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Floor Polisher: See Yourself

Floor PolisherThis Floor Polisher can be yours at this current online auction. This Floor Polisher would be a great way for you to enjoy some clean floors as well as some excitement in your neck of the woods. This floor polisher is located in the state of Oregon and can be yours extremely soon. You can find out more about this item and about many more if you really wanted to and check out all that a government auction had to offer. These floor polishers are a great way to save yourself some precious time on the job and just get your workload done with no problem. This polisher would mean that you could get any kind of floor extremely clean and ready for any number of people. This polisher would be a great idea for anyone who loves a clean floor. Find out more by activating your free trial account now.

Area Rug: Liven Up The Joint!

area rug2Don’t let your hardwood floor go bare. There is nothing worse then seeing scratches on your pristine wood…all because someone moved the coffee table around. Now you can place that coffee table under a great looking rug. Up for auction today is an area rug. This Shaw rug is 7×10 feet long and has a ton of vibrant colors. The design has square windows all over it with leaves running along the edges. This item is only available through and online auction. This item started on October 13 and ends on October 20. Don’t miss out an a deal that could save you a ton of money and a ton of  grief. For all the extra information on this item, just head over to GovernmentAuctions.org.

Floor Scrubber: Clean As A Whistle!

floor scrubberIf you own a business, then you know that it is prudent to continually keep your floors clean. You don’t want dust or grime on your floor–especially if you own a restaurant. This item is perfect for all of your floor cleaning needs. Up for auction today is one Advance floor scrubber. This item will make that floor shine. It is in working condition and should be ready to go once you plug it in. To have an opportunity to bid on this item, you are going to have to check out the online auction. There is only three days left to make a bid, and the current price is $50. If you want more info, just head over to GovernmentAuctions.org.

Bowflex Exercise Mat: Limber Up Before The Big Workout

bowflex matOn this exercise mat, you can do your sun salutation, tree pose, child’s pose, and any other yoga exercise you can think of. You can roll this mat up and travel to your yoga class. This mat is has the word Bowflex sprawled across the front of the surface. It is jet black and is perfect for any exercise you will need to do in order to keep your muscles limber. Nobody wants a tear or a strain when they are working out. This item is available through an online auction. The auction doesn’t open until until October 13, and the final bid will be one week from that date. If you want more information, you should check out GovernmentAuctions.org.