The construction staple and toy for your inner child!

loaderThe skid steer loader is the constant companion of every construction site. It is the object of children’s dreams as they gape open mouthed at the machine as it tears down houses, transports immeasurably heavy items and literally moves earth . Not only is it the standard piece of construction equipment, it can be used in any measure of scenarios. Whether to maintain your large outdoor property,  you’re a landscaper who needs the extra power for your bigger jobs, or you’re a full time construction firm that could use some more equipment, this auction is worth a look. This 2002 John Deere 240 Skid Steer is being auctioned with a current bid of $11,102 more than $10,000 below even the normal used price for another example of one of these. With an overall Height and Width (including the bucket attachment) of 10.5 ft. x 5.3 ft. this machine is versatile and agile, and equipped with a 3 cylinder, 53 horsepower, John Deere engine it is up for the jobs sent its way. The auction for this useful tool is out of Laramie, WY and closes at November 12, at 11:13 AM Central Time (CT). It is operable but looks like it may have been sitting for a while so it may have slight aesthetic defects. To look up this auction or to find out about countless other great auctions click here to head to and sign up for your FREE 3 day trial!

Bottler, capper, now get brewing!

bottlerFinally after years of pouring your hard earned dollars into someone else’s beer company you have decide that you have what it takes to brew your own liquid awesome. You buy or grow the requisite ingredients, neurotically clean all the utensils so the taste stays pure, minutely measure the hops and like a mother watching a child, you keep your eye on the temperature of your fermenting work, as your humble malt water matures into the amazing beverage it has the potential to become.  But after all is said and done and you are ready to bottle your concoction you realize that in all your exuberance you have made quite a big batch and don’t want to have to sit and bottle your recipe and even more so sit and screw on countless caps.Fear not, because for auction today is a bottle filler to insert your precious brew into the bottle and a cap-er to safely keep it in its container! This amazing machine does that while you sit back and enjoy, what else? A beer! In all seriousness, whether bottling beer, soda, or even your old family sweet tea recipe, this bottler and cap-er are a cool duo to own and today you can bid on one at a current bid of just $849. This auction is out Ames, Iowa, and with only 5 bidders so far, ends on November 9, at 4:01 PM Central Time (CT). Click here to get more information about this auction, read more of our blog, or to subscribe for a FREE 3 day trial of our services at

Wield the power of the gift card!

gist cardsSome people seem to be under the misconception that auctions are just for people looking for cars or motorcycles. That is completely wrong and a quick glance at any auction will dispel that myth, but this current auction is also a great example of showing the plethora of varied items that are available at great prices at government auctions. This also is a great time to show how auctions are great for everyone, whether you plan on buying the product for your own use or are trying to buy cheap items in bulk to sell online and make a profit. This auction is for 19 different gift cards, together valued at almost 1700$ and ranging in prices from $10.00 all the way up to $379.40! The gift cards are for a wide variety of stores ranging all the way from restaurants to clothing stores like JCPenny to building supplies like Lowes to name a few. The bidding starts in 2 days on November 5, at 12:00 PM Central Time (CT) with an opening bid of just $846, around half the price of the value on the gift cards, a way better deal than even purchasing online gift cards! Click here to get more information about this auction, read more of our blog, or to subscribe for a FREE 3 day trial of our services at

Move to the beat of your own self stabilizing drummer.

SegwayThe Segway, the I-pad of the transportation world is the fun, if not necessarily very practical, alternative to walking. Without the mobility of a skateboard, yet easier than a bike and car, it fits in between two distinct categories. It hasn’t really been taken up by the masses because of that issue, and people sometimes are left wondering “what is it exactly and what need does it fulfill?” Yet even with that in mind, if you can overcome what people think about this device, it really is fun to use. With the internal gyroscopes and self stabilizing wheels, it is unlike most vehicles you use daily and when you fly past the normal plebeians, relegated to the mundane task of walking, you’ll be able to smile to yourself in self satisfaction. While other folks strap on their sneakers and neurotically check their step counters, you can slip into a comfy pair of slippers and step onto your Segway, while it whisks you to wherever you need to go. This used Segway for auction hasn’t been used very much and only been operated indoors so it is still in really good shape. The current bid is just 1,519 dollars with 14 bidders, and is being auctioned out from Salt Lake City with the auction closing on November 7, at 10:01 AM Central Time (CT). For further information about this and other exciting auctions, simply click here to subscribe to for your FREE 3 day trial today!





This RAM pickup is ready for business, and looks it too!

ram 1500The RAM 1500s front fascia has a personality of its own that tells all the cars around you that you mean business. Its clean lines and balanced stance belies its age, making it hard to believe that it’s already almost 10 years old, while its aggressive styling gives hint to its powerful 4.7 liter V-8 gas powered engine ready to unleash its horsepower on the world. With just 86,383 miles on the odometer, this truck is ready to lug whatever you need to wherever your next adventure takes you, with its strong and well built engine! This truck comes loaded with a beautiful blue paint job, A/C, a bed liner with a Silver Shield bed cover, and tow hooks. It should be noted that this truck does come with a few wear and tear issues that are normal products of using a truck for many years, but nothing too serious that you cant fix up if you’re a little handy. The truck is being auctioned out of Sacramento, CA and has current bid of only 4,850 dollars, with 8 bidders so far. If you are interested you have over 3 days to take a look as this auction doesn’t end until November 7, at 10:11 AM Central Time (CT). For any further information about this or any other auction, simply click here to subscribe to for your FREE 3 day trial today!