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32GB iPod Touch: The Future Of Music Listening And Storage!

ipod touch32Ever since Apple invented the iPod, it has been the hottest selling music listening device on the market. We don’t foresee any other device taking over that crown in the near future–or ever. The new iPod Touch can do pretty much anything. They can go online, store a ton of music, allow you to watch YouTube clips, and even use Skype. Up for auction today is one 32GB iPod Touch. You will definitely not be disappointed when you turn this device on see what it can do. This item is only available through and online auction that is going on right now. The auction is ending in just two days from now. Want more info on this iPod? Simply click here to activate your free trial account today!

iPod Nanos: So Tiny, But Yet So Magnificent!

apple ipod nanosThe Apple iPod Nano has been hugely popular item for all music listening needs. It isn’t as bulky or large as a regular iPod, but it still has all the same functions. They are great for people who love music, but don’t have every song of every album they like. Up for auction here is four iPod Nano devices. These look to be in great condition and still in their original packaging. These assets can be used for your own personal use, or you could resell them for an outstanding profit margin. The only way to make a bid on these items is to check out the live auction. This auction is scheduled for November 3, and is located in New Jersey. For all the extra details, just head over to GovernmentAuctions.org.