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VIZIO 42″ Class LCD 1080p 60Hz HDTV: For Your Viewing Pleasure

Take a peek at this next deal for a VIZIO E421VO HDTV. It will be going up for live bid on January 24th, 2014 in Dayton42vizio, New Jersey. This 42 inch LCD TV delivers full-HD picture, 100,000:1 contrast ratio, and the clearest picture with the brightest whites, darkest blacks and all the shades in between. It’s also got a 178 degree vertical and horizontal wide viewing angle, you can watch TV from practically anywhere in the room. This television boasts of ambient light-sensing technology that synchronizes the backlight according to the room’s brightness, making for fatigue free viewing during those marathon sessions of Breaking Bad. Simply put, this television gives you the most bang for your buck, and because it’s being sold at a government auction, you’re guaranteed the best price for it. Want to know more about this live auction and how to go about attending? If so, simply click here to begin your free trial account!

VIZIO E-Series 60″ Class Razor LED Smart HDTV: How TV Should Be Watched

60inchvizNext up on the auction block is this VIZIO E-Series 60” Class Razor LED Smart HDTV. It will be avilable for live bid on November 6th, 2013 in Riverside, CA. This Vizio, with its high-quality picture and amazing value, gives you crystal-clear action and eye-popping images all in splendid 1080p Full HD resolution. It’s also got a 120Hz refresh rate for smooth motion during those intense action scenes. But wait, there’s more! This E-Series HDTV also has built-in Wi-Fi allowing for easy connection to your home network and streaming of all your favorite movies and TV shows. The slim frame design with ultra thin profile also beautifully enhances any living space in your home. If you’d like to learn more about this television and how to get it for insanely cheap, then we strongly suggest that you activate your 3 day free trial right now.

Vizio VSD210 High Definition Audio Dock for iPad, iPod and iPhone: Music To Our Ears

dockingspeakerLooking for an HD audio dock that will make a nice addition to your home entertainment system setup? If you are, then you should without a doubt consider getting this Vizio VSD210 High Definition Audio Dock for iPad, iPod and iPhone. This audio dock makes for a powerful audio upgrade and has four pro-tuned speakers as well as a 4 inch built-in subwoofer. If you need a device that delivers hi-fi audio with deep thumping bass, then this is definitely it. Not only that, but charging your iPod, iPhone, or iPad in the dock has never been easier. Need to share your personal music collection with friends and family? Yep, it can do that too. Now that we’ve got your attention, you’re probably asking yourself how you can go about getting your hands on one of these Vizio Audio Docks. The answer is simple: click here to activate your GovernmentAuctions.org free trial account!

Movado Vizio Two Tone Watch: The Best of the Best

movadovizioNext up on the auction block: this gorgeous men’s Movado Vizio watch, that will be going up for live auction on August 14th, 2013 in Dayton, New Jersey. This Swiss made watch features a tungsten carbide bezel with a two toned stainless steel and gold plated bracelet. The dial measures 36mm in diameter and is white in color. This watch would make the perfect gift for that special person in your life or even for yourself!  The watch originally retails for $2499, but if you attend this upcoming live property auction, expect to pay a fraction of that cost. It appears to be in excellent working condition and it also includes its original leather case, Movado case, and instructions with warranty booklets. To get the inside scoop on this and other recently seized jewelry deals, be sure to click here in order to activate you 3 day free trial account!

VIZIO VBR120 Blu-ray Player: Ready For Endless Hours of Entertainment

vizioblurayGoing up for auction on the 22nd of the month in Dayton, New Jersey is this VIZIO VBR120 Blu-ray player with built in internet apps. This VIZIO player has full 1080p high-definition video, delivering razor sharp images, 7.1 surround sound for amazing audio, and also connects to the internet in order to stream movies, TV shows, music and more. The VIZIO VBR120 plays Blu-ray and DVD discs, audio CDs, MP3, and JPEG files. For additional entertainment you can also access content from Netflix, VUDU, Pandora, Twitter, Facebook, and more, thanks to its built in app capabilities. This Blu-ray player would make the perfect addition to your living room or bedroom. Want to find out more about this upcoming live auction item and other ones just like it? If so, then simply click here in order to activate your 3 day free trial now!

