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8GB Apple iPod Nano: Pocket-Sized MP3 Player

ipod nanoBring all your favorite songs with you by carrying around this 8GB Apple iPod Nano that’s available at this upcoming online auction. Well, you’d be okay unless you have way more than 8GB’s worth of favorite songs, but let’s just say the average American citizen has less than 8GB’s worth of favorite songs. You can still fit several thousand songs on this one tiny device. The iPod Nano is just a couple of inches wide and a couple of inches in length. That’s tiny. Really tiny. In fact, it’s so small that many people fear losing it. Tuck this precious device into a pocket and keep it safe. You can then bring your music anywhere with you; enough music to party for a week. Sounds good to you? To get more information on this government auctions—and all sorts of others just like it—you need to activate your free trial now.

160GB Archos 605 Wi-Fi Portable Media Player: Your Favorite Tunes On the Go

archosSure iPods and iPhones may be all the rage right now, but the Archos 605 Wi-Fi Portable Media Player is a very good and cheaper alternative. This Archos 605 is a 5th generation portable media player with built -WiFi capabilities capable of downloading online media content. Once you’ve got the Archos in the palm of your hand you’ll be able to download your favorite movies, TV shows, and music no matter where you are. Another cool feature of the Archos is a full-color 4.3-inch touchscreen that crams in an amazing 800 x 480 picture resolution for amazing picture quality. And with its 160 GB of built-in memory it will be a very long time before you run out of space for you media. If you’d like to learn more about the Archos and how to go about bidding on it in person in Pompano, Florida on April 10th, then make sure you activate your 3 day free trial by clicking here.

32 Gig Apple iTouch: Enjoy The Ride!

32 GIG iTouchThis 32 Gig iTouch can be yours soon at an online auction. This music player would be a great way to listen to all your favorite jams when you are on the go. You can also download games and watch your favorite movies or TV shows. You can charge this up on your home computer or through an outlet and that charge will last for a few hours. It would also be a great gift for someone who is in the know. It looks like it comes new in its own case and can most certainly be a gift befitting of someone you love. Apple makes a ton of great products and with this device you can really put all of your contacts and your important information. It is located in Florida and can probably be shipped out to you when you win! You can find out more about this item and about many other government auctions by activating your free trial account now.

64G iPod Touch: Load It Up!

itoucherListening to music on the go or watching movies just got easier with this 64G iPod Touch. If you wanted to do both a few years ago you would have had to bring your laptop around with you with an endless supply of batteries. Before that you would have had to attach a boom box to a portable DVD player and called it your street cinema. Not anymore! With this device you can put up to 64 gigs of music and or movies right in the palm of your hand. This mega awesome device is small and can hook up to your Mac or PC with the greatest of ease. You will not have to worry about lack of content again. If you like to jog or run in the morning then this would be the perfect item for those long treks out into the streets where you live. Find out more about this iTouch and about many other electronic devices by activating your free trial account now!

iPod Touch 64G: Plenty Of Room For Your Tunes!

64touchIf you are looking for a place to keep your music and travel around with it then you should check out this upcoming online auction for an iPod Touch 64G. If you like Apple products then there is no reason why you shouldn’t like this iTouch. This machine would be great to take with you on the go. You could watch movies and play games as well as listen to all of your tunes. This system would be able to hold hundreds of albums of your favorite recording artists. You could easily hook this up to your computer and as long as you install iTunes into your computer you could manage your songs, videos, games, playlists, and much more. This item looks like it is new in box and would be a benefit to those who are always on the go. Plus, this item would plug right into your computer speakers. Find out more about this item and many other government auctions by activating your free trial.

WiFi Network iPod Touch: Apple 64G All In One For YOU!

itouchwifiThis WiFi Network iPod Touch 64g Unit will be up for grabs next month at a live auction. This auction will have a lot of different items within it, but this piece of technology could perhaps be calling your name if you want your very own all in one media player. This item lets you download tons of apps from the app store, listen to music, you could import your full music collection, watch movies, and much more. The apps will let you do many things that you could do on a phone like text for free and Skype. This item looks like it comes new in box and is in good condition. All you need is to hook it up to your computer and customize it. This would be your full on the go multimedia machine. These units usually retail for a pretty penny, but with this auction you could save yourself a few of those pennies. Find out all about this item and many others by clicking here.

iPod Touch Worldwide Sales: These 2 Are On Sale!

iposdoubleiPod Touch Worldwide Sales probably have reached a staggering amount, just take a look at these 2 iPod Touch 64GB versions that are on sale at an online auction coming next month. This auction will take place in New Jersey and you will have your choice of many different items as well. These look like they come new in box as well. You could put all of your music, videos, and lots of gaming on these devices and get ready to rock the night away or even dance the night away like a modern day David Lee Roth. One awesome piece of technology…coming up! These devices sync with your computer and can store thousands of songs, tons of video, and of course tons of Apps. Apple sure knows how to make a product that is user friendly and long lasting. These units would be the perfect gift for someone who is looking for a new music player or for that special someone. Click here for more.

iPod 8G x 5: All For You!

5ipodsApple makes a ton of new and different products every year. They are usually top of the line and are media marvels. If you want to invest in some cool new gear, then you should check out this upcoming live auction for 5 8G iPods. These iPods could be hooked up to your car, computer, stereo, or home speakers, and would deliver tremendous high quality sound that would break the walls down! These iPods are the most tremendous thing to hit the shelves since sliced bread. This is the answer to all of your media needs. You won’t be sorry once you open these new packages.  You can find out more about this item by clicking here to activate your free trial account.

32G iPod Touch: Live The Dream

ipodtouch32gImagine how much better your morning commute would be if you just had one of these 32G iPod Touch players at your disposal, full of all your favorite tunes, and movies. You would be one happy camper. Luckily for you, this item will be on sale as part of a large live auction next month. You can easily hook this device up to your computer, download the appropriate software and then start throwing all those awesome jams onto your new media player. You can finally listen to Beth 35 times in a row! The battery on this machine lasts a pretty good amount of time too. You can find out more about this item by clicking here to activate your free trial account.

MP3 Players: Listen To This Deal!

mp3 playersBefore the iPod, there was the regular MP3 player. They were perfect for all your music listening needs–and they were extremely compact. Just because there is a product out there that most people are purchasing doesn’t mean that these players aren’t still very useful. Up for  auction is a lot of randomly assorted MP3 players. This group of items contains different sized players from all different companies. There is approximately 24 pieces in this lot. These assets are available via online auction. The auction ends in four days while the current bid is only at $50. These can be perfect for the gym or a run in the park–or even just for resale value. If you want more info, click here to activate the free trial account.