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Apple 1G Nano: Tune It Up!

ipod nanoIf you want a small device to carry with you that can hold your favorite tunes then you should check out this upcoming online auction for an Apple 1G Nano. This device could hold like 250 songs at extremely high quality. Apple makes an extremely high end product as well and they have made some amazing electronics over the course of the last few years that have blown away the competition. You could easily hook this device up to any computer you have, run iTunes, and then plunk in the songs you want to hear when you are on the go. This device comes new in its original box and can be shipped out to you when you win. You could probably not spend a good chunk of money on this device and come out on top. If you like what you see and want to see more then you should definitely activate your free trial for more information.

160G Apple iPod: Tune It In!

160g ipodListening to music on the go has never been easier and with this upcoming online auction for a 160G Apple iPod you can definitely take a ton of great albums with you on the go! This device can hold probably all of your favorite albums and then some. You would never run out of tunes with this machine and it could probably keep going longer than you can. Apple makes some pretty high end technology and with this device you could plus your tunes into your computer, car, stereo, or what have you. You could also get a great deal on this item if you played your cards right. This iPod is located in Florida and can be shipped out or picked up when you win! Imagine making a playlist for every occasion. That would be great! You can find out more about this device and about many more by activating your free trial account right now!