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1500 Remington Hair Dryers: Works For You!

remington hair dryerIf you want to dry your hair at least for once then you should check out this Remington Hair Dryer! You’ll never leave the house with wet hair ever again and this machine would guarantee you that! This machine could be a great gift for someone that spends a little extra time in the bathroom to make sure they leave the house all clean and serene. This just in: there are over 1500 of these hair dryers that are ready to be won at this upcoming online auction. These dryers all come new in original boxes and can be used for a great number of things. The main use for these items is of course the drying of hair, but if you happen to be a painter then you could use these dryers to cool down your paintings because they are so red hot! This lot would probably save you a good chunk of cash as well. You can find out more about these dryers and about many more government auction items by activating your free trial account immediately!

1,848 Rolls Of Members Mark Paper Towels: Have An Affair To Remember.

Paper TowelsIf you are looking for almost a lifetime supply of paper towels, then you should check out this upcoming online auction for 1,848 Rolls Of Members Mark Paper Towels. These towels come new and are bundled up on 5 pallets. There are almost two thousand rolls of paper towels available at this auction house. If you have kids in your home then this should immediately strike you as a good auction item to bid on. If you unwrapped all of these and used them, you could probably soak up a small river and then squeeze into a glass so that a giant can drink it. Well, the odds of that are pretty astronomical, especially if you consider “never” and astronomical term. These paper towels would go for a low price and would be one less thing you would have to consider ever buying again for a very long time if you win. Find out more about this handy auction and more by activating your free trial.

50 Rubbermaid Mop Buckets: Clean Up, Aisle You!

Mop BucketIf you are looking at that mess on the floor and wondering how to clean it up, then you should check out this upcoming online auction for 50 Rubbermaid Mop Buckets and you would be half way there. The other half is getting mops. But what fun is a mop without a bucket!? No fun at all, that’s what we say! If you got these mop buckets you could do a better job once you get those mops. You can fill these buckets up with soap water. Then, dip your mop in them. After that, you simply squeeze the mop in the squeezy part. You know what comes next; mopping the floor. Do you think fifty moppers using 50 buckets would be able to write the complete works of Shakespeare if left alone for 50 years? Find out more about this lot of cleaning items and about many other government auctions by activating your free trial account right now!

Military Surplus Stretchers: Call The Doctor!

stretcho1These Military Surplus Stretchers are currently up for online auction and are in the state of Kansas. They can be yours soon and all you have to do is bid on them online and you may even get the potential deal of a lifetime. These stretchers come in a lot of 2. You could use these for medical purposes, stage purposes, home purposes, or for those just in case purposes. We narrowly escaped the apocalypse this weekend, but if it does come close again, you could definitely put these stretchers to good use. These items can come in handy if you are in a bind. When you need a stretcher, then you know you will have one. They can be shipped out to your neck of the woods with no problem at all and could serve many functions. The current bid on this item would be $5 with the auction ending some time next week. You can find out all about this item and many other government auctions by activating your free trial account here.