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41 Foot Long Seach and Rescue Boat: Search For Fish…and Find Them!

boatNext up for auction is a vessel formerly used by the United States Coast Guard that has recently been declared as surplus and is now available for online auction to the general public. This boat was previously used by the U.S. Coast Guard for Search and Rescue operations. The vessel measures 41 feet long and features two Cummins VT-903M diesel engines, an aluminum hull with main deck flush over the engines, a modified planing hull design, and the passenger compartment and pilot house are enclosed in a cabin of molded fiberglass-reinforced plastic over an end grain balsa core. Each engine has 340 horsepower, a 486.8 gallon fuel capacity, and a 300 nautical mile range at 18 knots. The current asking price for this vessel is $20,853 with 5 bids already placed and just 8 days, 3 hours, and 6 minutes remaining. If you’d like to learn more about this and other similar boat auctions, then simply click here now in order to activate your 3 day free trial account.


1985 Grady White Seafarer Guide Boat & 2000 Bayliner Ciera 3055 Boat: Whatever Floats Your Boat

gradywhiteCheck out these two awesome boat deals now currently up for online auction! The first deal is for a 1985 Grady White Seafarer. This 8 person vessel measures 22 feet wide and also includes a 1987 22 foot long Cox galvanized boat trailer making transportation easy. It also features a 1200 pound capacity, 8 cylinder 5.7 liter gas engine and an out drive transmission with approximately 9,144 hours of use. The boat is in good condition with only some minor paint fading and coat cracks on the exterior, while the trailer is in overall good shape. It is strongly recommended that any potential bidders preview these items prior to bidding. The current asking price for both items is just $3,600 with 10 bids already placed and less than 3 days left to bid.

Now also up for auction is this 2000 Bayliner Ciera 3055 vessel. It measures 32 feet long, has an 11 ft beam, dual Mercury Mercruiser 5.0L, Engines, and is loaded with a Garmin GPS map 545 and radar. The boat itself is in fair condition but has some issues with upholstery damage and some encrusted barnacles on the bottom of the boat that need to be cleaned as well. The current asking price for this boat is just $7,820 with no bids as of yet and just 6 days, 18 hours, and 3
minutes left to bid. To find out more about either of these boat auctions, then all you have to do is click here now in order to activate your 3 day free trial account.





3 Carmanah M704-5 Marine Lanterns: Let There Be Light!

lanternNext up on the auction block are not one, but 3 Carmanah M704-5 Marine Lanterns that is now currently available for online auction. The M704-5 model combines a compact, high-efficiency solar engine with premium components and a rugged design for best-in-class performance. These small format lanterns delivers up to 445 cd (IALA peak, white) and can achieve up to 7.5 NM range at T=0.74. In other words, they’re powerful. Really powerful. It’s also in great working shape with no known defects or issues. Normally retailing for a nice chunk of change in stores, this particular lantern has a current price of just $170 with 4 online bids already placed. This auction will be ending in less than 24 hours so be sure to activate to your free trial account right now!


1992 Boston Whaler: For All Your Fishing Needs…

whalerNext up on the auction block is this 1992 Boston Whaler fishing boat. This vessel measures 22 feet long with a 7.5 ft beam and has a center console design with windshield. It’s also equipped with a leaning bolster with storage space, handrails, foam floatation, and more. The hull is bade from fiberglass and the design hoisting weight is unknown. It can seat up to 7 people and is not propelled by any engines so you’d have to purchase an outboard motor to get it going. Either way it’s still a fantastic deal at just $1,500 with 6 online bids placed. If you’re looking for a boat at an affordable price, then a surplus auction is definitely the way to go. This particular auction will be ending in just 4 days, 1 hour, and 29 minutes so be sure to click here now in order to start your 3 day free trial membership!



