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Cheap Computer Monitor!

New computer parts can really cost you. Supply chain issues are driving up the cost of everything and quality computer parts can be scare as of late. Do not waste time hunting for them when there is a great bargain deal available to you now. This auction lot features a black V226WL computer monitor. Packing materials for shipping and handling not available. Property available for viewing and removal by appointment only. Please contact the local custodian to schedule an appointment. Location is closed on weekends and holidays. Purchaser is responsible for all shipping and handling. Physical inspection of property is encouraged and highly recommended. Other deficiencies and repairs may be required. The condition of the property is not warranted. Repairs of property are not permitted on the location site. All lot sales items must be picked up in its entirety. This auction is located in San Diego, CA and the closing time is June 2, 2022 11:44 AM central time. The current high bid is only $5 USD and there have been 0 bidders so far. Make sure to be the next person to bid and this great computer monitor could potentially be yours at an amazing price! For any further information, simply click here to subscribe to www.governmentauctions.org for your FREE 3 day trial.

HP L2201X 21.5 Inch Led Monitor: It’s Eye Candy

eliteTired of squinting your eyes at that old CRT monitor? Well now it’s time to end your pain and suffering my getting a new one, like this HP L2201X 21.5-Inch LED monitor! This ultra-modern and micro-thin business monitor is the perfect solution to your monitor problem. This monitor not only looks amazing, but it has a unique and contemporary look that’s both thin and space-saving. This HP also has amazing color quality and an incredible wide angle view, making your life easy and headache free. It has a 5000:1 contrast ratio, a 16:9 display, and 1980 x 1080 resolution; meaning all of your movies and games will be in stunning HD. This monitor will be going up for live auction at the end of next month, so click here right now not only to find out more, but to also activate you 3 day free trial membership.

Acer 17 Flat Panel TFT LCD Monitor: See It All!

acermonThis Acer 17 Flat Panel TFT LCD Monitor is going to be up for sale at a large online auction coming soon. This computer peripheral could hook into any PC tower and you would be well on your way to finally seeing everything that’s on your computer and everything that’s on the internet. Acer has a habit of making a great computer accessory and you would probably be in good hands with this item. This monitor would let you see everything a little bigger and a little clearer. These monitors are new in box and could probably be shipped to you once you win the item. Expect to get a deal on this item that is sweeter than its original retail price. This auction is taking place in Florida this month and did we mention that this auction is for 20 boxes of these monitors? Find out more about this lot of items by activating your free trial here.

Recording Equipment: Cut A Demo!

microphonesIf you have ever toyed with the idea of having your own home studio, then this is the perfect time to make those dreams turn into reality. If you want some recording equipment and a full blown studio setup, then you should check out this upcoming live auction for some Recording Equipment. This lot of items features a pro microphone pre-amp, digital audio workstation, microphone, stage monitor, amplifier, LCD Monitor, Pre Amp, Headphones, and a few more goodies. This lot of items would be a great home set up for you to just kick out the jams. You could record yourself and be a viral smash! Find out more about this lot and many other items by activating your free trial account.

Samsung Monitor: You Want A Sweet Deal?

samsung monitorSo your friend gave you an awesome desktop computer that he didn’t need anymore. The only problem is that he forgot to give a monitor. This is where we come in. Up for auction today is one Samsung monitor. This asset is model LS19HABBBY/XAA. The connection cord is included, but there is no power cord. It shows some wear, but can be used without repair. This could be a fantastic deal if you can get it for a low price. It doesn’t hurt to have a backup either. Monitors don’t last forever…so you should make sure you have a spare handy. This item can on be bid on through an online auction. There is only two days left to throw down a bid. The current bid is $25. Keep an eye this one. Click here for more details.

Ten Flat Panel Monitors: Finally Seeing Clearly!

10 monitorsThere is nothing worse then trying to play your favorite computer game and not being able to see everything because you have a small and worn out monitor. If you fall into this category, then we have the perfect auction for you. Up for auction today is one lot containing 10 flat panel monitors. These assets are from Dell and are all 17″. They are all in working condition, but some might have scratches, streaks, or smudges. These would be perfect items to resell to make a sweet profit. If you like what you see, and you want to make a bid, you are going to have to do it at the online auction. There is only five days left to place a bid. The current price of these assets is $100. Click here for more info on this auction.

Sony Video Teleconference Monitor: Time To Link Up!

teleconferenceThe new age in the business world has finally arrived. We now use the most advanced technology to make progress in the all business ventures. Communication by video conference has been a staple of the everyday big and small businesses. Up for auction today is one Sony video teleconference monitor. This 17-inch screen is unused and is model number PCS-TL30. Don’t live in the past. It’s time to embrace technology and use its awesome abilities. This item is only available through an online auction. There is only a couple hours left to place a bid on this monitor. The current bid is only $40. This is a superb deal. If you want all the information on this item, and many more like it, just head over to GovernmentAuctions.org.

Dell Monitor: Seeing Is Believing

dell monitorHaving a great monitor for your desktop is key to enjoying your time spent on the Internet. You need to make sure that when you are gaming, you can see all the details properly. That also goes for any important business ventures. Seeing clearly can be a profit game changer. Up for auction today is a Dell 1701FP Monitor. This item is ready to go and just needs to be plugged. If you want an opportunity to make a bid on this monitor, you need to check out the online auction. There is only one day to make a bid. The current bid is $30. Make sure you keep an eye on this…it’s ending soon. Check out GovernmentAuctions.org for all the details.

Sound Equipment: Mic Check…Testing..1,2,3.

audio equipIs your band ready to make that jump to the next level? If so, you are going to need the right audio equipment to make sure people can here your new and revolutionary music. Up for auction today is a lot of sound equipment. This lot includes a mixer, monitor, speakers, frequency mixer, crates, equalizer, amps, and cases. This is a great setup. Now, you can take your band on the road and perform live and uncut. Your guitar solos will melt people’s faces. These assets are available via online auction. There is just over six days left for you to place your bid. The current price for this auction is $131. Want more info? Just head over to GovernmentAuctions.org for all the details.

See Clearly With Your New HD Monitor

HD MonitorIs you computer monitor lacking the high definition quality that your fast-paced computer games need? Is it essential to watch your favorite movie in HD? If these questions relate to your situation, then this is the right auction for you. This 27-inch HP LCD HD Monitor will bring that wow-factor when playing your newest computer game. This monitor is large and in superb condition. To get a chance to bid on this HD monitor, you will have to be present at a live auction. This auction takes place on the East Coast and is held on September 1. LCD monitors such as this are a hot item in the electronics world. Don’t miss out on this awesome deal. For more information on this item, click here to activate your free trial.