Thursday, October 21, 2010

2006 FEMA Trailer: You’re Not The Only One Who Wanted One Of These!

2006 pilgrimFEMA trailers are back, baby! You asked for them, and they are here. You better keep an eye on this trailer…it won’t be here for too long. Up for auction today is a 2006 Pilgrim FEMA trailer. Repairs may be required for this item, and parts may be missing. This trailer is loaded with the normal bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. These items were left over by the federal government, and they just want to get it out of their inventory. The only way to make a bid on this item is by checking out the online auction. This auction hasn’t started yet. It will being on November 22…so mark your calenders. Want more info? Just click here to activate a free trial account today.

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