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2000 Parker 18 Ft Boat With Trailer!

There is no other feeling in the world like speeding through the seas with a good friend/s in nice climate. Well, Ladies and Gentleman, we’ve got good news! There is only 2 months left to this brutally cold winter before we must all start our spring/summer preparations. If anything, now is the time to start, as this auction is only lasting 6 more days! This 2000 Parker 18 Ft Boat is great for fishing outings, leisure rides on a sunny day and beach hopping. It would definitely be a clever and easy purchase because it is small enough of a boat to be kept in your average garage and yet big enough to invite a couple friends for a memorable day out in the water. It is located in Chatham, Massachusetts. With 4 bidders thus far, the current bid is at $3,852 USD and will come to an official close on January 26th 2016 at 5:20 p.m CT. This 2000 Parker 18 Ft Boat w/ Trailer has a 115 HP Motor, a Center Console, VHF Radio, and Gas. There are a few aspects which need attending, such as its 7 trim Gauge that does not work, Steering is loose, Nicks and Dings on exterior, and has a broken leaf spring. This item is not movable as is.   If you are interested in this or any other Government Auction, please click here to head over to www.governmentauctions.org and subscribe to your FREE 3 day trial.

Panther Propeller Boat With Trailer: King Of The Swamp!

Panther Prop BoatIf you are headed down to the bayou and want that extra bounce in your step then you should check out this current online auction for a Panther Propeller Boat With Trailer. This boat is located in Georgia and can be yours when you win this illustrious auction. If you want to get around the water ways or even if you want to give tours of the swamp then this would be your best bet. It would take you from one place to another really fast. These boats don’t usually come equipped with brakes so you would just have to slow down and know how to maneuver this thing! You can sure have a lot of fun in this boat as long as you keep safety first. The current bid on this item is only $6,525 with the auction ending sometime in early March. Find out more about this item and about many more government auctions by activating your free trial account right now.