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Mens Gucci Bedlam Flip Flop: Walk the Beach In Style

gucci flipflopsAlthough it’s still winter, now is actually a great time to score some great deals on a pair of Mens Gucci Bedlam Flip Flops. This item will be going up for live auction on January 29th, 2014 in Dayton, New Jersey. These brightly colored flip-flops have a textured base for good traction and the famous Gucci logo is embossed on the footbed. The upper part, lining, and sole are all made of rubber and these flip flops were made in Italy. A convenient Gucci carry bag is also included in the sale. Why pay retail prices for designer footwear when you can attend a live government seized property auction and save big? If you want to look cool and stylish this summer then be sure to check out this auction. To learn more about it, we urge you to click here right now in order to active your 3 day free trial account!


2005 Formula Boat: On The Water!

2005 Formula BoatIf you have a thirst for excellence then you should definitely check out this current online auction for a 2005 Formula Boat! This boat has all you need to travel across the lands at the speed of knots. That is what they call MPH on water. You need to get your knots down before you go anywhere else otherwise you would not know how to read the meter. This boat comes with its own trailer and is located in the state of New Jersey. This boat looks like it is in pretty excellent shape and would last you a very very long time if you took care of it because that is the nature of how possessing an item works. If you nurture it then it would last you forever. Expect to save a few bucks on this item too. The current bid on this item is only $33k with the auction ending very soon. Find out more about this item and about many more by activating your free trial account right now!

3 Friedrich Air Conditioners: Keep It Cool!

3 Friedrich Air ConditionersIf you are looking to keep it cool during the upcoming summer months then you should check out this upcoming online auction for a lot of 3 Friedrich Air Conditioners. These air conditioners come new in original unopened box. They are located in New Jersey and can be shipped out or picked up when you win. These air conditioners also look like they fit into sleeves in the wall instead of in the window. All that means is that you get an extra dose of cool air when the heat waves hit. You don’t want to be on the receiving end of the heat wave when it happens other wise you may be knocked out warm instead of knocked out cold. You should prepare for summer now because if the weather has been any indication it’s going to be a hot one! Find out more about this item and about many more government auctions by logging into your free account right now.

8 Ceiling Fans: Get A Jump On Summer!

Cieling FansIf you want to prepare yourself for some summer time cooling then you should check out this 8 Ceiling Fans. These fans would be a great addition to any home with a ceiling that’s high enough. These fans would no doubt cool you off when the weather starts to get hot. Just don’t hang from them because they would break and probably ruin your ceiling. If you are a contractor then these would be a perfect addition to your stock of construction items. These fans are located in South Carolina and can probably be picked up or shipped out to you with no problem whatsoever. You can get some nice relaxing done when you install these fans and you could sell them off too. The current bid on this lot of items is only $25 with the auction ending very soon. You can find out more about this lot of items and about many more by activating your free trial account right now.

Used Jet Skis For Sale: Do It With This Sea Doo

skidudeThere are some Used Jet Skis For Sale, you just have to know where to look. These Jet Skis are most certainly ripe for the picking. You can get a great deal on this Sea Doo Jet Ski that will take you cruising over the water as you galavant around the seas like the champion you are. This Ski Doo can bring about some excellent summer fun for you and your friends. This item can be attached to a trailer or put in the bed of a pickup and then be taken out to sea. As long as you are safe, then this item will bring you years of joy. This jet ski looks like it hasn’t really been used and would most certainly be the gift that keeps on giving. It would also make a great gift for those who enjoy the water, but prefer to stay above it. Find out all about this item and plenty of other government auctions by activating your free trial right here.

Seadoo Jet Boats: Get Yours Today!

blackseadooSeadoo Jet boats are the perfect item to get if you really want to have some fun in the sun and water this summer. These items can be used to get you across the waves in no time flat and could be used for some amazing recreational events. Seadoo makes a variety of awesome water craft and they can surely bring you lots of joy over the years if you know to take care of them. Plus, this Seadoo water craft that is available for an upcoming live auction can be yours soon. Now, who says these items are seasonal!? You can travel around the country looking for those prime beach spots and really have some fun in the sun. This sleek looking Jetski would no doubt raise eyebrows everywhere you go, and if you combine that with your now doubt chiseled body, you would be king or queen of the beach! You could stand to get this item at a pretty tremendous price if you played your cards right. You can find out more about this item here.

Non Electric Charbroilers: This One Uses Propane, From Vulcan

vulcancharbIf you don’t have an outlet for your electric char-broilers, you could always get a propane fueled on like this Vulcan Char-broilers that is up for current online auction. This would also give you an outlet for your grilling. This item is located in Montana and can probably be picked up at the auction site. You may also be able to have it shipped to you. With this broiler you could cook up the best meals your friends or family have ever had. This item is perfect for that summer time cook or for that restaurant owner that wants to give his customers a little extra bit of flavor. This grill looks like it goes outside of the house or place of business. Just imagine all the delicious treats you guys would cook up just buy turning this on. Nothing says loving like home cooking! The current bid on this item is only $10 with the auction ending in a couple days. Find out all about this auctions by activating your free trial right here.

Rolling Rock Beer BBQ Grill: Just Plain Yum

rollingrockgrillRocking Rock makes beer, but they have also made this killer looking Rolling Rock BBQ Grill. This is an old school charcoal grill that is green on the outside, with the familiar rolling rock logo. This item is new in box and was a limited edition. This item is located in California and is part of a large live auction taking place soon. You could probably get a great deal on this grill and be ready for Memorial Day weekend, the official start of BBQ season. Just imagine all the awesome meat you are going to grill, or if you are vegetarian, imagine all the great veggies you can cook. Although that does not seem like as much fun. The sizzle sound of a steak outweighs the sizzle sound of a carrot. This item can be yours soon and if you enjoy grilling or know someone who does, then this would be an amazing gift. You can find out all about this item and many other ones by activating your free trial account now.

70 Head Insect Nets: Keeps The Bees Out

InsectHeadSummertime is here and that can only mean one thing; bug bites. Are you tired of getting bitten around your head and neck regions while all of your friends just sit there laughing at you as you feebly attempt to ward off wasps, hornets, ants, flys, mosquitoes, and bees? Sound familiar? Well, you can turn the tables on those pesky bugs by checking out this current online auction for 70 Head Insect Nets. These nets go right over your head so that you can enter those bug infested zones with no worries. Just don’t put them on while you are surrounded by bugs. You may get some stuck in the headpiece and give your friends more of a reason to laugh at you. The current bid on this item is only $10 with the auction ending soon. Find out more by logging in here.

Seadoo X-Shaped Inner Tube: There IS A Cure For The Summertime Blues.

TubingSummertime can be a lot of fun especially if you have some props laying around. We have something special in store for you right here in Miami if you attend this live auction. If you got a pool, boat, or love to go to the beach and be in the water your should check out this Seadoo X-Shaped Inner Tube. This tube can be used as a stand alone flotation device or you could attach it to a boat and hold on to the handle to be pulled at top speed across the waves of fun. This item is new in box and you can probably get it at a discounted price. You can find out more about this item by activating your free trial account.