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Great Deal for a Great TV

I know you still have that medieval television standing on that old shelf. Its quality is awful, the size is outrageous and it is just plain ugly for this day in age. We are now in 2016, and it is time to get rid of that fat, bulky, dinosaur-like television that is just gathering dust. But here arises the problem, new televisions, especially LED tvs, cost way too much money in stores. Even if you try to save up for a new television, the deal would not be banging for your buck because you will be paying for something that is not only  overpriced, but also a waste of money. Instead of buying a television for over a thousand bucks you should take a look at this current auction that only has one bidder and is at a current price of  $272. This Samsung 55 inch LED HDTV is located in Carson, California so do me a favor and just think about how awesome this deal is. The bid will end in 2 days on February 24th at 12:11 PM (Central Time) so buy this television before it is too late. Check this deal out, as well as many others by clicking here to head over to www.governmentauctions.org and sign up for your FREE 3 day trial!

2004 Ford Taurus For Cheap

Aren’t you sick and tired of taking the bus to go to work everyday. What about those days where you miss the bus and have to pay for an overpriced cab fare. Sucks doesn’t it? Here’s your solution: There is a current auction going on right now for a 2004 Ford Taurus.  Someone has yet to bid and that person is you. The starting price is $500 which is relatively cheap considering that this car is 12 years old. But don’t worry because all you have to do is replace the battery and you’re set. No more stress to catch the bus in the morning. No more bus rides with strangers. This is your chance to change it all. And I know, you might be thinking that it is too much, but look at it in the long run. Economically, this is a great offer because if you calculate the money you spend on transportation in a year without your own car, you will spend a lot more money than if you buy this car. This deal is located in Vacaville, California so if you live in or near the area look into this. This bid end on 02/18 at 10:20 AM Central Time. To place your bid and to find other great auctions click here to go to www.governmentauctions.org and subscribe for your FREE 3 day trial.

Passenger Vessel For Sale

Have you ever wanted a boat for cheap? This boat is a Passenger Vessel and was made in 2012, which is very recent. This is a great deal for an excellent boat because of the great condition that it is in. This might not be something on your bucket list in life, but if you live in or near New York you should think about this offer. This boat has a passenger cabin with seating and has a gallery area below its deck. Not only that but this boat can fit a whopping 152 people on it! Take your friends, family, neighbors, almost anyone you can think of with your watercraft. So far there have been 10 bidders and the current bid is at $70,150. Make a move people because this deal doesn’t have that much time left. This auction will end in 5 hours so the time is in your hands. At approximately 5 PM (Central Time) this deal will be gone and you will lose it. Get it now before it is too late and ride the waves to paradise for the summer. To place your bid and to find other great auctions click here to go to www.governmentauctions.org and subscribe for your FREE 3 day trial.

Mint Condition 7 Series BMW 2008


This car is a great buy and is for anyone who wants a preowned car for an affordable price. The auction for this vehicle ends on 2/10 at 11:42:00 AM ET. With this much time in your hands, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t take this offer right now. Don’t wait because time does not care about you. This vehicle has ONLY 55,058 miles on it’s odometer! Considering how old the car is, this just further proves why this is such a great buy. That’s only an estimated 7,000 miles per year which is very low because an average car drives 10,000 miles per year. The car is located at Sandy’s Towing on 1541 South Broadway St in Dayton, Ohio, so if you live in or near the area I’d make a move quickly because this deal won’t last. To make things sound even better there have not been any bidders yet! If you want to look cool and drive fast, but you don’t have the money for a brand new car, you should buy this car right now. If you are interested in this or any other Government Auction, please click here to head over to www.governmentauctions.org and subscribe to your FREE 3 day trial.

GovernmentAuctions.org…It’s like a year round Cyber Monday!

MixWith the post Black Friday blues setting in and the Cyber Monday rush soon to be coming to an end, many are fretting that they missed out on that elusive “epic deal”. What if two weeks down the line, you realize you need a new MP3 player and there was one dirt cheap that you didn’t buy. What if the stakes are a little higher. What if you need to purchase something really big like a car but missed the “Black Friday Madness-Palooza” sale at your  local dealership. What if you are a farmer and you need a new tractor and missed the “3-in-1 Hoe, Winnower and Weeder”  of your dreams. Well fear not, because with www.GovernmentAuctions.org, you can have access to Black Friday like deals, every day of the year! Whether you’re in the market for a house, a car, medical equipment, a fire truck or even space shuttle components, you can find them for crazy low prices at auctions listed on our site. With www.GovernmentAuctions.org, you can instantly find thousands of auctions going on throughout the U.S.A. and Canada and sort though them, getting access to millions of products, at fantastic prices! For example, just glancing at a few auction going on today, you can bid on granite tables, helicopter, cars, antique boats, custom motorcycles, computers, tablets, houses, trailers and the list goes on and on! So stop worrying and head over to www.GovernmentAuction.org and subscribe for your FREE 3 day trial. Happy bidding!