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This Auction’s Image Is Super Sharp!

10_3_17 TelevisionsAre you someone who loves to watch television? Do you wish you could watch all of your favorite movies and shows on a television that produces a wonderful image and picture? Well, grab your popcorn because this auction will have you watching re-runs over and over again! This auction consists of one lot of nine assorted televisions. These televisions are all Samsung’s, and their sizes are 65″, 65″, 48″, 48″, 55″, 48″, 78″, 78″, and 32″. With such a wide variety of televisions, you will be able to put one in nearly every room of your house! If nine televisions are too much for you, then you can always give them to your friends or family members as birthday or holiday gifts. Lastly, you always have the option of re-selling them and turning a profit! If you would like to inspect these televisions in person before deciding whether or not to place a bid then you must contact the custodian ahead of time to schedule an appointment. This auction is located in Baltimore, Maryland, and the closing time is on October 6 at 12:00 pm noon central time. Right now, the current bid is $3,000, and there have been 5 bidders so far. For any further information, simply click here to subscribe to www.governmentauctions.org for your FREE 3 day trial.



Are you tired of sitting at home with nothing to do? Is having friends over boring? Well, the time has arrived to purchase a used Television! This device will consume your time when you have nothing better to do. This product offers endless entertainment for you and your family, a nice decoration for your living room and is one of a kind in its ability to bring people together. This television is for someone who is outgoing and works hard but likes to sit back and relax from time to time. A lot of people think that television is a waste of time but how would people receive weather or news updates. Channels like CBS, NBC and FOX regularly show attention grabbing shows. Sports are also a fan favorite among Television lovers. This device also comes with a VCR that is great when you want to sit back and watch a movie or television series. How many Panasonic televisions do you come across these days? This is a chance of a lifetime to own one! The current bid on this television is only Five Dollars!! But hurry up because there is only 2 more days left to bid on the television. The item is being sold in Kansas City, MO. head on over to to www.governmentauctions.org by clicking here and sign up for your FREE 3 day trial

55″ Samsung 1080p 3D LED HDTV: Taking Home Entertainment To A New Level

ledtvGoing up for live auction only tomorrow in Riverside, California is this 55″ Samsung 1080p 3D LED HDTV. If you’ve been needing a new television for your living room or bedroom, then we highly recommend this. Jam packed with  amazing features like smart apps and Full HD 3D, this television creates a larger-than-life viewing experience when watch all of your favorite movies and TV shows. And with its 3D functionality, images will be leaping off the screen and into your home! Ok, well not really but we like to think so. But wait, we’re not done! This TV also features 240 Hz technology that delivers incredibly fast onscreen motion with lifelike clarity. It all comes together in a sleek design package that complements any room in your house. To find out more about this Samsung television simply click here now to being your 3 day free trial account.

Roku 2 XS 1080p Streaming Player: Home Entertainment Made Easy

roku2Going up for live auction at the end of next month in Pompano Beach, Florida is this Roku 2 XS 1080p Streaming Media Player. The Roku 2 is the perfect solution for people who want to stream all of their favorite TV shows and movies directly to their TVs in beautiful 1080p HD resolution. This Roku is capable of streaming Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, VUDU and HBO GO, as well as live sports, music, news, and international programming. But wait, there’s more! The Roku 2 XS also comes with an enhanced Bluetooth remote which features sensors to support motion-based game play, and even has game-ready buttons allowing you to play games like Angry Birds. That’s right, you can actually play Angry Birds on your television through your Roku box! If you’d like to learn more about this awesome little device then simply click here to activate your 3 day free trial account!

Mitsubishi 65-inch TV: Big, Bold Entertainment

65inch tvNowadays you have massive high-definition television sets that take up the space of an entire wall in your home. But those can fetch prices in the thousands. Sure, this Mitsubishi 65-inch TV‘s days of glory may have passed, but 65-inches is still nothing to scoff at. It does qualify as a flat-screen and you’ll barely tell the difference from a distance anyway. But what if the starting bid for this TV is only a mere $20? That has to be a steal. If you’re in search for a new TV to place in your bedroom, living room, basement or wherever there’s qualifying space, then make this TV yours. It will be available at an upcoming online auction, so keep a sharp eye out. There are tons of items just like this TV that are available at government auctions around the country, so just activate your 3 day free trial account today and start hunting down those deals.

