Commercial Land In Memphis, Tennessee: Own a Drive-In!

driveinEver wanted to own your very own drive-in? Well now that dream can become a reality, because going up for live bid on July 31st in Memphis, Tennessee is this auction for commercial land consisting of a drive in movie theater! The property is completely fenced and includes 2 outdoor movie screens, a concession building, and storage building. The asphalt paving around the property is in poor condition and would have to be redone. Public water, sewer system, electricity, and gas are available to the site so it shouldn’t be hard to potentially turn the property into something other than another drive-in theater. The winning bidder will have to put down a deposit for $25,000, so all potential bidders should definitely be aware of that. To learn more about this upcoming seized property auction be sure to click here to activate your 3 day free trial.