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2008 Kentucky AVCC-D Trailer: Do You BBQ?

BBQ pitLove cooking up some BBQ? Well how about turning a hobby into a lucrative profession? And this next item up for online bid can definitely help you do that. Now up on the auction block is this 2008 Kentucky AVCC-D full concession trailer. This trailer measures 53′ long and is fully equipped and can be operational with minimal work. This unit has 2 slide out doors that expand the size of both the working and customer areas. It also has a large walk in freezer as well as a smoker in the rear. There is a large Hobart meat shredder on-board as well. And when it comes to safety, there is a full ventilation and fire suppression system. The current price for this concession trailer is $47,000 with just 13 days, 23 hours, and 20 minutes left to bid. To learn more about this online seized property deal be sure to activate your 3 day free trial account.

1800 Portable BBQ Grills: Now, That’s Good Eating!

porta bbqThis upcoming live auction is for a lot of 1800 Portable BBQ Grills. These grills are small and very compact and can cook up some good food for you and all of your friends. These grills would be a great addition to your inventory if you actually sold hardware or housewares. These could be bought at a low prices and sold at a higher price that would make you a profit as well as let your customers get a great deal. They would also come back for more. You could also probably break a world record for more portable grills turned on at once. These grills are located in the state of Florida and can be picked up when you win. They come in their original boxes and have never been used. This could be your time to shine when you start firing these bad boys up. Find out more about this lot of items as well as many more by activating your free trial account now.

Food Smoker: MMM MMM Good!

food smokerThis Food Smoker can be yours at this current online auction. This smoker would be great to smoke some delicious food and it would be an awesome way to bring a different kind of taste to your cooking. Smoking just isn’t for veggies any more. You could smoke anything you want including finding some delicious meat recipes. This food smoker is located in Wisconsin and can be shipped out to you when you win. It looks like it is in pretty good shape and after some polishing up it could be given as a gift to that maven of the kitchen that you know and love. This smoker would be great for someone who loves to cook and wants to try new things. The current bid on this item is only $40 with the auction ending soon. Find out more about this item and about many more government auctions by clicking here.

Sharper Image Stainless Steel Grill Set: Get To Work!

Stainless Steel Grill SetIf you are breaking out that new BBQ girl this summer, you may want to think about getting the perfect add on, which is this Sharper Image Stainless Steel Grill Set. This set is located in California and can be yours if you win it at this upcoming online auction. This set comes in its own case and features knives, tongs, flippers, brushes, and other BBQ necessities. This looks pretty new and would be a great asset to you if you want to be the grill master that you know in your heart you can be. BBQing is a heck of a lot of fun and with this set you would experience grilling like never before. All you need is some quality meats to roast up and you would be good to go. You could save yourself a few bucks if you bid on this auction and also come away with many more items if you are interested. Find out more information about government auctions right here.

Lynx BBQ Unit: It’s Grilling Time Again.

Lynx BBQ UnitDo you love to grill? Of course you do. Why don’t you step up your grilling game and check out this upcoming online auction for a Lynx BBQ Unit. This BBQ unit has plenty of room for grilling as much as you want and for a big party. It also has many drawers and functions like a rotisserie as well. It would great for cooking for the entire family reunion or if you throw any kind of event and want to be the grill master. This BBQ grill is located in California and can be picked up at the auction site. It also looks like it has been completely assembled so you do not have to worry about that any more. Just haul it off and throw that party you have been dying to do forever. You can probably save yourself a whole lot of dough by bidding on this auction item. Find out more about this item and about many other government auctions by activating your free trial now.

Member’s Mark Professional BBQ Grill: Become A Master!

bbqgrillSummer may be over but that doesn’t mean that you have to stop grilling. If you enjoy grilling as much as we do, then you should check out this upcoming online auction for a Member’s Mark Professional BBQ Grill. This grill would come in handy when you want to cook up all of your favorite foods that need that added taste of a delicious grilling! This grill is gigantic and would cover all the bases. You could easily build an enclosure for this grill or at least an awning over it so that you can still grill outdoors. You could save a sweet bundle of money on this item and it even seems like it is in great shape. It even comes with a tarp to throw over it. This machine has great heavy duty construction and would no doubt wow fans of your BBQ cooking! Find out more about this auction and many other government auctions by clicking here to activate your account.

Picnic Table Bench Plans: Plan On Having A BBQ!

picnictablesPicnic Table Bench Plans are a great way to start your summer right. This Wood And Metal Picnic table is available for online auction right now. This item comes on sale right on time for this already very hot summer we are having. If you don’t want to bake indoors, then you should try cooking outside. Heyo! This table is located in Washington, but once it reaches your neck of the woods, your family and friends could sit comfortably and await the grilled treats that you are famous for. This table would come in handy once it reaches your place. You could put it anywhere you want so people could sit comfortably and enjoy the weather. The current bid on this item is only $5 with the auction ending this week. You can definitely get this table at a steal! Find out more about this item and many other government auctions by activating your free  trial here.

Non Electric Charbroilers: This One Uses Propane, From Vulcan

vulcancharbIf you don’t have an outlet for your electric char-broilers, you could always get a propane fueled on like this Vulcan Char-broilers that is up for current online auction. This would also give you an outlet for your grilling. This item is located in Montana and can probably be picked up at the auction site. You may also be able to have it shipped to you. With this broiler you could cook up the best meals your friends or family have ever had. This item is perfect for that summer time cook or for that restaurant owner that wants to give his customers a little extra bit of flavor. This grill looks like it goes outside of the house or place of business. Just imagine all the delicious treats you guys would cook up just buy turning this on. Nothing says loving like home cooking! The current bid on this item is only $10 with the auction ending in a couple days. Find out all about this auctions by activating your free trial right here.

Rolling Rock Beer BBQ Grill: Just Plain Yum

rollingrockgrillRocking Rock makes beer, but they have also made this killer looking Rolling Rock BBQ Grill. This is an old school charcoal grill that is green on the outside, with the familiar rolling rock logo. This item is new in box and was a limited edition. This item is located in California and is part of a large live auction taking place soon. You could probably get a great deal on this grill and be ready for Memorial Day weekend, the official start of BBQ season. Just imagine all the awesome meat you are going to grill, or if you are vegetarian, imagine all the great veggies you can cook. Although that does not seem like as much fun. The sizzle sound of a steak outweighs the sizzle sound of a carrot. This item can be yours soon and if you enjoy grilling or know someone who does, then this would be an amazing gift. You can find out all about this item and many other ones by activating your free trial account now.

Weber Grills: That Time Is Near!

GrillsYou know what excites us? More than great deals on auctions? BBQ Season! If you love to grill as much as we do then you need to check out this current online auction for a lot of Weber Grills. these grills can come in handy in a hungry situation. BBQing is one of the worlds greatest past times and all you need is a tank of propane and some delicious food to nom on. You might as well be prepared this year. If you want to get your grilling done right then definitely check out this online Arizona auction. The current bid on this lot of 2 gas grills is only $63 with the auction ending soon. You can find out all about these items by clicking here.