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This Auction Calls For A Movie Night!

Are you looking for new flat screen TV’s? Well if you’re looking to get a new TV and save money, then you definitely should check this out! This lot consists of approximately 7 televisions included with remote controls. With all these TV’s you can set up another one at home and perhaps maybe even sell some of them for a profit! Purchasing new flat screen TV’s can make a big dent in your pocket but if you bid on this auction before closing time you can quickly and easily own all these 7 flat screens for the price of just one! Viewing of property is highly recommended. Parts may be missing and repairs may be required. If you would like to inspect these televisions in person before deciding whether or not to place a bid then you must contact the custodian ahead of time to schedule an appointment. This auction is located in Saint Paul, Minnesota and the closing time is on Friday, May 10 at 6:44 pm central time. Right now, the current bid is only at $125 USD and there have been 2 bidders so far, so make sure that you become the very next person to bid and have a chance at making this auction yours! For any further information, simply click here to subscribe to www.governmentauctions.org for your FREE 3 day trial.





Samsung 51″ Plasma HDTV, Model PN51D440A5D: For All Your Home Entertainment Needs…

51inchCheck out this auction deal for a 51 inch Samsung Plasma HDTV, model PN51D440A5D, that’s now currently available for online auction. The amazing televisions delivers all the bold contrast and color of plasma with all of the advanced features that Samsung is known for. Aside for being 51″, this television features a low profile bezel, SRS Theater Surround Sound, 2 HDMI ports, 600Hz Subfield HD motion performance, 720p resolution, and much more. This particular model Samsung is also able to render the fastest-moving scenes with the utmost clarity and crystal clear detail. The current asking price for it is just $89 with 1 bid already placed. This auction will be ending in exactly 13 days, 21 hours, and 37 minutes so if you’d like to learn more about this television, simply click here to activate your 3 day free trial account.


VIZIO 42″ Class LCD 1080p 60Hz HDTV: For Your Viewing Pleasure

Take a peek at this next deal for a VIZIO E421VO HDTV. It will be going up for live bid on January 24th, 2014 in Dayton42vizio, New Jersey. This 42 inch LCD TV delivers full-HD picture, 100,000:1 contrast ratio, and the clearest picture with the brightest whites, darkest blacks and all the shades in between. It’s also got a 178 degree vertical and horizontal wide viewing angle, you can watch TV from practically anywhere in the room. This television boasts of ambient light-sensing technology that synchronizes the backlight according to the room’s brightness, making for fatigue free viewing during those marathon sessions of Breaking Bad. Simply put, this television gives you the most bang for your buck, and because it’s being sold at a government auction, you’re guaranteed the best price for it. Want to know more about this live auction and how to go about attending? If so, simply click here to begin your free trial account!

Samsung 26″ 720p LCD HDTV Model LN26B460B2D: For Your Viewing Pleasure

26samsungLet’s kick today’s auction deals off with something everyone loves: televisions! Going up for live auction in just over a week in Pompano Beach, Florida is this Samsung 26″ 720p LCD HDTV Model LN26B460B2D. This 26″ screen is optimal for viewing in medium size rooms and features a wide XGA (1366 x 768 pixels) resolution, supports 720p signals for amazing picture quality, and 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio; giving you a cinema-style experience right from home. This television also has Wide Color Enhancer2 with CCL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp)  which provides a vast array of colors for vibrant picture quality.Why spend more than you should at a regular electronics store when you can attend this live upcoming auction and save! To find out more about this item and this live auction event, simply click here to being your 3 day free trial account!

Samsung T23A350 23-Inch Class LED HDTV/Monitor Combo: For Work Or For Play!

samsung monitorGoing up for live auction on December 11th, 2013 in Pompano Beach, Florida is this Samsung T23A350 23-Inch Class LED HDTV/Monitor Combo. With this amazing monitor you’ll enjoy rich image quality and increase your productivity. The device can be used as either a computer monitor or even as a high-definition television capable of delivering full 1080p video quality. This item also has an awesome picture-in-picture feature that allows you to watch a TV program and work on your PC at the very same time! It also comes with two HDMI inputs, allowing you to easily connect cable boxes, Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, and other devices directly into the unit. Before you participate in this auction though, we strongly that you preview this item in person. If you’d like to find out more about it simply click here to activate your free trial account!

