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iPad’s & iPod’s For You!

6_27_17 iPods & iPadsAre you somebody who loves electronics? Are you an entrepreneur who is looking to purchase electronics for your store at a discount and sell it at a premium? Well, if this sounds like you then put your headphones on and listen closely because this auction is going to have you wired up! This auction has one lot that consists of nine iPad smart covers, six iPod touch 5th Generation (32 GB), one iPod nano (16 GB), and one iPad mini (16 GB). Even if you do not intend to sell these products to make a profit, they can always home in handy when you are at work, home, or school. You can even give some away to your friends and family members as presents! If you would like to inspect these Apple devices in person before deciding whether or not to place a bid then you must contact the custodian ahead of time to schedule an appointment. This auction is located in New York, New York, and the auction start time is on June 30 at 12:o0 pm noon central time. Right now, the starting bid is only $25, so be sure to be one of the first bidders and get a shot at winning this incredible auction! For any further information, simply click here to subscribe to www.governmentauctions.org for your FREE 3 day trial.


Listen To The Beat Of This Auction!

ipodDo you love listening to music? Are you passionate about hearing your favorite tunes throughout the day? Well, put those headphones on and listen closely because this auction is about to rock your world! This auction consists of one 80GB Apple iPod. What makes this iPod so cool and unique is that is has the NASA logo on it! Item appears almost new, and it still has a plastic cover and the original packaging. This iPod will be perfect for you to take to the gym so that you can exercise and really get pumped up by the beat of the music. You can use this iPod while travelling to make your commute much more pleasant and smoother. This can also make the perfect gift for a friend or loved one who loves music. This auction is located in Houston, Texas, and it will start on Tuesday, March 31 at 11:40 am central time. The starting bid is only $10, so be sure to bid early for your chance to win this auction! If you would like to inspect this iPod in person before placing your bid, then you must make an appointment to come in on Tuesday April 4, 2017 from 9am to 11am. For any further information, simply click here to subscribe to www.governmentauctions.org for your FREE 3 day trial.

Giant Lot of Apple iPods and Nanos: iPod, You Pod, We All Pod For iPods

ipod bulkLet’s start today’s auction deals off with this massive lot consisting of Apple iPods, cameras, and much more. These items are being sold together at one very low price. The lot includes the following: 199 4th generation 8GB iPod Nanos; 25 Nano skins; 41 EVA iPod Sportsbands; 10 iPod/iPhone FM transmitters; 7 earphone sets; 1 SVP HD camera; 1 SVP HD video camera; 14 3rd generation 8GB iPod Nanos; 1 Polaroid digital camera; 1 Rackmount Computer (Grimlock); 1 Rackmount computer (Starscreen); and 2 5th generation 8GB iPod nanos. Many of these items are brand new and have never been used. The starting bid for this auction will be at $452 and the winning bidder will be required to put down a bid deposit of $100. This auction starts shortly so if you want to learn more about it then simply click here to activate your free trial account!



APPLE IPOD TOUCH 64 GB: Get All The Songs And Apps You Want!

Yipod touchou could have your new favorite gadget with this Apple Ipod Touch 64 GB on sale at an upcoming live auction. Want to download the lasted and coolest apps and don’t have a phone? You can do it all here! Download the newest games, an app to text all of your friends, and video chat with people all over the world. If you don’t want to do all of that with your 64 GB of memory, you could fit over 30,000 songs! That’s enough music to party for weeks. If you have kids, this is a way to keep them out of your hair for a very long time. Who needs a babysitter if they’ve got the latest and greatest gadget. In order to find out more details, you have to activate your free trial now.

Lot Of iPods: Enjoy The Noise

Lot if IpodsIf you are looking for some candy for your ears then you should definitely check out this current online auction for a lot of iPods. These iPods seem to be of the nano variety and look like they all come new in their original cases. These iPods could be charged up at your computer or at any outlet if you have the necessary plug adapter. These iPods are located in the state of Virginia and can be shipped out when it’s time. That means right after you win you could get your hands on these. Plus, you could save yourself a pretty penny by bidding on these items. These iPods will not be here for long. They would also be a great gift for the upcoming holidays. Seriously, who wouldn’t want one of these? Find out more about these items and about many more by activating your free trial now.

Apple 1G Nano: Tune It Up!

ipod nanoIf you want a small device to carry with you that can hold your favorite tunes then you should check out this upcoming online auction for an Apple 1G Nano. This device could hold like 250 songs at extremely high quality. Apple makes an extremely high end product as well and they have made some amazing electronics over the course of the last few years that have blown away the competition. You could easily hook this device up to any computer you have, run iTunes, and then plunk in the songs you want to hear when you are on the go. This device comes new in its original box and can be shipped out to you when you win. You could probably not spend a good chunk of money on this device and come out on top. If you like what you see and want to see more then you should definitely activate your free trial for more information.

6 iPod Touch Devices: Good On The Go!

6touchIf you are looking for a media player on the go then you should check out this upcoming online auction for 6 iPod Touches. You can do a lot with these machines. You can play music, watch movies, surf the net, download games, download apps, and much more. Apple makes an awesome product and when you crack these cases open you will see exactly why everyone loves these products. They are made for being the cutting edge of all in one mobile gadgetry. You can give these out when the holidays come around and it would be a great time to hang about and enjoy these new found tools of entertainment. You could also use them for business and keep appointments. Apple knows what it is doing and this is a great time to buy this lot of devices because you can probably get them on the cheap. For more information about this item and many others you can activate your free trial now.

iPod Touch 64G: Plenty Of Room For Your Tunes!

64touchIf you are looking for a place to keep your music and travel around with it then you should check out this upcoming online auction for an iPod Touch 64G. If you like Apple products then there is no reason why you shouldn’t like this iTouch. This machine would be great to take with you on the go. You could watch movies and play games as well as listen to all of your tunes. This system would be able to hold hundreds of albums of your favorite recording artists. You could easily hook this up to your computer and as long as you install iTunes into your computer you could manage your songs, videos, games, playlists, and much more. This item looks like it is new in box and would be a benefit to those who are always on the go. Plus, this item would plug right into your computer speakers. Find out more about this item and many other government auctions by activating your free trial.

Apple iPod Touch 32G: Explore The Now

atouchApple makes a bevy of products that can be used for our day to day lives. They are on the bleeding edge of technology and can most certainly make your technological life style a little bit better day by day. If you want some convenience when it comes to your portable media, then you should take a look at this Apple iPod Touch 32G model that will be up for grabs at an online auction coming very soon. You can use this device to play music, watch movies, download games, download apps, and much more. It could even be your own personal organizer and with all it’s built in functions you won’t be needing another handheld media device for years to come. If you take care of this product it would definitely be good to you and would provide you with hours of entertainment that you didn’t have before. Find out more by activating your free trial right now.

iPod Touch Worldwide Sales: These 2 Are On Sale!

iposdoubleiPod Touch Worldwide Sales probably have reached a staggering amount, just take a look at these 2 iPod Touch 64GB versions that are on sale at an online auction coming next month. This auction will take place in New Jersey and you will have your choice of many different items as well. These look like they come new in box as well. You could put all of your music, videos, and lots of gaming on these devices and get ready to rock the night away or even dance the night away like a modern day David Lee Roth. One awesome piece of technology…coming up! These devices sync with your computer and can store thousands of songs, tons of video, and of course tons of Apps. Apple sure knows how to make a product that is user friendly and long lasting. These units would be the perfect gift for someone who is looking for a new music player or for that special someone. Click here for more.