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8GB Apple iPod Nano: Pocket-Sized MP3 Player

ipod nanoBring all your favorite songs with you by carrying around this 8GB Apple iPod Nano that’s available at this upcoming online auction. Well, you’d be okay unless you have way more than 8GB’s worth of favorite songs, but let’s just say the average American citizen has less than 8GB’s worth of favorite songs. You can still fit several thousand songs on this one tiny device. The iPod Nano is just a couple of inches wide and a couple of inches in length. That’s tiny. Really tiny. In fact, it’s so small that many people fear losing it. Tuck this precious device into a pocket and keep it safe. You can then bring your music anywhere with you; enough music to party for a week. Sounds good to you? To get more information on this government auctions—and all sorts of others just like it—you need to activate your free trial now.


ipod touch bundleThe ever-popular iPod Touch is being featured again at a government auction, this time available as an iPod Touch Travel Bundle, which includes the iPod itself, case, headphones, charger, car charger and auxiliary cables. Make use of technology. If you’re going on a long road trip, you need road music. No questions asked. This auction item will save you a ton of time and money. No need to search online retail stores or retail electronics stores to get the necessary equipment. All you have to do is attend this upcoming live auction in Riverside, California. You can start right now by activating your free 3 day trial account to find out more information about this auction and many more like it happening around the country.