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Seattle Federal Reserve Bank Building: Got 5 Million Dollars? Buy This Bank!

seattle bankIt’s not everyday that you see an entire bank up for auction, but oddly enough this one in Seattle is currently available for online bidding! Located on Second Avenue between Spring and Madison street in the central business district, this commercial property was originally built back in 1950. Oddly enough, it is the former Seattle Branch Office of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. It is also comprised of six floors, has over 100,000 gross square feet of space, and includes a two story vault. The building itself takes up one half city block and has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places. There will be at least two inspection tours of the building that will be held in January so we urge all potential interested parties to activate their free trial now in order to learn more about it. Online bidding will start at 5 million dollars and will conclude in exactly 51 days, 17 hours, and 48 minutes from now.



Commercial Property in Beeville, Texas: Sit Back and Let the Money Roll In!

beevilleNext up on the auction block is a lovely commercial property located in rural Beeville, Texas. This property has 1,349 square feet and consists of a tire shop with an office area and 2 restrooms, as well as a 351 square foot burger depot, and a 4,900 square foot asphalt driveway. The property is currently being leased month-to-month for $1,500. The operating businesses are not included in this sale. A live auction for this property will be held on June 24th, 2014, and the winning bidder will be required to put down a $5,000 deposit. If you’d like to find out more about this commercial real estate property or others just like it, then we strongly suggest you click here now to get started!

Commercial Office Building in Yelm, Washington: The Perfect Place To Get Work Done

yelmIf you’ve been looking for a new place to conduct your work, then you’re in luck. Going up for live auction on November 5th, 2013 is this commercial office building and workshop located in Yelm, Washington. Originally built back in 1923, this building has approximately 1,428 square ft of living space and includes a detached garage that was built in 1985 that has 440 square ft, as well as a wooden deck built in 1999 with 193 square ft of space. Not only does this auction include a building, shed, and deck, but there are also 2 lots of land that also come with it. The current minimum bid and asking price for this upcoming auction is $118,103 and a deposit will have to be made by the winning bidder. If you’re interested in seeing the property in person, you may drive by and preview it at any time before the auction. In order to learn more about this auction however, you’re first going to have to activate your 3 day free trial account. You may do so by clicking here right now!


uspsGet your hands on this great piece of history and former federal government property as you prepare to bid on this former Mary Alice USPS Post Office. Instead of waking up early to go to the office before work, or speeding home after you leave work to mail out a package, how does it sound to just walk downstairs and have a full service post office in your home? Sound like a dream? Well it is. Although this post office is no longer active, you could still make the property useful. With the potential to turn into a small home, or convert for other office space, this is a goldmine property. The building contains 600 square feet of air conditioned space and sits on 1/4 acre of land with a paved parking lot. This interesting find could be all yours at the auction with a minimum bid starting at $15,000 and opening in a week, don’t delay! Sign up  now for your free 3 day trial account to get more information about this great real estate auction.

Commercial Land In Memphis, Tennessee: Own a Drive-In!

driveinEver wanted to own your very own drive-in? Well now that dream can become a reality, because going up for live bid on July 31st in Memphis, Tennessee is this auction for commercial land consisting of a drive in movie theater! The property is completely fenced and includes 2 outdoor movie screens, a concession building, and storage building. The asphalt paving around the property is in poor condition and would have to be redone. Public water, sewer system, electricity, and gas are available to the site so it shouldn’t be hard to potentially turn the property into something other than another drive-in theater. The winning bidder will have to put down a deposit for $25,000, so all potential bidders should definitely be aware of that. To learn more about this upcoming seized property auction be sure to click here to activate your 3 day free trial.