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Cherish the road in your 2013 Ferarri California Convertible!

The internationally acclaimed Maranello based car company Ferrari, isn’t known for creating the most practical of cars. Few customers consider how many USB ports the car has, or whether it has enough suitcase space for a multi day road trip when they are looking through the Ferrari catalog. The one car in the Ferrari stable that comes the closest to pandering to the more practical of their wealthy clientele is the Ferrari California Convertible. For this “entry level” Ferrari, they have incorporated a few practical bits, including an easier entry and exit of the car, and a bigger trunk. I hope the talk of comfort and such haven’t fooled you though, this still is an unrepentant Ferrari to its core. The 483 HP 4.3 V8 engine rips and crackles the car from a standstill to 60 MPH in just 3.7 seconds. In classic Ferrari fashion, this car is still just as much of a fashion piece as it is automobile and the more than $200,000 base price (new) is a stark reminder of what it stands for and its standing in the automotive universe. While before you had to put down more than the cost of 8 new Toyota Camry’s combined to have this car in your hands, this auction is your chance to place your bid for a fraction of the retail cost. With a starting bid of $10,000, this LIVE auction is on January 6 at 9am in Riverside, CA. There are a few availability’s to bid online if you can’t make it to the location on that date. To register, bid, or to find more information click here to head over to www.governmentauctions.org and receive your FREE 3 day trial.


benzNext up on this “almost the weekend but not quite yet the weekend” Friday afternoon is this like new 2011 Mercedes-Benz SLK300. If you are in the market for a brand new Mercedes, but likewise are also trying to find the deal of all deals, this is the perfect auction for you. With leather seats and an automatic transmission, you’ll want to make this go from just your weekend car to your every day car after just a few spins around the block. And get this, there is only 7,000 miles on the odometer.  That’s barely even 2300 miles per year,  over 7,000 miles less than the industry average for today’s driver! When we say ‘like new’, we meant it. The minimum bid for this seized car is set at $20,400 and the date and time of the public auction should be announced shortly. Activate your free GovernmentAuctions.org trial account today to find out when this auction will be starting.


mansionWhat a house! This amazing mansion rests on 15 acres, and is in the nice suburban area of Scranton, PA where with a house like this, you could become the king of your own castle.  This outstanding property has all the design features you need including oak, brass, slate, brick, stucco, and leaded glass. Additionally, there are too many bedrooms to count within the home, but some highlights include the game room, fire place,  walk-in showers, multiple porches off the side of the house,  and a 3 car detached garage with living area above. This 3 story house goes up for sale in a few weeks and has a minimum bid of $85, 158. Want to find out more information about this magnificent deal? Interested in more public property auctions? Sign up for your free trial account with GovernmentAuctions.Org to get all the latest info and access to more great auctions like this one.


ringsHave you been waiting for that perfect auction to find great items where you can resell some items and maybe even keep a few for yourself? Well here’s your chance. This Lot of Misc Jewelry is perfect for that bidder who wants to make some return on investment and also be able to give a nice ring or watch to his or her special someone. There are plenty items to choose from: Approx 3 bracelets and 9 rings: 1 Green Bay Packers ring, Approx 10 watches: 1 John Deere pocket watch, Misc watch band parts, misc chains, 1 Statue of Liberty Coin, 1 Squire Old English 770 Lock. This live online auction ends in about 6 days, and the current bid is sitting nicely at $489. If this is something that interests you, then sign up to activate your free 3 day trial account!

Nintendo Wii Video Game Console: Take It To The Limit

NintendoWiiNintendo always makes a fun game console. You can rely on them to bring families together and create some fun relaxed gaming memories. If you want to step into a cool virtual world where you are in control of the action then you should check out this upcoming live auction taking place in Miami this month. This live auction will include a multitude of different items including this Nintendo Wii video game console. This package comes with the console, wires, and one controller.  You can enjoy hours upon hours of great gaming fun and get a workout at the same time. You can also take this console with you anywhere since it is so compact. Find out more about this item by activating your account.

Natuzzi Cindy Crawford Home Edition Brown Leather Sectional Couch: There Is No Price For Comfort

NatuzziCrawfordCouchesJust got a new house and looking to fill it with some nice furniture? Well, you should check out this upcoming live auction that is taking place this month in Miami where you will find this Natuzzi Cindy Crawford Home Edition Brown Leather Sectional Couch among many other items. This couch would fit nicely in your new home or apartment and would be the perfect gift to yourself if you want to have some people over for a chilled out night of movie watching or board games. These couches normally retail for a pretty penny but with this auction you could definitely get a potentially amazing deal. Find out more about this item and many other government auctions by clicking here.

Belkin FM iPod Transmitter: Coming In On All Frequencies

BelkinTransmitterYou have that nice clean ride and a cool iPod, but how do you smash both of them together? We’ll tell you how; with this Belkin FM iPod Transmitter. This is the easiest way to get those precious tunes off of that iPod and into your car speakers which would enable you to jam it out while you drive it on. The live auction for this item takes place in the middle of May in Miami. You can probably get this piece of personal electronics at a fraction of its original cost, plus this item looks like it is new in box. This item will let you hear your tunes through the car speakers through a vacant FM channel as well as charge your iPod while you are on the go. You can find out more about this item by activating your free trial account here.