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Long Black Knife: This Belonged To Ted Kaczynski!

unaknifeYou could be bidding on a Long Black Knife that once belonged to the Unabomber. This item is available at an online auction among many of the Unabomber’s other personal items. This long black knife was probably used in the making of the bombs he created. To tell you the truth, who knows what he could have used this knife for. This is a piece of true crime memorabilia, with the proceeds going toward the victims families. This item is perfect for any roadside attraction or anyone who has some morbid curiosity about one of the most trying times in modern America. Now that Ted Kaczynski is locked up for life, you could put his old items to better use than he can. You can literally display this as sort of a gruesome curio or do whatever you want with it. The current bid on this item is around 3K with the auction ending sometime next week. Find out more about this item and others by activating your free trial.

Handwritten Copy Of Unabomber Manifesto: Written By Ted Kaczynski

manifestoNo, you did not misread that title. This current online auction is for a handwritten Copy of The Unabom Manifesto written by Ted Kazcynski, who if you didn’t already know, was the Unabomer. He is not rotting away in jail and his personal items are being auctioned off as we speak. Now, all the money from these items go to the families of the victims of what this heinous guy did. This item is located in Georgia and can be shipped to you with no problem. These pages seem to be encased in protective plastic and would be a good conversation starter for that dinner party you plan to have. This is definitely for the collector of true crime or morbid curios. You could touch the mind of madness once you win this item. The original manifesto was published in 1995 in the Washington Post and New York Times. The current bid on this item is only 12K with the auction ending the first week of June. Find out all about this item and many others by clicking here.