Lots of Random Electronic Goodness!

vizio1We love bulk auctions. Not only because they consist of a lot of items, but also because they are usually dirt cheap. This next auction is a perfect example of that. The auction is for one lot of miscellaneous electronic equipment that is comprised of various HDTVs, video game consoles, video games, and home theater systems. Best part is, all the stuff is being auction off with a current price of just $719 with 3 bids placed. The lot consists of the following items: a Vizio 32″ LCD TV, Vizio 47″ LCD TV, Vizio 42″ LCD TV, Vizio 37″ LCD TV, RCA Home Theater System with speakers and subwoofers, Wii console with Wii sports resort, Rock Band and other various games, and an XBOX 360 4GB console. Not too shabby, eh? If you’d like to learn more about this online auction and how to place your own bid, then we recommend you click here to activate your free 3 day trial account.

VIZIO E422VA 42-Inch LCD 1080p HDTV: One Smart TV

vizioLooking for an HDTV that combines high-definition technology with the best of what the internet has to offer all together in one sleek package? Well look no further because the Vizio E422VA 42-Inch LCD is the HDTV you need in your life. Now you can enjoy the convenience of on-demand movies, TV shows, social networking, music, photos, and more all with the push of a button. This Vizio has a built-in WiFi (802.11n) receiver making internet connectivity a snap, full 1080p HD resolution provides superior picture quality, and you’re even able to enjoy streaming video from Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, and VUDU. You can even access Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, and Rhapsody from this TV without the need for a PC! This baby goes up for live auction on May 1st in Riverside, California. To find out more about it, and other items that will be sold on the same day, make sure you click here to activate your free trial account!

Vizio 50 Inch TV: Time To Shine!

Vizio 50 InchIf you want to take your entertainment level to the next level then you should check out this upcoming online auction for a Vizio 50 Inch TV. This TV would be a great way to spend your time after working all day and getting stressed out. When you come home you can turn it on and enjoy a large screen that will be a glorious experience if you set it up correctly. Vizio is an up and comer in the world of making durable and reliable TV sets. You can hook up all of your favorite peripherals to this device and enjoy them to their fullest. This TV looks like it is extremely new and seems like it is in perfect shape. All you really need to do is win this item and find a reliable stand or mount for it. You can probably save a pretty good amount of money on this TV as well. Find out more about this item and about many more government auctions by just activating your free trial now.

55 Inch Vizio HDTV: Relaxation, Here You Come!

Vizio 55 inch tvThis 55 Inch Vizio HDTV can be yours after you win it at this upcoming online auction. Vizio is a hot up and comer in the home entertainment industry and with this TV you will be able to get a good handle on all things media related, plus it would look pretty good sitting on top of that TV stand you just got! This 55 inch TV would revolutionize the way movie night goes down at your place. You could have a great time sitting around the old tube with your friends or family. How much longer do you think people will call a TV “the tube” since they haven’t been made with tubes in years? Pretty interesting if you think about it. How will you get out of this on Mr. Bond? Anyway, you can hook up all of your favorite peripherals to this TV and have a blast! Find out more about this item and about many more government auction items by activating your free trial account now.

Vizio 46 Inch TV: Big And Bad!

viziotvWatching TV can be very fun and exciting especially since the fall lineup has just kicked off, This is the perfect time to get you a new television set. usually you are inundated with new shows, movies, games, and DVD/Blu Rays in the fall and since this auction takes place soon, you would be remiss if you didn’t check out this sick online auction for a Vizio 46 Inch Flat Screen HDTV. This TV would be a perfect fit for your living room or bedroom and would be easily hooked up to all of your peripherals allowing you to entertain yourself or you family and friends for hours on end. Now, apart from that last rhyme it would be crime if you didn’t commit some time to recline and watch some TV while perhaps sipping some wine or some takeout with which to dine. Booya! Beat that Shakespeare! Find out more about this TV and many other government auctions by activating your free trial here.