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Sony CamcorderTime is dynamic; you cannot hold your memories forever. It is easy to remember every single thing you’ve done with this Sony Camcorder DCR-TRV250. It has LCD pixels that can rotate up to 270° for multiple viewing angles that provide sharp, detailed images for monitoring and playback. If you will participate in this upcoming online auction, you’ll have a chance to win this camcorder. Having this camcorder can capture the unforgettable moments of one’s life through picture or video. There are moments that you didn’t even notice when you’re around and preserving your memories is the best way to re-live the excitement of that day and to experience all the moments you’ve missed. You can highlight the clips that you want to replay and easily play it back. Regardless of what you want to capture, you’re going to appreciate the videos in the years to come – you can keep it and let your great, great grandchildren watch it. Find out more about this item and about other government auctions by activating your free trial account right now!

Ultra Flip 4G Camcorder: Flip Out Baby!

UltraFlipCamcorderEver been in that situation where you witness something completely mind blowing and wish you had a camcorder? Well, with this Ultra Flip 4G Camcorder you can break this baby out at a moments notice and capture everything on high quality digital. This black and silver model includes TV cable, wrist strap, and soft case. You can have a lot of fun with this device and capture all those precious moments that make life grand. Who knows? It could also be the start of a burgeoning film career. You can own a piece of the future if you attend the live auction that this device will be available at. Find out more by activating your free trial.