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2008 Dodge Challenger SRT-8 starting at $100!!

Right now there is an undeniable muscle-car race going on full force with no end in sight. It is sometimes important to remember that it wasn’t always this way. From 2000-2005 there were no real muscle cars on the market. Yes you had some tail-end relics of glory day gone past, but nothing really exciting and new. All that changed when Ford re-launched their iconic Mustang and unleashed a new muscle car on the world. The first real competitor to re-enter the game after Ford was Dodge with their 2008 SRT-8 Challenger. This was a brand new Challenger, and the first one in over 20 years. It truly was an an instant icon, simultaneously hearkening back to old models and being all new. One of these Challenger SRT-8′s are being auctioned off with a starting bid of just $100, which I can assure you will not stay that low for long. This specific example has 84,338 miles on it and only needs minimal external repairs, specifically; scratched rims which can easily be replaced and a cracked windshield. This muscle car has a 425 HP V-8 engine which propels this almost 2 ton beast to 60 MPH in just 4.7 seconds! If you want to know the gas mileage for a vehicle like this, you may not want to bid on  it. As a muscle car, rationality isn’t a main reason people like it; smoking rear tires is. This auction begins February 3rd at 11:00 AM (ET) and ends February 10th at 11:18 AM (ET). To place your bid and to find other great auctions click here to go to www.governmentauctions.org and subscribe for your FREE 3 day trial.


2008 DODGE CHALLENGER SRT8: And This Is What a Badass Drives

srtWant a car that screams “My car will crush your car!” ? Well then what you need is a car with some good old fashioned American muscle under the hood. What you need is this 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 sedan. This car is exactly what a modern version of an old muscle car icon should be — comfortable, athletic, stylish, fast and with an exhaust sound that will frighten your neighbors in the morning. With its nostalgic exterior styling, powerful engine performance, agile handling, strong braking, and comfortable ride, it’s no wonder the Challenger is considered one of the best vehicles in its class. This particular SRT8 version sports an impressive 6.1 L V8-cylinder engine, 5 speed shiftable automatic transmission, rear wheel drive, power everything (brakes, doors, windows, steering, etc), bucket leather seats, AM/FM radio with navigation system, and just over 40k miles. The current price for this vehicle is just under $12k with less than 2 weeks remaining. Click here right now to learn more about this exciting auction deal.

Custom 2009 Dodge Challenger: Unique & Stylish!

2009 dodge challengerIt’s not often you see a car like this. Here is a fully customized 2009 Dodge Charger, in full golden gloss and paint job, custom spinner rims in full gold (whether or not it’s actual gold is a mystery), Lamborghini-style doors, custom speakers and equalizer, the list goes on and on. It is truly a sight to behold and definitely an item that any car enthusiast will want in his or her possession. But does it drive? Yes, it starts and drives as well as any car, so you know this car has genuine value even outside its aesthetics. It’s available at an upcoming online auction and the bid is sitting just above $13K at the moment with just a couple of days remaining in the bidding process. Ever wanted to build a custom car but afraid to tackle the process? Well, here’s one made just for you. To start, click here to activate your 3 day free trial account. With it, you’ll find a wealth of info regarding government auctions happening around the country right now, near you.

2009 Dodge Challenger: Get Ready To Turn Lots of Heads

challengerLooking for a car that’s incredibly fast, reliable, and is guaranteed to get people’s attention? If so, then you should definitely check out this next auction for a 2009 Dodge Challenger. This heavily modified car is jam-packed with tons of cool bells and whistles. It sports a gold/blue accent exterior, V6 engine, Pirelli Scorpion tires, power seats, power windows, power locks, power steering, tilt wheel, AM/FM/CD radio with DVD player and custom speakers/equalizer, custom spinner rims, and lambo style doors. This vehicle has only 28k miles too and is in great looking and running shape. The current price for this beauty is just $8,825 with no bids as of yet and approximately a week and a half remaining. The winning bidder will have to put down a deposit of $1,765. To find out more about this sweet ride, simply click here in order to activate your 3 day free trial.

2009 Dodge Challenger: Can’t Get Much Sweeter

2009DodgeChallengerLooking for a new car? Well, step right up and check out this beauty; a 2009 Dodge Challenger that is up for sale at a live auction next month. This new age muscle car features a brilliant black pearl paint job with orange racing stripe. This car features a Hemi 6.1 L V8 engine, 5 speed automatic transmission, rear wheel drive, SRT wheels, keyless entry, remote start, under 8 thousand miles, and sunroof. You would be hard pressed to find anything more dynamic than this street demon. This auction will take place on August 9 so you have a short amount of time to get all your things together. This souped up car could be your ticket out of this podunk town. Find out more by activating your free trial.