Cheap Computer Monitor!

New computer parts can really cost you. Supply chain issues are driving up the cost of everything and quality computer parts can be scare as of late. Do not waste time hunting for them when there is a great bargain deal available to you now. This auction lot features a black V226WL computer monitor. Packing materials for shipping and handling not available. Property available for viewing and removal by appointment only. Please contact the local custodian to schedule an appointment. Location is closed on weekends and holidays. Purchaser is responsible for all shipping and handling. Physical inspection of property is encouraged and highly recommended. Other deficiencies and repairs may be required. The condition of the property is not warranted. Repairs of property are not permitted on the location site. All lot sales items must be picked up in its entirety. This auction is located in San Diego, CA and the closing time is June 2, 2022 11:44 AM central time. The current high bid is only $5 USD and there have been 0 bidders so far. Make sure to be the next person to bid and this great computer monitor could potentially be yours at an amazing price! For any further information, simply click here to subscribe to for your FREE 3 day trial.