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Ladies Gold Ring and a Bone Carving of a Foot: An Unlikely Auction Pairing

ladyringWell here’s something you don’t see everyday. First up on the auction block is this deal on a lot consisting of one 18k yellow gold ladies ring as well as a small bone carving of a foot. It’s a weird combo in our opinion, but it is what it is. The ring measures 9.5 x 9.5 mm, and is bezel set with Agate cabochon. It also has a cross motif with a crosshatch filigree. The item is handmade and finished in a bright polish. It comes in a size 8 and weighs 10.9 DWT. The bone foot carving weighs 17 grams and has a voodoo vibe about it — which isn’t necessarily a bad thing! An inspection of these items is strongly recommended prior to bidding. The current asking price for these items is $500 and the auction will be ending in exactly 5 days and 22 minutes. If you’d like to find out more about this seized property auction then simply activate your 3 day free trial now by clicking here!



295 Pieces of Jewelry: A Jewelry Extravaganza!

jewelry1Check out this next auction deal consisting of one giant lot of jewelry. The lot is made up of 295 pieces in total and the items range from watches to bracelets and everything in between! Included in the lot are the following: 68 watches, 5 bracelets, 66 necklaces, 59 rings, 38 pairs of earring, and 59 pendants. The items comes in sterling silver, 10k gold, and 14k gold and are stated to be in good condition. An inspection is still highly encouraged though. The current asking price for this lot auction is just $3,500 with 5 online bids already placed. If you want to find out more about this seized jewelry auction deal then simply click here now to find out all about it!


Assorted Jewelry Auction: Their Loss Can Be Your Gain

Next up on the auction block is this deal on assorted jewelry being sold in bulk. These items appear to have been seized and are now being offered up to the general public.assorted jew This bulk sale consists of the following: 2 gold tone with white stone rings, 1 gold tone with red stone ring, 2 ladies watches (Manu and Armitron), 1 men’s watch, 1 Manu pocket watch, and much more. A physical inspection of these items is strongly encouraged and recommended since the authenticity of these items cannot be verified. As of right now, the current price for this auction is $300 with 5 online bids already placed. This auction ends in exactly 4 days, 1 hours, and 11 minutes so if you’d like to learn more simply click here to activate your 3 day free trial account.


Bulk Jewelry Auction: Prepare To Profit

jewelrybulkFor those of you looking to make a healthy profit off of a government auction, pay close attention, because this next deal is definitely for you. Going up for live bid on November 5th, 2013 is this lot of miscellaneous seized jewelry. Just some of the items included in this sale include: an 18k white gold diamond neck piece, platinum pair of studs, MJ Savott Mult strands necklace, 18k international yellow gold diamond ring, blue sapphire and diamond ring, Bvlgari Men’s wristwatch, 18k gold hoop earrings, platinum ring, and much more. All of these items combine are worth tens of thousands of dollars, possibly even hundreds! The minimum bid for this auction will start at $26,775 and the winning bidder will be required to pay in full upon winning the auction, so keep that in mind. If you want to learn more about this upcoming live auction then all you have to do is click here right now in order to activate your 3 day free trial account.

Seized Diamond Ring: The Bling Ring

blingringLooking to sweep that special someone in your life right off of her feet? Well then maybe you need to attend this next auction taking place in Dayton, New Jersey on October 2nd, 2013. This gorgeous 14K white gold ring features 56 full cut diamonds with a total of 1.25 carats, 4 full cut diamonds weighing 0.13 carats, 10 baguette cut diamonds that are 0.50 carats, and 6 princess cut diamonds that weigh 0.38 carats. The ring weighs a total of 8.36 DWT. The ring appears to be in good condition but it is still suggested that you preview the item in person before you decide to bid on it. If you’d like to learn more about this seized jewelry auction or about other ones just like it, then we strongly recommend that you click here now in order to activate your 3 day free trial.


ringsNext up is a seized items auction, with plenty to choose from. Featured in this auction is a set of a Wedding Ring and Bedding band, perfect if you have been waiting to ask that special someone to marry you, but haven’t found the right engagement ring for the right price. Well now you have the great price, and it comes with a wedding band as well! No need to stress later on about where to get your wedding band. The Engagement ring is a 18 carat 1 round full cut diamond, ATW 0.60 CT and 42 round full cut diamonds, ATW .40 CT(1 each). The band has 59 full cut diamonds,  ATW 0.55 CT (1 each). The set together weights 11.9 DWT. This is quite a deal and if you play your cards right, could be all yours for a mere fraction of the original price. This auction is set to open in just a few days so activate your free trial account today to find out how you can be part of the action and bid in person.


ringsHave you been waiting for that perfect auction to find great items where you can resell some items and maybe even keep a few for yourself? Well here’s your chance. This Lot of Misc Jewelry is perfect for that bidder who wants to make some return on investment and also be able to give a nice ring or watch to his or her special someone. There are plenty items to choose from: Approx 3 bracelets and 9 rings: 1 Green Bay Packers ring, Approx 10 watches: 1 John Deere pocket watch, Misc watch band parts, misc chains, 1 Statue of Liberty Coin, 1 Squire Old English 770 Lock. This live online auction ends in about 6 days, and the current bid is sitting nicely at $489. If this is something that interests you, then sign up to activate your free 3 day trial account!

Ladies 14K Gold Diamond Engagement Ring: Give Her Another Reason To Say Yes

ringGentlemen, we have a question for you. We all know engagement rings can literally cost an arm and a leg, right? Now that you’d nodding your head in agreement, maybe there is something we can do to help. You may not know it, but the government auction sells jewelry, specifically engagement rings! And right now they’re auctioning off this 14k yellow gold diamond engagement ring through one of their popular seized property websites. This 3 stone ring comes in a size 7 and consists of one .48 carat diamond and 2 .20 carat diamonds. The ring is brand new, never worn, looks great, and comes with its original packaging. The current price for this ring is just $701 with 12 online bids already placed. This seized online auction will be ending tomorrow so be sure to click here right now in order to activate your 3 day free trial account.

Jewelry Lots: What Will You Get?

jewelry lotUp for sale at various upcoming online auctions are these mixed Jewelry Lots. In short, no one really knows what’s available in these lots besides a ton of random pieces of jewelry, ranging from wristwatches, to rings and bracelets, to earrings and necklaces. Could there be solid gold in there? Or perhaps pearls and emeralds? Maybe even diamonds? All the items are unappraised, so it’s all on your eyes and what you can determine to be the values of the individual pieces. The actual location is in Virginia, but the auctions will take place online. Will you take the gamble? Will you keep the pieces or resell them all for market value? If you want to find out more, all you have to do is activate your 3 day free trial account right now. Your chance to get some quality pieces could be right here, so don’t hesitate!

A Hodgepodge of Jewelry Goodness!

jewelryLike surprises? Who doesn’t! Well how about jewelry surprise? Okay, well now that we’ve got your attention, allow us to tell you all about this next online auction item for a hodgepodge of various kinds of jewelry — all of which are being auctioned off in bulk to the highest bidder! This lot consists of various miscellaneous jewelry and watched for both men and women. Among the lot you’ll find wrist watches, rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hair accessories, brooches, and pins. The items are being sold as is and they have not been checked for authenticity or composition, meaning if an item turns out to be made of 22k gold, that item could potentially pay for this entire auction all by itself. The current bid is only at $320 with 8 online bids already placed. If you’d like to participate in this online auction, then we strongly suggest you activate your 3 day free trial account now by clicking here.