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50 Rubbermaid Mop Buckets: Clean Up, Aisle You!

Mop BucketIf you are looking at that mess on the floor and wondering how to clean it up, then you should check out this upcoming online auction for 50 Rubbermaid Mop Buckets and you would be half way there. The other half is getting mops. But what fun is a mop without a bucket!? No fun at all, that’s what we say! If you got these mop buckets you could do a better job once you get those mops. You can fill these buckets up with soap water. Then, dip your mop in them. After that, you simply squeeze the mop in the squeezy part. You know what comes next; mopping the floor. Do you think fifty moppers using 50 buckets would be able to write the complete works of Shakespeare if left alone for 50 years? Find out more about this lot of cleaning items and about many other government auctions by activating your free trial account right now!

Mop Buckets: Cleaning With Ease

mop bucketsDo you have a new business? Can your floor use a cleaning? If you think that you fall into this category, then you should definitely check this out. This auction is for 14 Mop Buckets. This auction does not include any actual mops–you would need to check out your local hardware store for those. These assets can be perfect for yourself, or to even resell individually on the open market. To get a chance at owning these cleaning supplies, you would have to bid on them at an online auction. The current bid for these buckets is at $30. This auction won’t last forever. The closing date of this auction is on September 1. Want more info? Head over to GovernmentAuctions.org to activate today.