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Are you tired of sitting at home with nothing to do? Is having friends over boring? Well, the time has arrived to purchase a used Television! This device will consume your time when you have nothing better to do. This product offers endless entertainment for you and your family, a nice decoration for your living room and is one of a kind in its ability to bring people together. This television is for someone who is outgoing and works hard but likes to sit back and relax from time to time. A lot of people think that television is a waste of time but how would people receive weather or news updates. Channels like CBS, NBC and FOX regularly show attention grabbing shows. Sports are also a fan favorite among Television lovers. This device also comes with a VCR that is great when you want to sit back and watch a movie or television series. How many Panasonic televisions do you come across these days? This is a chance of a lifetime to own one! The current bid on this television is only Five Dollars!! But hurry up because there is only 2 more days left to bid on the television. The item is being sold in Kansas City, MO. head on over to to www.governmentauctions.org by clicking here and sign up for your FREE 3 day trial

Lot of Televisions and Other Electronics: Bulky Bargains

tvzNext up for online auction is this lot of miscellaneous televisions, DVD player, and more that are now available for online bid. With a current price of just $5, this is an unbeatable bulk auction deal. Included in the lot are the following items: 1 – 40 inch Pioneer HDTV, model PDP-V402; 1 – 37 inch Philips HDTV, model 7000 Series; 1 – 37 inch Philips, model 37RV525RZ; 1 – Sony DVD/VCR combo recorder/player, model RDR-VX530. These televisions appear to be in good condition with no stated defects, but we still recommend that you come in and preview it in person before deciding to bid. As we stated earlier, the current price for all of this stuff is just 5 bucks with just 6 days, 4 hours, and 51 minutes so if you’d like to learn more about this bulk auction or others just like it then simply click here in order to activate your free trial!


Panasonic TV/VCR Combo: You Know You Want It!

pancomboPanasonic has made a ton of great electronic items for many many years. If you want a taste of the glamor and luxury that IS Panasonic, then you should check out this current online auction for a Panasonic TV/VCR combo that can be yours soon. This 13 inch combo is way better than a 13 inch Combo snack, who would want to eat something that big anyway!? The size of this item makes it perfect to store or place in a nice little hiding space. It would be great for that college freshman to install in his dorm room and have a nice private area to watch your movies or old tapes of whatever it is you used to do. Come to think of it you would be the best if you brought this to your dorm because it would be a throwback to years gone by. The current bid on this item is only $10 with the auction ending extremely soon. Find out about this item and many other government auctions by activating your free trial account.

16 VCRs: Watch All Of Your Old Wrestling Tapes

vcrsSure, VHS is a dead format; but that doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying all those tapes you have in your house. Check out this online auction for 16 VCRs. Some of us used to tape everything we liked and watch those shows and movies over and over again. VHS was also the only way to get some rare viewing that you could not find anywhere else; like live concert bootlegs or even some classic pro wrestling events from around the world. These VCRs could be set up with any TV or device that has an AV in or even a coaxial input. You could still probably even tape stuff off of TV and keep the tradition alive. You can now once again enjoy your King Of The Hardcore Deathmatch tape! Find out more here.

TV And VCR: Perfect Combo!

comboDo you have a man-cave? Does you garage double for a bachelor’s pad? If so, they you need some enterntainment in that piece. This next auction will give you the basics to get you started. Up for auction is one lot containing a 25″ Scope television and one Panasonic VCR. Both of these items were operable when lest checked. These could be the two pieces that your dude-den is missing. This lot can only be purchases through this online auction. If you want these two pieces in your home, you should place your bid. There is only a couple days left, and the current bid is only at $10. Hurry…before someone else scoops this deal up. Head to GovernmentAuctions.org for more details on this auction.

2 Panasonic VCR Model AG133OP: Going To The Movies

panasonicVCRWho cares if the VCR is pretty much a dead format for playing videos back. They are still cool. You could be on to some kind of retro kitsch future makeover if you check out these 2 Panasonic VCR Model AG133OP that are currently up for online auction. Panasonic is synonymous with household electronics. Look around, you can probably find some sort of Panasonic in the room you are sitting in right now. These VCRs look like they are in pretty good shape and would definitely do you a favor if you have old tapes that you don’t want to transfer to DVD. Find out all about this item and many other auctions by activating your free trial here.

RCA DVD Player With 6 Head VCR: Watch And Learn

RCADVDWatching  TV is an American past time that is almost as valuable as baseball and apple pie. If you want to increase your viewing pleasure then you should definitely check out this current online auction for a RCA DVD Player With 6 Head VCR. This item is located in North Carolina and can easily be shipped to you when you win this auction. You could easily attach this unit to your TV or entertainment center and be well on your way to enjoying some VHS tapes or even DVDs. The format isn’t dead yet so you can still get a few years of use out of this. The current bid on this is only $25 with the auction ending in a couple days. Find out more here.

RCA VHS DVD Player Model DRC832ON: For The Ultimate Player

RCAdvdvhsAs technology moves forward sometimes you have to stay in between what is and what was. If you are still making a format transition then you should check out this RCA VHS DVD Player Model DRC832ON. This 6 head VCR will no doubt help you watch all those old tapes you have in your closet. VHS was the standard for many many years and we are sure you have some great entertainment memories locked away somewhere. The DVD player within this machine will also let you enjoy hours of entertainment as well. Hey maybe you can get all those tapes transferred over to DVD so you can enjoy them even more! Find out all about this item by clicking here.

Panasonic TV and VCR: Package Deal

panasonic tv and vcrAlways missing your favorite reality show because your stuck at work? Pick yourself up a VCR and record any show you like. Up for auction today is a package deal of one Panasonic Television Set and VCR. The monitor itself is 26-inches. Both items are a bit heavy, so plan accordingly. This is a perfect TV set/VCR combination for any bedroom in your home. Panasonic has been a trusted electronics provider for many years. Their products have excelled while other company’s items have failed to meet consumer standards. These items are available through an online auction that ends in 4 days. The current bid on this lot is only at $10. Don’t miss your chance to scoop up these assets for cheap. For more info, head over to www.governmentauctions.org, and activate your free trial now.

Mitsubishi HS 1280U Timelapse Security VCR: Criminals Beware

Mitsubishi HS 1280U Time-Lapse Security VCRThis Mitsubishi HS 1280U Timelapse Security VCR can be yours soon at this online auction! If you are looking for some super secret sleuth action, then you can check out this item and hook up this Security VCR wherever you want to and watch all the glory that unfolds before your very eyes. You could tape footage when you aren’t home and review it when you get home. Mitsubishi really does make a pretty excellent item and they make various items that could keep you entertained and enthralled at the same time. If you have a home security system, this would be a great way to keep an eye on everything! The current bid on this item is money and it is located on Planet Earth! Find out more about this item and about many other government auctions by activating your free trial account exactly right now.