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IRS Coin Auction: A Coin Collector’s Paradise

coinsYou may or may not know this but government auctions, specifically IRS auctions, are very popular with coin collectors. Why? Because often times, you’re able to walk away with incredibly precious coins and bullion at hugely discounted prices. This next IRS auction is a perfect example of that. The sale will take place on January 10th, 2014 and will consist of the following rare collectibles: (4) one dollar liberty coins (1) 1897 (1) 1883 (1)1890 (1) 1876; (2) English half crowns (1) 1929 (1) 1934; (1) 1890 Coin; (1) 1963 Half Dollar; (3) Trinidad/Tobago One dollar coins; (4) One Dollar Coins (1)1886 (1) 1901 (1) 1880 (1)1883; (1) Half Struck Monnaie De Paris blank; and (2) Dollar Coins (1) 1921 (1) 1899; as well as numerous other collectible coins from the Franklin Mint and Royal Mint collections. As you can see this auction is perfect for the hardcore coin collector, so if you’d like to learn more about it, simply click here to begin your 3 day free trial account.

70 Pieces Of Silver Bullion: That’s A Lot Of Bullion!

70bullionCoin collectors should rejoice at the prospect of possibly owning 70 Pieces Of Silver Bullion! These coins will be up for online auction soon and would make a great addition to your coin collection. You can pay for all kinds of things with this silver bullion and probably trade these coins in for current currency. They would make a nice center piece in your collection and would be a mighty fine way to start a conversation with fellow coin collectors. Talk about your first world problems right? Collecting money! Who would have heard of such a thing! These coins are located in California and can be yours soon. You can pick up these coins right from the auction site or even have them shipped out to you! The holidays are coming up and this would be the gift that keeps on giving. Find out more about this lot of coins and many other government auctions right here.