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Bang Away On These Drums!

8_31_17 DrumsAre you somebody who loves music? Are you a musician who is always looking to add more instruments to your set? Well, get ready to tune your voice and crank those amps up because this auction has a beat to play for you! There are six drums that come in this lot, and they range from all different sizes and colors. If you are in a band and you are the drummer, now is your chance to add on to your drum set at a very low cost. Drums and other instruments can cost a lot of money, but now is your chance to acquire them at a cheap price! These drums are used and their working condition is unknown, so if you would like to inspect them in person before deciding whether or not to place a bid then you must contact the custodian ahead of time to schedule an appointment. This auction is located in Salem, Oregon, and the closing time is on September 5 at 7:05 pm central time. Right now, the current bid is $30, and there have been 2 bidders so far, so be sure to be the very next one! For any further information, simply click here to subscribe to www.governmentauctions.org for your FREE 3 day trial.

Lot of Musical Instruments: Movin’ and a Groovin’

InstrumentsYou may or may not know it, but the government will sometimes sell really cool and unusual things. This next online surplus auction is a perfect example of that. The auction consists of one lot of miscellaneous musical instruments plus a few amplifiers. There are 6 instruments in total. They include: 1 saxophone, 3 bugles, 1 trombone, 1 bass guitar, assorted drums (bass drums mostly), and 4 amps (included a Marshall half stack). These instruments appear to be in good condition as well. So if you’re looking to start a band or even get the band back together, then you definitely need to check out this auction. The current asking price for this bulk deal is just $255 with 9 online bids already placed. This auction will be ending in exactly 4 days, 7 hours, and 24 minutes, so hurry up and click here now in order to activate your free trial account.

Snare Drums: Drumroll Please

snare drumsDrumroll please. Here are six Snare Drums that you can pick up at an upcoming online auction to add to your garage band or your personal hobby collection! Snare drums are very important pieces in any band found in today’s musical world. You’ll also hear them used very often in military bands, where the marching songs almost always have some sort of snare drum beat in the background. It goes to show how important snare drums are in music. This unpitced percussion instrument is one out of many drums in the percussion instrument family, and it is by no means something to overlook. These drums are quite valuable on the market depending on their condition, so it is advised you go and check these drums out in person if you can. Of course, you won’t be able to do that unless you start by activating your free trial in order to find out more details!

AKG Drum Mic: Loud And Clear!

Drum MicThis AKG Drum Mic can be yours very soon when you want to enjoy blasting your kick drum as loud as you can for recording or live purposes. If you are a light or hard drummer this mic would do nothing but accentuate your drumming sound as you proceed into the ages of rock. AKG makes a pretty solid music product and this item can be yours soon at probably a fraction of the price of a retail chain. It looks like it is pretty new and in good shape. All you have to do is hook it up to a PA or recorder and you would be good to go. This mic is located in the state of Texas and comes with a padded case as well as clip for a stand. You could probably be very creative and use this as a vocal mic too. Find out more about this item and about many more government auction items by activating your free trial account as we speak!

Drums: Be The Next John Bonham!

DrumsThis set of Drums can be yours at this current online auction that is happening in the state of Missouri. You can bang on the drum all day and enjoy a good time all by yourself or with other musicians. Remember, a drummer is the most integral part of the band and they are the battery that drives the music forward. These drums look like they are in pretty excellent shape and would come in handy if you ever wanted to learn and instrument or even start your own band. These drums would also be good if you were in charge of the school’s band department and needed some extra instruments to blow the students minds away! Regardless of what you need them for you could probably get a great deal. The current bid is only $64 with the auction ending soon. Find out more about these items and about many more by simply activating your free trial account right now!

Used Stainless Steel Drums For Sale: Not That Kind

steeldrumsThese Used Stainless Steel Drums For Sale are not like the drums you are  thinking. These are oil style drums, or waste drums. Heck, you can use these drums for just about any kind of liquid storage, art, furniture, fencing, wall building, obstacle course making, or what have you. This is a lot of 62 stainless steel 55 gallon drums. These drums would probably have to get picked up from their location in Florida and could easily fit on a truck or pallet truck. If you own a construction company, then these drums would be perfect to have as inventory in your warehouse. These are handy items and if you are reseller, you could probably make a pretty penny with these on the market. The current bid on this lot of items is only $904 with the auction ending soon. You can find out all about these items and many others by activating your free trial account here.

Musical Instruments: Beat The Beat Up!

musical instrMusic is the heartbeat of the nation. The feeling of making your own music is beyond words. Today, you can make a bid on some items that will have music chiming throughout your house all day. Up for auction today is one lot of musical instruments. There are six pieces total in this auction. The items include a Tympani drum, ringer, cymbal stand with foot pedal, and a conga drum. Some parts may need repair…but either way, your getting a great deal. These items are only available through an online auction. There is only four days left if you want to place a bid on these great assets. The current bid is only at $10. If you want more details on this item, just click here for all the info.

Bass Drums: Making Sweet Beats

bass drumsHere is your chance to add a couple new pieces to your drum set collection. If you are a collector of different sized pieces, this is the right auction to follow. Today’s auction features Two Bass Drums. These drums look to be in great/working condition. This can be your ticket to that deep sound your band is looking for. These babies can pump out serious vibrations when tuned perfectly. This lot of drums is available through an online auction. Bid while the price is low–it is currently at $10. These drums won’t last forever. If you want a chance to own them, you will have to place a bid before August 25. If you would like more information on this auction, click here and activate your free trial today.