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Dell UltraSharp 3007WFPT 30″ LCD Monitor: Get Lost In It’s Clarity

30dellLooking for a high end computer monitor that’s easy on the eyes? Well this 30″ Dell UltraSharp LCD Monitor is definitely the perfect choice for you. This monitor has a maximum resolution of 2560×1600 pixels and offers an outstanding display for professionals such as graphic designers, editors, and other creative professionals. The 3007WFPT has a contrast ratio of 700:1 and 400 cd/m2 brightness, Active Matrix TFT LCD screen, and a response time of 11 ms. This Dell  monitor smoothly renders fast-moving action scenes with minimal motion blur. And thanks to its DVI-D (dual link), you’ll able to easily connect to all sorts of other compatible digital devices for added entertainment. This item will be going up for live auction in Riverside, California in less than 2 weeks so be sure to click here now to activate your 3 day free trial account.

ViewSonic Graphic Series VG2021m Monitor: Great Monitor, Unbeatable Price

viewsonicIf you’re in need of a reliable computer monitor that delivers outstanding, crisp video, brilliant colors, and full and rich sound, then this ViewSonic’s VG2021m 20″ LCD monitor is definitely for you. This monitor supports 1 DVI and 1 D-Sub Analog RGB connectors. It’s also eco-friendly and EnergyStar compliant, with a rating of 55 Watts. It features an anti-glare panel surface that helps reduce eye strain, and is PC and Mac compatible. This is a versatile monitor suitable for almost any use and would make a great addition to any computer system. This particular monitor might be in need of repairs, therefore it’s highly recommended that you inspect it prior to placing your bid online. The current price for this auction item is just $7 with 2 online bids already placed. This auction ends in 1 day, 3 hours, and 53 minutes so make sure you click here now in order to activate your free GovernmentAuctions.org 3 day trial account.

Sharp LCD Projector: Big Screen For Home

sharpprojectorEver wanted to have a home theater without the expenses of a 60-inch flatscreen television? Here’s your chance with a Sharp LCD Projector that’s available at an upcoming internet auction.  There are very few requirements to get your home theater running. If you already have a big open wall for the projector to beam onto, you’re one step up already. A computer with your necessary movie files and some decent speakers to go with it all, you’re done! Just turn off the lights, flop onto a couch, relax, maybe cook up a pot of buttered popcorn, and enjoy the show. This projector should come at as a great deal; just contact the seller so you can give it a test run if you aren’t sure about pulling the trigger. But in order to do so, along with viewing a horde of other auction items available around the country, you must start by activating your free trial account now.

55-Inch Samsung TV: Holy Cow–That’s Huge!

samsung55Now that the football season is about halfway through, and basketball season might be coming back shortly, you will probably want to have a gigantic TV to view these high-action sports. Right? That’s what we thought. If so, you definitely want to check out this next auction. Up for sale is a Samsung, 55″, LCD. It features HDMIX4, Auto 120H2 Motion Plus, Touch of Color, Full HD 1080, and it includes the remote. The power chord is missing though. It does look to be in great condition. If you are looking to place a bid, you are going to have to do it at the online auction that is taking place on Nov 15! Make sure you check it out through our website!

Buy Acer Computer Monitors: These 2 LCD Monitors Can Help!

acemonYou can Buy Acer Computer Monitors right here at this upcoming online auction! This auction contains many items as well as these two 22″ Acer LCD Monitors! These monitors come new in box and can work wonders on your PC. You can achieve dual monitor baller status with these devices. Acer makes a pretty nifty computer product and with these monitors you can have flat screen glory pumping out of your office or bedroom and really get the full effect of the things you like to do on the internet. These new monitors could probably be scored at a very sweet deal since this is an online auction. This set of monitors would also make a great gift for the technophile in your life. Acer is the placer! You can find out all about this item and many other government auctions if you plan accordingly and activate your free  trial account right here.

Best Low Cost LCD Projectors: Try Out This Sony Bravia VPL-AW15

sonybraviaprojectorYou can find some of the Best Low Cost LCD Projectors around if you head to a government auction. If you are in the market for a new projector and want to check out a top of the line machine, then you should check out this Sony Bravia VPL-AW15 LCD Projector! This item is located in New Jersey and can be yours soon. This machine can easily be hooked up to your cable, DVD player, Blu-Ray player, video game console, video camera, and play exactly what you want on the side of your house. Well, if you had a screen it would look crystal clear. Plus, you already know Sony makes a great product. With this auction, you could probably make a great deal on this item. You would find great joy in everything this machine has to offer and much more.  Find out all about this item and many other government auctions by clicking here.

Toshiba 42″ TV: This Thing Is Stacked!

toshiba 42Football playoffs are right around corner, and you should be fully equipped with an awesome television to watch them on. If you are having trouble choosing the right TV for your home, then we will simply make the judgment call for you. Up for auction today is this Toshiba 42″ flat screen LCD. This great item comes with the power cord and wall mount. This is truly a spectacular piece of equipment. Don’t let someone else get the jump on you…keep watching this auction. It will only be available through an online auction. This auction will begin to day and will finish on January 4. If you don’t need an extra TV in your home, you can sell this for an outstanding value. Click here for more info on this auction.

Toshiba 42 Inch LCD HDTV: Bigger IS Better

ToshibaFlatToshiba makes a bevy of different electronic products and are a household name as well. If you want an extra touch of panache when you are watching TV then you should check out this upcoming live auction for a Toshiba 42 Inch LCD HDTV. This auction will take place next month so you may want to save your Holiday money to buy this item. You can hook up all of your extra media devices to this machine like your video game systems, DVD player, Blu-ray player, or even a VCR. This item would be the centerpiece of your massive home entertainment center. You have a limited time to enjoy this auction.  Find out more about this item by activating your free trial account.

Sanyo LCD 45-Inch TV: You Wanted Big…Well, Here It Is

saynoThere is no comparing big to small in the world of televisions. There is no reason that anybody would say that smaller is better–it’s really not. When it comes to TVs, bigger is always better. Up for auction today is a Sanyo LCD 45-inch TV.  This monster is a thing of beauty. You can’t even begin to understand what it feels like to watch a sporting event on such a big screen. The quality is amazing and the flat screen can fit anywhere in your home. This items can only be bid on through an online auction. There is only one day left to place a bid, and the current bid is only $101. Don’t miss out on these super savings. Click here to check it out.

Two Samsung 46″ LCD TVs: Two For The Price Of One!

two 42 inchThis is an awesome deal! If you want gigantic television for your  home, and you want to make a some extra cash on the side, this is the right place to look. Up for auction today is one lot containing two Samsung 46″ LCD TVs. These assets are still in the original packaging they came in. Deals don’t come better than this. You could easily put on of these monster screens in your room, and then just flip the other one for a great profit. If you don’t want to do that, you can just keep both for the ultimate entertainment household. This deal is only available through a live auction that will be held on November 3 at noon. The auction is in New Jersey. Check it out!