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A Whole Lot Of Audio Equipment!

Are you looking to purchase new audio equipment? Well then check this auction out because it has a whole lot of it! This lot features a variety of audio equipment consisting of a Kenwood audio-video stereo receiver, 2 sound speakers, a Sony antenna divider, a Sony UHF synthesized diversity tuner, a Denon precision audio component CD/cassette combo deck, a Dynavox acoustabar, a Sony compact disc player and last but not least a Fender sidekick Reverb (25 Amp).  This audio equipment has been used and has only a few minor scratches, but it is certainly in usable condition. These items will help you create the best music! If you would like to inspect this equipment in person before deciding whether or not to place a bid, then you must contact the custodian ahead of time to schedule an appointment. This auction is located in Denver, Colorado and the closing time is on August 11 at 1:17 pm central time. Right now, the starting bid is only $60 USD and there has been 3 bidders so far, so make sure to be the very first one and have a chance at winning this auction! For any further information, simply click here to subscribe to www.governmentauctions.org for your FREE 3 day trial.




Sound Equipment: Mic Check…Testing..1,2,3.

audio equipIs your band ready to make that jump to the next level? If so, you are going to need the right audio equipment to make sure people can here your new and revolutionary music. Up for auction today is a lot of sound equipment. This lot includes a mixer, monitor, speakers, frequency mixer, crates, equalizer, amps, and cases. This is a great setup. Now, you can take your band on the road and perform live and uncut. Your guitar solos will melt people’s faces. These assets are available via online auction. There is just over six days left for you to place your bid. The current price for this auction is $131. Want more info? Just head over to GovernmentAuctions.org for all the details.

Bullhorn: Let The World Know That You Do Have A Voice!

bullhornHave you ever seen a police chase and wanted to own the bullhorn that blares out commands to the criminal? Well, now you can! Today’s auction is for a bullhorn and a MFG audio equipment. This is item is great for anybody that is running for a political position, needs to rally a big group together, or just flat out wants to mess around with a bullhorn–we don’t judge anybody over here. If you would like a chance to make a bid on this item, you will have to check out the online auction. The current bid for this item is $5. The auction itself ends in just under one week from today. Want more details? Click here and check it out.

JBL JRX100 Speakers: Louder Justin Bieber

JBL JRX100 SpeakersCome on down and check out this current online auction for a set of JBL JRX100 Speakers. These speakers would be a great way to listen to whatever is on your computer when you need to. They look like they are in great shape and are probably pretty loud too! These speakers would help you crank the tunes or make presentations and would come in handy on those road trips where you need music as loud as you can get it. They also come with two speaker mounts that look like they screw under the speakers themselves. These are top of the line and newish pieces of home electronic equipment. You can probably get a pretty good deal on this set because of the nature of the auction. Find out more about this lot of items and about many other government auctions by activating your free trial now. You would be happy once you did!