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Sopranos Complete Series On DVD: Fuggetabiscuit…No?

Sopranos setIf you like good TV, then you at least appreciate the Sopranos. This is a live auction for the Sopranos Complete Series on DVD. For years we watched the antics of Tony, Uncle Junior, Pauly, Silvio, and the rest of the gang as they murdered, maimed, joked, drank, mistressed, and made crazy faces (they mostly looked like the faces you would make if you had uncomfortable gas)  all the way to the top. Remember when Adriana got killed or Big Pussycat? (Yes, we censor ourselves.) You can relive all of those big moments from the ducks in the pool to David Lee Roth showing up, to that awkward ending in the diner. You can own this set soon, just don’t let your goomar find out about it before your wife does. Take Tony and the gang home with you, your life will never be the same. Click here for more.