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Lot of Miscellaneous Furniture: It Sure Beats Going To Ikea…

miscfurnSeized property auctions are truly a fantastic place to get your hands on some really awesome things for cheap and this next auction is no exception. Going up for live bid on October 17th, 2013 in Ketchum, Idaho is this massive lot of miscellaneous furniture. These household contents have been recently seized and are being sold to the highest bidder. The items include but are not limited to: a complete living room furniture set, several bedroom sets of furniture, tables, chairs, sofas, coffee tables, beds, dressers, night stands, desks, decorations, glassware, snowboarding equipment, and a whole lot more. The live preview of this auction will be held at the actual property on October 2nd and October 16th; so if you’d like to get the inside scoop on this auction then we strongly suggest you click here in order to activate your 3 day free trial account!


ringsNext up is a seized items auction, with plenty to choose from. Featured in this auction is a set of a Wedding Ring and Bedding band, perfect if you have been waiting to ask that special someone to marry you, but haven’t found the right engagement ring for the right price. Well now you have the great price, and it comes with a wedding band as well! No need to stress later on about where to get your wedding band. The Engagement ring is a 18 carat 1 round full cut diamond, ATW 0.60 CT and 42 round full cut diamonds, ATW .40 CT(1 each). The band has 59 full cut diamonds,  ATW 0.55 CT (1 each). The set together weights 11.9 DWT. This is quite a deal and if you play your cards right, could be all yours for a mere fraction of the original price. This auction is set to open in just a few days so activate your free trial account today to find out how you can be part of the action and bid in person.

Armani Code Cologne: Explore Your Inner Romantic

codeLooking for a scent that will sweep the ladies right off their feet? Well then you need Armani Code Cologne. This cologne will be going up for live bid later this month in Dayton, New Jersey. This memorable scent combines the fresh scent of apple with lavender and the spicy essence of cumin. Citrus and the aroma of woods round out this fragrance creating a beautiful blend. Armani Code was first introduced in 2004 and has been quite popular since then due to its distinctive scent that many men find to not be overwhelming to the senses. So next time you go out to dinner with your significant other, be sure to splash a little bit of Armani Code on your skin and enjoy the heightened sense of passion that it will bring. To find out more about this upcoming live seized auction we strongly suggest your activate your 3 day free trial by clicking here.

Eight Laserjet Printers: Can’t Have Enough Of These!

eight printersIf you are starting a new business or just love to print stuff, this next auction should be right up your alley. There’s nothing worse than needing to print a document and you don’t have your own device. You have to call up your parents or your best buddy to beg them to print one piece of paper–and imagine the shame you’ll feel if it’s 20 pages! Don’t let that happen to you. Up for auction today is one lot containing eight laserjet printers. These range in company and all look to be in decent condition. If you just want one you could plug yours into the computer and sell the other seven for a great reseller’s profit. Don’t let this opportunity slip by you. This is only available through an online government auction. Want more details? Simply click here.

Infocus Digital Projector: Just Like Goin To The Movies!

infocusTry to picture this: you’re sitting at home and want to watch a movie, but you don’t want to leave the comfort of your toasty home. With this next auction item, you will have the ability to actually sit there and have a large screen picture of any TV show or movie you want–and you can put it on any wall in your house! Imagine the possibilities! The next item up for grabs is an Infocus Digital Projector. This item may need repairs, but you will most likely snag this great piece for a very low price. The current bid is only $5. There is only three days left to throw down a bid on this projector–so, don’t waste any time on this one. We are all lazy when it comes to going out on Friday nights. So, why not just have the party at your house? If you want to check this item out, just click this link and activate your free trial account!

1985 Drexel Forklift: Big-Time Help

drexel forkliftForklifts have been making life easier for people in every industry. They can cut down moving time and easily increase productivity at any level. Up for auction today is a 1985 Drexel Forklift. For this specific item, the drive axle is broken. This can be fixed and could bring a ton of help to your business. This might not be the only part missing, but you should check it out ahead of time. This forklift is available through an online auction. If you want to bid on this item, you should do it before it closes on September 27. The current bid for this item is only at $559. Want more info on how you can get your hands on this machine? Click here to activate.

Silver Eagle Coins: The Market Value is Too High to Pass Up

silver coinsWhile the value of the dollar has steadily decreased, the values of gold and silver and progressively increased. People are buying these assets in bulk–strictly for resale value. Up for auction is a set of 200 US Silver Eagle Coins. This lot contains 70 2006 Coins and 130 2007 Coins. Some of the coins may show slight abrasions on the surface, but are still in great condition. If you are looking for a superb investment, this is the one. These coins are available through a live auction. This auction is in New Jersey, and will be held on September 1. These eagle coins can easily be a stunning addition to your collection, and can also be a very profitable resale source. For more details on this item, click here to activate your free trial account today.

Delfield Milk Dispenser: Builds Strong Bones

milk dispenserDoes your restaurant serve a ton of milk shakes, or use a certain amount of milk in its products? Do you need a place to store and keep that milk cool? Well, here is the perfect item for you. Up for auction is a Delfield Milk Dispenser. Delfield has been a leader in the refrigeration industry for years. This product is used, but still has some life left in it. If your ready to alleviate some stress off you and your customers shoulders, then this is the right auction for you. The auction itself is an online auction that ends in approximately a week. the current bid is at a shockingly low $25. For more information on this item, and many more like it, click here to activate your free trial.

Navajo Arrows: Want to Own an Artifact?

navajo arrowsRemember heading out from school, onto a bus, to travel to your state’s museum for a field trip? Try to picture the ancient artifacts from civilizations that have died-out hundreds, if not thousands of years ago. Now try to imagine having a piece of these ancient times in your own home–to display in front of your friends and family. Up for auction is a lot of five Navajo Arrows. This remarkable collection of items belongs in a museum. These arrows come complete with census identifying numbers for you to track its origin. To get your hands on these items, you should bid through this online auction. There is only two days left, and the current bid is only $225. Don’t miss your chance on these historic arrows. Want more info? Click here.

Antique Spoons: Here’s Your Chance to Get on the Roadshow

SpoonsDo you watch the Antiques Roadshow and wish you could be that person with the hidden gem that scores them a mini fortune? That wish could easily be possible with the right knowledge and research. You might have a potential Roadshow item right here. Up for auction is a lot of 42 Spoons. These spoons come in various styles and sizes. What someone might think is garbage could be your ticket to a huge financial haul. If you are a vintage kitchen utensil collector, then this might be the right group of items to bid on. You can check them out at a live auction in New Jersey. There will be plenty of people actively bidding on items such as this, so make sure you get there bright and early. For more details on this lot, click here to activate your free trial.