Samsung UN55B8500 55 Inch 1080p 240 Hz LED HDTV: It Sure Would Look Good In Your Living Room…

samsNext up on the auction block is a television with high quality picture performance, advanced connectivity, and a sleek and sexy design. This Samsung UN55B8500 55-inch LED HDTV will be going up for live auction in about 2 weeks in Pompano Beach, Florida. There are several things that set this television apart from other brands. One of those things is a 240 hz refresh rate, which prevents motion blur and image judder that typically plagues LCD displays. Another amazing feature this television has is a Wide Color Enhancer, which provides an even broader color palette by analyzing each pixel and then stretches them to their 3 dimensional limit for the most lifelike colors possible. There are a ton of other really amazing and unique features that this HDTV has, but we strongly recommend you attend this auction and person and see them for yourself. To find out more and the auction item and venue, simply click here to being your 3 day free trial.

Samsung 46″ LED 6500 Series Smart TV: It’s Mensa Smart

samsung tvDo you want to experience the next generation of groundbreaking Smart TVs? Well then you’ve come to the right place, because this Samsung 46″ LED 6500 Series Smart TV is exactly what you need. It will be available for live auction at the end of the month in Dayton, New Jersey. Whether you’re watching your favorite shows in 2D or 3D, this Samsung TV displays picture quality that’s crisp, clear, and incredibly life-like. This television features Clear Motion Rate technology while lets you experience sharp picture quality, even when you’re watching fast-moving images like sports or action movies. But wait, that’s not all! Because this is a Smart TV, you’ll be able to browse the web, stream movies, or TV shows straight from your living room couch! Want to find out more about this live auction deal? If so, then all you have to do is click here right now in order to activate your 3 day free trial account.

Lot of ADP, Electronics, and More!: Bang For Your Buck

palletsTake a peek at this next online surplus auction deal for one massive lot consisting of ADP, various electronics, and a whole lot more! The entire lot consists of the following items: various computer monitors, printers, projectors, typewriters, televisions, DVD burners, microwaves, surge protectors, exercise machines such as Stair Masters, and a whole lot more. There are 91 pallets in total just filled with electronics. Many of these items are in excellent condition and have barely been used. The best part is, you can always flip them on sites like eBay for some serious profit. The current asking price for this online bulk auction is $2,500 with 1 bid already placed. This auction will be ending in exactly 3 days, 20 hours, and 50 minutes, so make sure you activate your 3 day free trial account in order to find out more about this deal before it passes you by!

VIZIO E-Series 60″ Class Razor LED Smart HDTV: How TV Should Be Watched

60inchvizNext up on the auction block is this VIZIO E-Series 60” Class Razor LED Smart HDTV. It will be avilable for live bid on November 6th, 2013 in Riverside, CA. This Vizio, with its high-quality picture and amazing value, gives you crystal-clear action and eye-popping images all in splendid 1080p Full HD resolution. It’s also got a 120Hz refresh rate for smooth motion during those intense action scenes. But wait, there’s more! This E-Series HDTV also has built-in Wi-Fi allowing for easy connection to your home network and streaming of all your favorite movies and TV shows. The slim frame design with ultra thin profile also beautifully enhances any living space in your home. If you’d like to learn more about this television and how to get it for insanely cheap, then we strongly suggest that you activate your 3 day free trial right now.

Insignia 37″ 720p LCD HDTV Model: NS-LCD37-09: For Your Viewing Pleasure

insigGoing up for live auction on August 14th, 2013 in Dayton, New Jersey is this auction for an Insignia 37″ 720p LCD HDTV, model: NS-LCD37-09. This sleek 37″ flat-panel LCD HDTV features a 60 Hz refresh rate and 1500:1 contrast ratio for sharp 720p high-definition images. It’s also got 3 HDMI inputs, making it extremely easy to connect all of your other high-definition devices to the TV for an overall better entertainment experience. And with its 2 built-in 10watt bottom mounted stereo speakers you’re delivered crisp audio with every single viewing. This television also has a built in V-Chip for parental controls, keeping your children from being exposed to undesirable material. This television normally retails for a couple hundred bucks in stores, but if you attend this upcoming live auction then be prepare to spend a fraction of the normal cost. Click here now to activate your 3 day free trial account.