you live in or near Fairmont, WV, click here to head over to www.governmentauctions.org and sign up for your FREE 3 day trial! 

Super Hot Helicopter Deal!

Stay Fly With This Black Hawk Tactical HelicopterBefore we explain how amazing this deal is, let us just explain one this. For sale today is a Sikorsky Uh-60A Black Hawk Medium Lift Utility Helicopter a.k.a Black Hawk Tactical Military Helicopter! Let that sink in for a bit…

How many people do you know that are willing and able to buy helicopters at their slightest whim?  Today, you are fortunate enough to be able to join the elite paradise helicopter owners club! The skies are yours for the taking! Clouds are but playful mists asking to dance with your helicopter blades. This is no drake and josh helicopter for children – this Black Hawk is proud to be included in the powerful class of military transport helicopters. With this nifty toy you can literally do anything! You can fly fast and low, or cruise at a snail’s pace up high in the sky. Want to throw a party in your luxurious Hamptons home this weekend? Why don’t you pull a “pimp my helicopter” and redo the inside of  your chopper with the must luxurious interior designs possible, and viola, you now have your very own luxury charter helicopter!  Perhaps you are looking for heavy lifting helicopters instead? No problem – this baby can haul an incredible 2,600 pounds (1,200 kg) of cargo internally or a massive 9,000 pounds (4,100 kg) of cargo externally by sling. Let’s put it this way: you can transport $410,000,000 in hundred dollar bills at once with this amazing tactical helicopter! As helicopters go, the is most likely the cheapest helicopter for sale today when it comes to the bottom line ultimate bang for your buck. 


Let’s get to the technicalities now: 

The UH-60 features four-blade main and tail rotors, and is powered by two General Electric T700 turboshaft engines. The main rotor is fully articulated and has elastomeric bearings in the rotor head. The tail rotor is canted and features a rigid crossbeam. The helicopter has a long, low profile shape to meet the Army’s requirement for transporting aboard a C-130 Hercules, with some dis-assembly. It can carry 11 troops with equipment, lift 2,600 pounds (1,200 kg) of cargo internally or 9,000 pounds (4,100 kg) of cargo externally by sling.

The Black Hawk helicopter series can perform a wide array of missions, including the tactical transport of troops, electronic warfare, and aeromedical evacuation. A VIP version known as the VH-60N is used to transport important government officials (e.g., Congress, Executive departments) with the helicopter’s call sign of “Marine One” when transporting the President of the United States. In air assault operations, it can move a squad of 11 combat troops or re-position a 105 mm M119 howitzer with 30 rounds ammunition, and a four-man crew in a single lift. The Black Hawk is equipped with advanced avionics and electronics for increased survivability and capability, such as the Global Positioning System.


This excellent army helicopter is bidding at just $200,000! That’s peanuts compared to the average $8,000,000 price tag on a new helicopter! This auction ends on the second of September, at 10 AM Central Time. As of the time of this post, there remain but 4 Days and 22 Hours until you are the proud owner of a hot, hot, hot helicopter!For any further information, simply click here to subscribe to www.governmentauctions.org for your FREE 3 day trial today!

GSA Auctions: What They Are and What is Sold at Them

GSA AuctionsIf you’ve been following along in our blog series on government agencies that conduct auctions, you’ve probably noticed that the two agencies we’ve covered thus far; the US Customs Service and the US Marshals Service, mostly deal with seized property. Both can be great places to find items at a discount, which you can either resell for profit or keep for yourself. However, in this blog post, we will be discussing the primary agency that is responsible for liquidating government surplus assets: the General Services Administration (GSA). Over the years, we’ve noticed that some of the best deals can be found at government surplus auctions, where you can buy things like cars, boats, planes, trailers, computers, furniture and anything else you can imagine. Keep reading to learn more about how GSA auctions.

What is the General Services Administration (G.S.A)?

You can think of the GSA as a business that the U.S. government owns and operates. The GSA was established in 1949 to help support the basic functioning of federal agencies. The GSA buys most of the products and communications required to run U.S. government offices. Additionally, it provides transportation and office space to federal employees, and manages other tasks. The GSA employs about 12,000 federal workers and has an annual operating budget of more than $26 billion. However, this pales in comparison to the amount of money that the GSA oversees that is spent on buying stuff for the US government. To put things in perspective, the Federal Government has motor vehicle fleet of around 210,000 vehicles. The GSA also manages real estate assets for the government, which it periodically auctions off to the public. This is why you will often see real estate auctions comprised of old Social Security Administration buildings and other real estate assets. From time to time, you will even see small islands and other unusual properties being auctioned off.

However, when it comes to auctioning things off, the GSA does not operate for profit. Its job is to dispose of millions of dollars of government assets, and for the most part, it is willing to accept whatever amount it can get for those assets through an auction.

Where does the agency get stuff it auctions off?

All of the items sold by the G.S.A were purchased with federal tax dollars; that is, with your money. It takes a lot to operate a government as vast and powerful as that of the United States. In order to function, the government needs everything ordinary citizens would need: cars to transport government officials and serve as security;  computers and furniture to fill its offices; boats to patrol the seas; scientific and industrial equipment used in laboratories and various agencies; and much more. When the government decides to upgrade its fleet of vehicles or computers, or even close an entire department due to budget cuts, it auctions off these assets to the public.

