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Cheap Computer Monitor!

New computer parts can really cost you. Supply chain issues are driving up the cost of everything and quality computer parts can be scare as of late. Do not waste time hunting for them when there is a great bargain deal available to you now. This auction lot features a black V226WL computer monitor. Packing materials for shipping and handling not available. Property available for viewing and removal by appointment only. Please contact the local custodian to schedule an appointment. Location is closed on weekends and holidays. Purchaser is responsible for all shipping and handling. Physical inspection of property is encouraged and highly recommended. Other deficiencies and repairs may be required. The condition of the property is not warranted. Repairs of property are not permitted on the location site. All lot sales items must be picked up in its entirety. This auction is located in San Diego, CA and the closing time is June 2, 2022 11:44 AM central time. The current high bid is only $5 USD and there have been 0 bidders so far. Make sure to be the next person to bid and this great computer monitor could potentially be yours at an amazing price! For any further information, simply click here to subscribe to www.governmentauctions.org for your FREE 3 day trial.

Canon All In One Machine: Get With The Program

Canon All iN OneThis upcoming auction is for a Canon All In One Machine! This machine comes new in box and would be a great asset to you in your home of office. This machine does it all. You can hook it up to your computer, print, scan, and import your photos directly. This is also a wireless printer so you do not really have to be near your computer as well as having this ability to hook up to other computers wirelessly. This machine is a great find and would save you a few bucks as well as last you a while if you took care of it and properly maintained it. This machine would be a great gift for the new year and it comes new in its original box. It is located in the state of New Jersey and can be picked up when you win. Find out more about this item and about many more government auction items by activating your free trial right now.

7 Viewsonic Monitors: Watch The World

viewmonsIf you enjoy having some computer monitors at your disposal then you should check out this current online auction for 7 Viewsonic Monitors. These monitors can be used with any computer tower and would provide you with some nice flat panel support and space saving technology. You can really see what lies ahead on the web with these devices. If you wanted to you could resell these monitors and probably make yourself a nice little profit. They are located in Virginia and can be shipped out to you with absolutely no problem. These monitors would be great if you were in charge of buying computer equipment for a school or something similar. The current bid on this lot of items is only $5 with the auction ending next week. You can find out more about this lot of items and many other government auctions by activating your free trial right here.

Western Digital Portable Hard Drives: Take These Anywhere!

externalharddrivesThese Western Digital Portable Hard Drives will be up for online auction coming next month in the great state of Florida. If you enjoy having that extra bit of memory then these two Western Digital External Hard Drives would definitely do the trick. They would connect to your computer via USB and since they are plug and play units, you would be able to enjoy them right off the bat. Western Digital has been making hard drives and computer components forever,s o you know you would be in good hands. The hands of a pro. These drives are compatible with both PC and Mac, so you can use them however you want and can take them anywhere you need to. These items are sure to go for a very good price because of this auction. You can find out all about these computer items and many other government auctions by logging in here.

Samsung Monitor: You Want A Sweet Deal?

samsung monitorSo your friend gave you an awesome desktop computer that he didn’t need anymore. The only problem is that he forgot to give a monitor. This is where we come in. Up for auction today is one Samsung monitor. This asset is model LS19HABBBY/XAA. The connection cord is included, but there is no power cord. It shows some wear, but can be used without repair. This could be a fantastic deal if you can get it for a low price. It doesn’t hurt to have a backup either. Monitors don’t last forever…so you should make sure you have a spare handy. This item can on be bid on through an online auction. There is only two days left to throw down a bid. The current bid is $25. Keep an eye this one. Click here for more details.

Keyboards: Here Is A Fantastic Deal!

80 keyboardsPeople these days will do anything just to keep afloat during this rough economical time. Believe us–we know. It isn’t such a bad thing to start your own business or just to sell items on the side to make a little extra cash every month. If you feel like you fall into that category, then you should check next auction. Up for sale right now is one pallet containing 80 Dell keyboards. You might want to keep a few for yourself, and then sell the rest of the lot for a great resale value. You could break up the lot and sell these assets one by one, or just sell the whole lot for some quick cash. Either way, you will definitely make some decent dough. This is an online auction that ends in four days. Click here for much more info.

Keyboards: This Is The Real Deal!

keyboardsHave you built up your business to where you are going to need to hire new employees and order a ton of new office equipment? Well if you are, then you should definitely check out the next auction. Up for auction today is a one lot containing approximately 40 keyboards. This is a great lot if you are building the perfect computers for your office. If not, you could also resell these items for an awesome profit. The condition of these assets is unknown. If you like what you see, and you want to place a bid, you are going to have to do it at the online auction. This auction is ending in just under two days and the current bid is only $40. Head to GovernmentAuctions.org for more info.

10 Samsung Flat Panel Monitors: Seeing Is Believing

SamsungMonitorsHaving your own computer store must be pretty cool. You may need some extra help finding some inventory and that is where we come in. Check out this current online auction for 10 Samsung Flat Panel Monitors. These monitors are located in Colorado and can easily be shipped to you after you win the auction. You could probably sell these for a pretty good price and make yourself a little profit. You could also donate these monitors to schools or places where they are needed. These all measure 19 Inches and provide you with a large landscape to view what’s on your computer hard drive. The current bid on this item is only $90 with the auction ending this week. Find out more by activating your free trial here.

Computer Mouse and Pad: Comfort to Browse

mouse and padAfter hours of working and browsing the internet, your wrists are probably sore and feel terrible. This happens to many people who spend all on a computer. If you fall into that category, these items are definitely for you. Up for auction today is a lot of a Computer Mouse and Pad. This mouse could essentially replace your dusty old model, or be saved in case your old one breaks down. The pad could be that comfort tool that helps you increase productivity at work. These items are available to bid on at a live government auction. The auction is held on September 1, and is on the East Coast. Get to the auction early, and you will definitely increase your odds of snagging a great deal. Want more information? Click here.