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Unabomber Yearbooks From Harvard

harvard yearbooksWe are continuing our coverage of the Unabomber’s seized items going up for grabs with this lot of The Unabomber’s Yearbooks from Harvard University. These yearbooks were once in Ted Kaczynski’s possession and were seized from his cabin in the woods when the USA busted him for all the heinous crimes he committed. The proceeds of these auction items go to the victims families. That is always a good thing! These items up for grabs, and even these yearbooks are great for someone who studies the true crime of American History with a morbid curiosity. They would make interesting center pieces for anyone’s place of business or even their homes. The current bid on these items is only $713 with the auction ending soon. You can find out about all these items up for auctions and plenty more when you activate your free trial account here.

Long Black Knife: This Belonged To Ted Kaczynski!

unaknifeYou could be bidding on a Long Black Knife that once belonged to the Unabomber. This item is available at an online auction among many of the Unabomber’s other personal items. This long black knife was probably used in the making of the bombs he created. To tell you the truth, who knows what he could have used this knife for. This is a piece of true crime memorabilia, with the proceeds going toward the victims families. This item is perfect for any roadside attraction or anyone who has some morbid curiosity about one of the most trying times in modern America. Now that Ted Kaczynski is locked up for life, you could put his old items to better use than he can. You can literally display this as sort of a gruesome curio or do whatever you want with it. The current bid on this item is around 3K with the auction ending sometime next week. Find out more about this item and others by activating your free trial.

The Unabomber’s Personal Items Will Be Up For Auction

UnabomberSketch.jpgFor almost 20 years, Ted Kaczynski aka The Unabomber, terrorized America with his home made letter bombs. Luckily, in 1996, he was caught in a cabin in the woods. Now, almost 15 years later, his personal items will be up for online auction. Coming soon, to an online auction you would be able to bid on items once owned by this nefarious individual. You could snag lots of every day items and a few more that would no doubt raise the interest of collectors or those fans of the more morbid side of auctions. You could find tools, knives, saw blades, hatchets, files, saws, hunting knives, masks, arrows, magnets, axes, and more. You could even get your hands on some clothing that was in his possession such as gloves, coats, scarves, shoes, sweaters, jackets, duffel bags, hoodies, mittens, and boots. His personal effects include typewriters, watches, yearbooks, checks, travel kit, home made calendar, and a ton of books that range from language, to history, to some classics. There are a ton of items up for grabs and the auction will take place this week, so you can click here for more details!