What you need to know?

  • Since the assets sold at these auctions are surplus, most are in fair to poor condition, as is to be expected. Some of the assets may be damaged and able to be repaired, while others will be beyond repair and sold for scrap. From time to time, you might be able to find items that are in excellent condition, too. Keep in mind that items need not be in excellent condition for you to be able to make a profit from them. If you could acquire a bulk lot of 20 computer monitors for $5 a piece, you probably wouldn’t be too upset it some of them end up not working or needing repairs, because you could turn around and sell the monitors that do work for $25-$50 each and still make a tidy profit.
  • These auction items are sold “as is”, and is not warranted in any way. You should take this into consideration when setting your maximum bids and adjust them accordingly. Sometimes you can set up an inspection date and examine the items before bidding. Doing so can great reduce your risk of loss and make for a much more pleasant experience.
  • Payment must be made in cash (up to $10,000), bank cashier’s check, U.S. Postal Service or commercial money order, or personal or company checks that are accompanied by a bank letter of guarantee. Items must be paid for within 2 business days of you winning the auction and removed within 10 business days of winning the auction, or you may be placed in default status.

Start looking for surplus stuff by activating your free trial account right now!


uspsGet your hands on this great piece of history and former federal government property as you prepare to bid on this former Mary Alice USPS Post Office. Instead of waking up early to go to the office before work, or speeding home after you leave work to mail out a package, how does it sound to just walk downstairs and have a full service post office in your home? Sound like a dream? Well it is. Although this post office is no longer active, you could still make the property useful. With the potential to turn into a small home, or convert for other office space, this is a goldmine property. The building contains 600 square feet of air conditioned space and sits on 1/4 acre of land with a paved parking lot. This interesting find could be all yours at the auction with a minimum bid starting at $15,000 and opening in a week, don’t delay! Sign up  now for your free 3 day trial account to get more information about this great real estate auction.


lotHere is your chance to get your hands on some electronics in really great condition. These seized items, a Lot of 2 Laptops and 1 touch screen notebook will be up for auction soon at a great discount.  In this auction is 1 Dell Inspirion N5010 Laptop with power cord, 1 Sony Vaio PCG-71312L Laptop with power cord, and 1 BlackBerry touchscreen Playbook.  While you may be thinking to yourself, “why do I need two laptops and a playbook for?” Well think to yourself this: I need one laptop and a playbook, and some spare cash! Keep what you want and sell the rest, or flip all three. When you come across a great deal such as this, make the most of it! This live auction starts in just a few days and there are plenty more lots of other awesome electronics and gadgets to bid on, so sign up today and activate your free 3 day trial account to get all the info you need to make the proper bid!


planeGoing up for auction very soon is this pilot’s dream: a 1980 Piper Superstar 700 Machin. If you are a pilot, or want to get into flying, this is the perfect vehicle to get your hands on before its too late. It has an exterior of White & Black with a single Maroon and Gold stripe, painted as recently as 2010.  On the interior a 6 place cabin configuration: The Pilot, The Co-Pilot(bring a friend), and 4 Cabin Steating(more friends!) Want to record your voyage? A log is also available. This breeze is also stocked with a Teledyne IO-540-S1A5 engine, a Garmin 340 Audio Panel, Garmin GTX 330 X-Ponder, Garmin 430 WAAS, Garmin 375 MFD, KFC 200 w/ HSI & F.D., L.C. 2 Clock Vertical Compass, and an AUX Radio Master Switch. What more do you need? The current suggested bid is only $250,000 and it could easily be yours! Sign up now and activate your free trial account to find out when and where this amazing auction is taking place.


boatEver wanted to own a boat? Always wanted to brag to your friends and say your on a boat? Well now’s your chance! Check out this great deal on a 1982 Kha Shing Sundeck Trawler Boat, CF 3328 HC. This beaut is loaded with Teak wood over fiberglass on the decks. Equipped with an engine with two 6 cylinder hp. 120 each carburetors with diesel fuel injected tanks with a capacity of 400 gallons.  The length of the boat rests at 40’3″ with fiberglass hull. “Sweet Aileen” as its named, comes with a great living area with a bookshelf behind the booth seating. There are also sleeping quarters for you and that special someone to take a nap in or a  a deep slumber for that long voyage together.  This deal starts in a few weeks with a minimum bid of $39,000, so sign up now and activate you free trial account to learn more about this incredible deal.

1970 Pontiac GTO Convertible: Drive A True American Muscle Car!

GTOLooking for a classic ride, which will get you from point A to point B and that’s about it? Well then this is not the car for you! This 1970 Pontiac GTO Convertible will not only get you to where you need to be, but you will also be the driver with the sweetest ride and absolutely nothing to  hide. This baby comes fully equipped with luxury classic leather interior, AM/FM radio, power doors, mag wheels, and automatic transmission. Coming in a hot red polished color, what more do you really need to awe people around you? Turn on the radio, pull down the roof, and cruise away to happiness. The auction for this dream vehicle starts on July 21st with a current minimum bid of $26,880. Activate your  free trial account with GovernmentAuctions.org now, in order to be able to bid on this car.