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Eight Laserjet Printers: Can’t Have Enough Of These!

eight printersIf you are starting a new business or just love to print stuff, this next auction should be right up your alley. There’s nothing worse than needing to print a document and you don’t have your own device. You have to call up your parents or your best buddy to beg them to print one piece of paper–and imagine the shame you’ll feel if it’s 20 pages! Don’t let that happen to you. Up for auction today is one lot containing eight laserjet printers. These range in company and all look to be in decent condition. If you just want one you could plug yours into the computer and sell the other seven for a great reseller’s profit. Don’t let this opportunity slip by you. This is only available through an online government auction. Want more details? Simply click here.

Keyboards: This Is The Real Deal!

keyboardsHave you built up your business to where you are going to need to hire new employees and order a ton of new office equipment? Well if you are, then you should definitely check out the next auction. Up for auction today is a one lot containing approximately 40 keyboards. This is a great lot if you are building the perfect computers for your office. If not, you could also resell these items for an awesome profit. The condition of these assets is unknown. If you like what you see, and you want to place a bid, you are going to have to do it at the online auction. This auction is ending in just under two days and the current bid is only $40. Head to GovernmentAuctions.org for more info.

Sony Video Teleconference Monitor: Time To Link Up!

teleconferenceThe new age in the business world has finally arrived. We now use the most advanced technology to make progress in the all business ventures. Communication by video conference has been a staple of the everyday big and small businesses. Up for auction today is one Sony video teleconference monitor. This 17-inch screen is unused and is model number PCS-TL30. Don’t live in the past. It’s time to embrace technology and use its awesome abilities. This item is only available through an online auction. There is only a couple hours left to place a bid on this monitor. The current bid is only $40. This is a superb deal. If you want all the information on this item, and many more like it, just head over to GovernmentAuctions.org.

Personnel Lift: Objects May Be Rising, But Prices Are Falling!

liftThere is nothing worse then trying to bring heavy pieces of equipment up to a certain area that you can’t reach from just standing. This is why this auction’s item was invented. Up for auction today is an electrical personnel lift. This item definitely shows some wear, but looks to still be in great condition. It can be positioned in any direction for optimal usage. This item is great if you have a home or small business. This item is only available via online auction. If you want to make a bid, you are going to have to do it within the next three days. The current bid is only $25! Head over to GovernmentAuctions.org for the best information all government auctions.

Shredders: Dispose Of This Deal!

shreddersDoes your office or home have non-important papers lying around–but they might have valuable information on them? Well, like the rest of the population, you probably do. Don’t just chuck them into the garbage for someone to find and keep for their own personal use. Check out this auction and own your very own shredder. This auction contains two shredders: a Shredmaster 960X and a Fellows Powershreder 220. Both these items can get the job done and in a timely fashion. Want to bid on these assets–just check out the online auction. The current is on only at $25 and the actual auction ends today! If you want the downlow on these assets, you should head over to GovernmentAuctions.org and activate your free account.

Set of Briefcases: Business as Always

briefcasesLooking to become the ultimate businessman? Well, one of these items might just do the trick. Up for auction today is a set of Three Briefcases. This lot includes one black hard-shell briefcase with locking clasps–that comes with the keys. There are also two large brown cases that range in size from 18×12 to 18×26.  These are ideal for anyone looking to store papers, books, desk supplies, or anything else that can fit. These briefcases can also be used for traveling purposes. This auction is available through an online auction. The current bid for these assets is at a very low $10. Bidding ends tomorrow…so don’t delay. For more details on where and when to bid, check out GovernmentAuctions.org today, and activate your free trial.

Sealing Machines: Heating Up the Value

sealing machinesDoes your start-up business require packaging? Need a way to seal up items? Well…this auction lot could be perfect for you. Today, we have an auction of 6 Sealing Machines. These manually operated machines are specifically designed for heat sealing of a wide variety of barrier materials and plastic films. This lot of assets is optimal for a sealed seam or closure on wrappings and bags that require packaging. These items are available via online auction. This auction started a week ago and ends on August 27. The current bid for this lot is at $60. There are already two bids on this item, so make sure you keep a close eye on it. For more information on this auction, and many other great items, head over to GovernmentAuctions.org and activate your free trial.

Set of Hand Trucks: Keep the Deals Moving

Hand TrucksHow many times have you said to yourself: I wish I had an easier way to move stuff around at my house or even at work. Well, now is your chance to fulfill that void in your life. This auction is for a set of hand trucks. These hand trucks are perfect for all your moving needs. Now you can easily push around those bundles of newspapers that you need to delivery; or move those heavy refrigerators around wherever needed. These wooden planks, with swiveling wheels, could be a great asset to any start-up company. This auction is an online auction, and the current bid is only at $53. This is a limited time offer…so get over to the website and find out more details on this auction. For more info, activate your free trial here.