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Ring, Ring! Your Cell Phone Auction Is Calling!

blackberryAre you in dire need of cell phones? Are you looking to get cell phones for you and your family? Well, now is your opportunity to get these five cell phones at an amazing price! The cell phones that are included in this auction are a Blackberry Curve II, Blackberry Bold, Blackberry Curve 8330, Droid X, & iPhone 5. These cell phones are being auctioned in Sioux City, Iowa, and the closing time is on February 7 at 6:04pm, Central Time. If you would like to inspect these cell phones before placing your bid, then you must call in advance and schedule an appointment. You will also need an appointment to remove this boat from its auction site. There will be no inspection or removal on weekends or holidays. If you happen to be the lucky person that wins this auction, then you must make your payment by February 9 and remove the cell phones from their auction site by February 22. The current bid is $75 and there have been only 2 bidders so far, so be sure to be the next bidder for your chance to come away with 5 cell phones for you and your family! For any further information, simply click here to subscribe to www.governmentauctions.org for your FREE 3 day trial.


Blackberry 9700: Phone Home!

Blackberry 9700This current online auction is for a Blackberry 9700 cell phone. This phone would be a great way to get in touch with anyone who you need to get in touch with. It is located in Ohio and can be shipped out to you when you win or you could even pick it up. This phone is the pre cursor to the smart phones that we have now but it is still way smarter than your average bear! This phone could come in handy when you want to organize all of you contacts, information, emails, and much more. You could even play games on it to pass the time and have access to the internet. These phones are still pretty modern and this one looks like it is in pretty excellent condition. The current bid on this phone is only $10 with the auction ending very soon. Find out more about this phone and about many more by activating your free trial account now.


ANDOIRDThis LG OptimusQ Android Phone could be yours as soon as you decide to bid at this upcoming online auction. This Android phone made by one of the world’s premier electronics manufacturer can surely let you stay connected to your family and friends anytime, anywhere! With its Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system, you could go ahead and download thousands of free applications straight from the android market itself! Download Facebook to stay updated with all your friends and family. Addicted to Twitter? Well then tweet all the way whenever, wherever you are! This stylish Android Phone is located in the state of New Jersey and can be shipped out or picked up when you win. What a better way to stay connected with your family and friends than to have a smashing new android phone and a stylish one too! Find out more about this item and about many more government auctions by activating your free trial account right now!

16g iPhone 4s: Siri Has Found The Savings!

iphone 4sBoom! ZAM! POW! Those are all the things you could be saying when you finally get yours hands on this 16g iPhone 4s. This iPhone would be the best way to enjoy smart phone technology because, let’s face it, Apple is way ahead of the curve when it comes to their sleek technology that one might say is either from the future or from the government base where they keep all the aliens. We’re on to you. Anyway, this phone comes new in its original box, has 16 gigs, and enough features to drive you up a wall. Some might say that you are paying to much when you get a service contract but we say it’s worth it. This is the phone of the future and until the next one comes out this is the best investment you can make. Find out more about this phone and about many more government auction items by simply activating your free trial account right now.

White iPhone 4: The Future Is You!

White iPhone 4If you are looking for a stylish top of the line phone then you cannot beat the White iPhone 4. This phone is actually going to be up for online auction relatively soon. If you want to stay in touch with the rest of world via phone calls, texts, personalized updates, state of the art apps, the web, music, movies, and much more, then this is phone for you! This phone can be hooked up to any computer and charged or filled with lots of media. Apple makes a very great product that would come in handy when you are stuck in a jam. This phone would be the perfect gift for someone who needs a new phone and enjoys patented Apple technology. It looks like it is in pretty good shape and would serve you well if you had a phone plan for it and took care of it. Find out more about this item and about many more government auctions by activating your free trial right now.

5 Blackberry 9630 Cell Phones: Reach Out And Touch Everyone

berryblackHaving a smart phone is an essential part of day to day life if you live in a modern society! When you want to make your business connection on the go you need to check out this current online auction for  5 Blackberry 9630 Cell Phones. These cell phones are a great way to keep in touch with everyone as you are moving along through your day to day life. These Blackberry cell phones also look like they come new in box and would be programmed easily once you get them out of their boxes. Blackberry cell phones are a great way to keep your employees on constant contact with each other or with you during the day. You could check your email, make calls, text, surf the net, and much more. The current bid on this lot of phones is only $300 with the auction ending tomorrow. Find out more about this item and many others by activating your free trial account right now.

Blackberry Storm Phones Cheap: Like This Blackberry Storm!

bbstormIf you are looking for some Blackberry Storm Phones Cheap you should check out this upcoming online auction for a Blackberry Storm 9500 cellular phone. This smart phone is probably smarter than a 5th grader and could be smarter then some people who wield it! If you want to temper the flame that is the Black Berry Storm then you should win this phone and make it yours. Don’t let it forget who is boss as you make phone calls, check your email, send texts, and surf the web. These phones are great for anyone who needs to do important business on the go. Plus, it is a great phone to keep you in touch socially. This item looks like it is in good shape and can probably last for a good while if you take care of it. Save a few bucks with this online auction. You can activate your free trial account and find out more information on this phone!

Unlock Sony Ericsson Free: Check Out This Great Phone!

sonyericcYou can Unlock Sony Ericsson Free and check out this Sony Ericsson Model W580i cell phone that will be up for live auction coming extremely soon. If you need a no frills phone that can keep you in contact with everyone and with none of that fancy shmancy stuff, then this would be the phone for you. It would be a perfectly utilitarian device that would no doubt serve its purpose. You would be able to make calls and texts and not have to worry about any monthly overages that make zero sense to the average person. This phone will probably go for a price that is lower than its original retail value. This phone is a nice greenish color which would really bring out your eyes. Sony makes a great device! Find out all about this item and many other government auctions by clicking here to activate your free trial account.

iPhones For Sale No Contracts: Like This Apple 3G!

3gphoneIf you are looking for iPhones For Sale No Contracts, then you should check out this upcoming live auction for an Apple iPhone 3g! This phone is an excellent smart phone and once you have it in the palm of your hands, you will realize the power of apple! This phone could be a real lifesaver, especially with all the great apps that it has! You could never get lost again because of the real time GPS the phone possess. It will let you text, talk, listen to music, watch your favorite movies, download content, and keep you up to date with the world around you. Apple sure knows how to make an excellent product and they definitely hit the nail on the head with this phone. It can be yours soon! This excellent phone is part of the wave of the future! Find out all about this item and many other government auctions by activating your free trial account right now.

Apple iPhone Buy Used: Check Out This 3G

iphone3gIf you want some Apple iPhone Buy Used, then you should check out this 3G version of the worlds most famous phone. This phone pretty much will let you do anything you have ever wanted to do with a phone. You can make calls, send and receive texts, email, surf the web, take photos, edit photos, and much more. Plus, don’t forget about the apps that you can download that make any iPhone that much more fun. Apple really nailed it on the head with this one and you should enjoy the worlds smartest phone when you have the chance. This auction will probably allow you to get this phone at a very reasonable price considering that it may have been slightly used. This phone is still top of the pops. Find out more about this auction and about many other government auctions by clicking here to activate your free trial account!