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Seattle Federal Reserve Bank Building: Got 5 Million Dollars? Buy This Bank!

seattle bankIt’s not everyday that you see an entire bank up for auction, but oddly enough this one in Seattle is currently available for online bidding! Located on Second Avenue between Spring and Madison street in the central business district, this commercial property was originally built back in 1950. Oddly enough, it is the former Seattle Branch Office of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. It is also comprised of six floors, has over 100,000 gross square feet of space, and includes a two story vault. The building itself takes up one half city block and has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places. There will be at least two inspection tours of the building that will be held in January so we urge all potential interested parties to activate their free trial now in order to learn more about it. Online bidding will start at 5 million dollars and will conclude in exactly 51 days, 17 hours, and 48 minutes from now.



Mobile Bank: Ready For All Your Financial Transactions!

mobilebankIf you work for a bank and really like your job you could talk your boss or company into investing in one of these Mobile Banks that will be up for live auction at the end of this month. This truck/bank has it all like ATM machines, a teller window, and enough horsepower to get you from town to town to help people with their banking needs. It even has a storage area, and a personal banking area where someone could sit and talk to a representative. This item is located in California, so if you are local to that area, you can probably snag this vehicle at a pretty good price. Find out all about this item and many more by activating your free trial account here.