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The Unabomber’s Personal Items Will Be Up For Auction

UnabomberSketch.jpgFor almost 20 years, Ted Kaczynski aka The Unabomber, terrorized America with his home made letter bombs. Luckily, in 1996, he was caught in a cabin in the woods. Now, almost 15 years later, his personal items will be up for online auction. Coming soon, to an online auction you would be able to bid on items once owned by this nefarious individual. You could snag lots of every day items and a few more that would no doubt raise the interest of collectors or those fans of the more morbid side of auctions. You could find tools, knives, saw blades, hatchets, files, saws, hunting knives, masks, arrows, magnets, axes, and more. You could even get your hands on some clothing that was in his possession such as gloves, coats, scarves, shoes, sweaters, jackets, duffel bags, hoodies, mittens, and boots. His personal effects include typewriters, watches, yearbooks, checks, travel kit, home made calendar, and a ton of books that range from language, to history, to some classics. There are a ton of items up for grabs and the auction will take place this week, so you can click here for more details!

Navajo Arrows: Want to Own an Artifact?

navajo arrowsRemember heading out from school, onto a bus, to travel to your state’s museum for a field trip? Try to picture the ancient artifacts from civilizations that have died-out hundreds, if not thousands of years ago. Now try to imagine having a piece of these ancient times in your own home–to display in front of your friends and family. Up for auction is a lot of five Navajo Arrows. This remarkable collection of items belongs in a museum. These arrows come complete with census identifying numbers for you to track its origin. To get your hands on these items, you should bid through this online auction. There is only two days left, and the current bid is only $225. Don’t miss your chance on these historic arrows. Want more info? Click here.