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Latest On Louis Vuitton: Well, This Trunk Is For Sale

louistrunkWant the Lastest On Louis Vuitton? Well, how about you come down to the live auction house in July and check out this upcoming live auction for a Louis Vuitton Trunk. This trunk has the classic Louis Vuitton logo emblazoned upon it! It is brown, monogrammed, and has a locking mechanism. This trunk could fit all of your prize possessions and all of your goodies and you can store much more if you need to. This item will let you keep your favorite things safe and sound and in a stylish container. Louis Vuitton will always be a name synonymous with fashion and with this live auction you can get this somewhat pricey item at a pretty reasonable price if you played your cards right. And no one is better at cards than you are, right? This item and many more are available at this live auction. For more information you can click here to activate your free trial account.

Armani Exchange Size 34 Jeans: Oh So Stylish!

size34ArmaniFinding that favorite pair of jeans is a hard thing for a guy to do. We can nudge you in the right direction with this upcoming live auction for a pair of Armani Exchange Size 34 Jeans. These are very stylish jeans and look like in great shape. You could definitely get these jeans at a discount because this is a live auction. Armani is a reputable brand that has been around for a while. Everyone on the club scene knows it’s Armani or go home. If it ain’t VIP it ain’t you, right? This auction will take place soon! Find out more about these jeans and many other government auctions by logging in to your account here.