2006 Carrera Open Fishing Vessel: Gone Fishin’

boat auctionUp for auction on August 23rd in Fajardo, Puerto Rico is this gorgeous 2006 Carrera open fishing vessel. If you’re a fisherman and need a fast boat to help you catch those elusive fish, then this is definitely the ideal boat for you. It measures 36 ft long, has a 9.5 ft beam, and a 20 ft draft. The boat is powered by 3 two cycle gasoline Mercury Outboards, model 250 XL, which each have 250 horsepower and stainless steel propeller blades. When you step onboard you’ll find the following equipment: a standard VHF Radio, Gaffrig Triple Lever Controls, Ritchie 3″ Compass, Garmin 3210 GPS and depth sounder, Gaffrigt tachometers, Gaffrig voltmeters, Gaffrig trim and angle indicators. This boat does not come with a trailer so you’ll have to either bring your own or arrange for it to be delivered to you. To find out more about this upcoming live auction, we recommend you click here now.

Humminbird 1198c Fishfinder and GPS: Those Fish Can Run, But They Can’t Hide

humminIf you’re an avid fisherman then you definitely have to take a look at this next auction item that will be going up for live bid in Dayton, NJ. The auction is for this Humminbird 1198c fishfinder and GPS. Thanks to a huge 10.4″ diagonal full-color display with 600 x 800 pixel resolution, this device helps you see all of what’s going on in the waters below you. If that weren’t already enough, a dazzling Superbright LED backlit LCD gives you surefire visibility in pretty much any weather condition as well. The mammoth-sized screen isn’t only ideal for finding fish, you can also use it with Humminbird’s chartplotting and navigational tools as well. Another cool feature is the ability to share sonar, GPS and waypoints with another Humminbird display via high-speed Ethernet connection. This item will be available for live bid on the 22nd of May so be sure to activate your 3 day free trial account in order to find out more.

22 Foot Utility Boat: Cruising The Seas

22 Foot Utility BoatIf you are looking to get out on the water and start cruising then you should come on down and check out this current online auction for a 22 Foot Utility Boat. This utility boat is located in the state of Massachusetts and can be picked up when you win. This boat could be picked up where it’s docked and driven off into the sunset, toot! toot! This boat would make any seafaring person extremely happy because it serves a purpose. This boat is great to travel around and fix other boats if need be or bring equipment from one end of the pier to the other. Boats are and excellent way to enjoy the water from a different perspective. You could use this boat to chill out on and do some work. Find out more about this item and about many more by activating your free trial right now.

Ambar Security Boat: Stay Alert On The Water

ambar boatIf you want to have a cool boat that patrols your island headquarters then you should check out this Ambar Security Boat. This boat is located in the state of Florida and can be picked up at the auction site when you win. It looks like it’s fully functional and a whole lot of fun. This boat would be a great way to cruise the water in style and you would get to fiddle with all of those buttons too. This boat seems to be in pretty prime shape to go out on patrol and if that island you own ever needs guarding you can get this engine started and hit the water. You would also be able to go fishing with it if you wanted even though that is not its primary design. The current bid on this boat is only 9K with the auction ending soon. Find out more about this boat and about others by activating your free trial now.

18 Foot Inflatable Boat: Get On The Water

18FT boatThis 18 Foot Inflatable Boat can be yours at the current online auction. This boat is located in the state of California and can be yours very soon. It seems like it is in pretty excellent shape and would be a boon to anyone who wants to start skimming the water with the greatest of ease. This boat can be the coolest thing you buy if you wanted to get on out to the water and chop up some agua for fun and relaxation. This boat can be picked up when you win and put to good use once you figure out if it needs fixing or not. But if you know a thing or two about boats then it should not be a problem if you need to patch this one up. The current bid on this aquatic vehicle is only $2,000 with the auction ending extremely soon. You can find out more about this item and about many more government auction items by activating your free trial account now!

2004 Vista 288 Boat: Hit The Ocean!

Big BoatThis upcoming live auction is for a 2004 Vista 288 Boat. This boat looks like it comes on a trailer and seems like it’s in pretty good shape. This boat could be used for business, pleasure, leisure, and all of the above. This boat can be yours very soon and is located in the state of Minnesota. This boat would make a nice surprise for someone that has always wanted a boat of their own so they can get out on the water and enjoy some fun in the sun as well as some kind of leisurely activity. This boat seems like its in great shape and can be yours very soon. You may need to tune it up a little bit to get it exactly as sea worthy as you want but after that you will be all ready to go. You could probably get a great deal on this item as well if you play your cards right. Find out more about this item and about many more government auction items by activating your free trial now.