VIZIO E422VA 42-Inch LCD 1080p HDTV: One Smart TV

vizioLooking for an HDTV that combines high-definition technology with the best of what the internet has to offer all together in one sleek package? Well look no further because the Vizio E422VA 42-Inch LCD is the HDTV you need in your life. Now you can enjoy the convenience of on-demand movies, TV shows, social networking, music, photos, and more all with the push of a button. This Vizio has a built-in WiFi (802.11n) receiver making internet connectivity a snap, full 1080p HD resolution provides superior picture quality, and you’re even able to enjoy streaming video from Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, and VUDU. You can even access Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, and Rhapsody from this TV without the need for a PC! This baby goes up for live auction on May 1st in Riverside, California. To find out more about it, and other items that will be sold on the same day, make sure you click here to activate your free trial account!

41-inch Vizio LCD TV: Home Theater Goodness

vizio tvBuild up your home entertainment domain with this 41-inch Vizio LCD TV, a crystal-clear, stunning display of a TV that belongs in any bedroom or living room of any humble home. This television is available at an upcoming live auction and you can bet you can nab this at a significantly lower price than those in electronics retail stores. Set up a surround sound system in your bedroom, dim the lights just a little bit, put in your favorite Blu-Ray movie, wrap yourself in the comforts of your own bed, and you’ve got yourself one of the most relaxing atmospheres you can possibly find yourself in. What are you waiting for? This deal cannot be avoided, so get out there and find out more about auctions just like this TV that could be available near you right now by activating your free trial!

Sony 40 Inch Bravia Flatscreen TV: Enjoy Yourself!

40 Inch Sony Bravia Flat ScreenLooking for some new home entertainment? Well, you should check out this upcoming online auction for a Sony 40 Inch Bravia Flatscreen TV. This TV would be a great way for you to watch all of your favorite shows, movies, games, and much more. Sony makes a very outstanding electronic product and when you decide to bid on this item, check out it out and rock and roll it would be for your benefit. This Sony would look dynamite in your home or office and once you hook up all of your peripherals to it; you would be off to the races. You could also watch the races that are coming up on this TV provided of course, that you have a cable account with a service provider. This item looks like it is in pretty good shape and could be a great way to unwind. Find out more about this item and about many more government auctions by activating your free trial account now.

60 Inch Sony TV: What Would YOU Watch?

60 inch sonyThis 60 Inch Sony TV can be yours after you win it at an online auction that is going on now! You would have to be hard pressed to get a better deal on such a gigantic TV because this kind of offer only comes around every so often. Sony makes a bevy of products and with this TV you could be face to face with your favorite stars each and every single night. When you want to REALLY watch a movie, this TV would be an awesome way to start because it would bring you head to head with all the action. Sporting events? Forgetaboutit! You would be right in the middle of the intensity with a TV this big. It would feel like you were right at whatever game you were watching! The current bid on this item is only $10 with the auction ending next week. You can find out about this item and about many more by simply activating your free trial account right now!

Toshiba 32 Inch LCD TV: The Perfect Size!

Toshiba LCDIf you are looking for some home entertainment you should check out this upcoming online auction for a Toshiba 32 Inch LCD TV. This TV looks like its pretty new and comes with a remote and stand. It would be the perfect fit for any room in the house, even in the bathroom so you can keep up with your favorite shows in any room. This TV would be great for you to watch anything or play video games, watch DVDs, you name it! Texas is where this TV calls home and you can pick it up and take it to its new home. Toshiba is a name you can trust when it comes to home electronics. You might say that it is their milieu. Plus, you can save yourself a few dollars by bidding on this item at this auction. How many dollars? Possibly a fistful. Find out more about this item and about many other government auctions by simply activating your free trial account right now.