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Thursday, November 14, 2013

iRobot Roomba 770 Vacuum Cleaning Robot: It Cleans Your Home Like a Good Little Robot Should

irobotTired of cleaning the floors in your house? Well if you’ve got a bad back or you’re just plain lazy, you’re going to want to pay close attention to this next auction deal. Going up for live auction in just 6 days in Dayton, New Jersey is this iRobot Roomba 770 Vacuum Cleaning Robot. When it comes to removing dirt, dust, or pet hair, this little robot is a master. It also features Dirt Detect technology which helps it concentrate cleaning in the dirtiest areas of your home, as well as a full bin indicator which lets you know when the chamber inside needs to be emptied. The amazing thing about this little device is that it maps out your entire floor’s layout and knows exactly how to clean in the most efficient way possible. You can even tell the Roomba to only clean when you are away from home — how neat is that?! If you’d like to get more info on this iRobot, then all you have to do is click here to activate your 3 day free trial account.

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Neato XV-11 All Floor Robotic Vacuum System: Make Robots Do Your Dirty Work

neatoTired of cleaning your floors and carpets? Well how about having a robot do your bidding?! Designed to meticulously clean floors on a daily basis is this Neato XV-11 All Floor Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. It will be going up for live auction on November 6th, 2013 in Riverside, California. This ingenious little device can clean every inch of your floors all while smartly seeing and working around furniture, stairs, and more. It has a very simple user interface which allows you to schedule cleanings even while you’re away from home. The Neato uses a laser-based room positioning system giving the robot a full 360 degree view of the room, all while allowing it to detect walls, doorways, furniture, and other obstacles. The furniture is now folks, and if you want to get in on this deal then we strongly urge you to click here now in order to activate your 3 day free trial.

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lot Consisting of Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners and a Camcorder: Film Yourself Cleaning Up Your House!

electroluxAnyone who knows anything about vacuum cleaners knows that Electrolux is a vacuum company you can trust. And right now, the government is auction off a lot of 4 of them through one of their popular surplus auction websites. Oh and we almost forgot to mention; they’re also auction off a camcorder along with it. The winning bidder will receive 2 Electolux vacuums, model SC9180A; 2 Electrolux vacuums, model SC9180B; and a JVC camcorder, model GRAX710U. The vacuums appear to be in good working shape and so does the camera. The current starting price for all this stuff is just $15 with 2 online bids already placed. To find out more about this surplus property auction deal and others similar to it, simply click here to activate your 3 day free trial account. Just make sure you don’t wait because this online deal ends in just 5 days, 5 hours, and 23 minutes.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

13 Vacuums: Clean This Place Up!

13 VacuumsIf you run a cleaning service then you may want to invest in these 13 Vacuums that are currently up for online auction. Vacuums are a great way to clean the place you are living in or even working in. They are designed to suck up dirt from the floor and place it in a self contained vacuum bag. It would be wise not to let your place or place of business accumulate dust because it definitely will. Don’t you want to have people over for once without having to cover up all the dust and grime on your floor? If you ran a cleaning business then these vacuums would make your job that much easier. Imagine showing up somewhere with 13 vacuums at your disposal! The current bid on this lot is only $22 with the auction ending this week. You can find out more about these vacuums by logging in here.

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Shop Vacuum: Take Out The Papers And The Trash

Shop VacuumCheck out this current online auction for a Shop Vacuum. This vacuum will help you get all the excess dirt and gunk off the floor. It’s extremely powerful and can do a great job of cleaning if you know where to find the dirt. This shop vac probably needs to be cleaned up a bit before it gets all dirty cleaning up your mess! It is located in Florida and can be shipped out to you once you win! This item is pretty heavy duty and would be able t o suck up all the muck and more from any floor. It is a wet/dry vac! This vacuum would be a great addition to any shop you are working in or building. It is always imperative to have a clean working area and this vacuum will allow you to achieve that. The current bid is only $25 with the auction ending soon. Find out more about this vacuum and about many other items by activating your free trial account right now.

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Dyson Upright Animal Vacuum: You Know It Works!

Dyson Vacuum CleanerIf you need to clean up that floor, then you need to check out this upcoming online auction for this Dyson Upright Animal Vacuum. You need this Dyson to get you through the dirty day. It would be an awesome addition to your home base of cleaning supplies. Everyone really wants a Dyson, but they usually are pretty expensive. Now, if you don’t have the disposable income to get a wondrous Dyson, then you should definitely checkout this auction because you can more than likely get this item and a pretty good price. That means a savings is in the making and you most certainly can use the extra bucks. This vacuum can clean up with the best of them and it would work magic in your hands. Find out more about this item and about a multitude of many other government auctions by clicking here to activate your free trial account now!

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Dyson Vacuum Company: Made This DC14!

dysonThe Dyson Vacuum Company makes a lot of different models of vacuums. This upcoming online auction is for a Dyson model DC14. Having a clean abode is paramount to living a healthy lifestyle. Dyson makes a very excellent device and they are renown for their dominant vacuums. This item would no doubt be an asset to your home cleaning regimen. If you clean at least a couple of times a week then this vacuum has the power you need to get all of that nasty dirt and dust of your floor. This Dyson vacuum also comes new in box, do you know that it wasn’t used in the past to clean someone elses nasty floor. You definitely need this home product if you want to live a clean life with a spotless floor! Plus, with this auction you can probably save on the cost of this machine. Those Dysons can be expensive! Find out more by activating your free trial.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bissell Vacuums: Clean Your Home!

vaccuumbisBissell Vacuums can get your home all clean and junk. If you are looking for a new way to clean your pad that doesn’t involve getting on your knees with a bucket and scrubber, then you should check out this upcoming online auction for a New In Box Bissell Vacuum. This vacuum has all the cleaning power you need and can suite your needs just right. Once you win this item it can be shipped to your house and ready for you to use.  This vacuum is an invaluable asset to have if you intend on keeping a tidy home. This machine would get all the dirt off the carpet and if you are a neat freak then this machine would make you smile, until it’s time to clean again. This would also make a great gift for the home hygiene conscious person in your life! If you want to know more then you can immediately activate your free trial account.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Vacuum Cleaners: Wet Or Dry…We Got You!

two vacuumsDon’t let your home or business get filthy. Dust accumulates and causes severe allergy problems for many people…hopefully you won’t be one of them. Up for auction today is two vacuum cleaners. One is a Sanitaire Hepa Filter Bagless cleaner. The other is a Sanitaire Wet-Dry vacuum. These items have been used and will need repairs to be in working condition again. You are getting a great deal here either way. If you want an opportunity to bid on these assets, you are going to have to check out the online auction. This auction ends in just over one day. The current bid is at a low low $5! These type of savings don’t come around that often. Head over to for more details.

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