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Stay Trendy with This Louis Vuitton Travel Bag!

lv bagLooking to travel with style these days? Try sporting this spacious and classic Louis Vuitton Keepall 45 Bandouliere-Damier Azur Travel bag on your next vacation! this item is located in Miami, FL and up for bids very soon. This luxury travel bag is in good condition with a starting bid of $275.00 USD. There are currently no bidders yet as this auction begins on June 24th, 2015. The approximate price this bag retails for is $1,720.00 at any Louis Vuitton shop. That is a massive discount that you most likely will not be able to find elsewhere! This item will be sold “as is, where is” with no attestation as to the accuracy of the description and the condition. It’s time to act quick and jump on this auction on June 24th at 12:00 noon CT. For any further information, simply click here to subscribe to www.governmentauctions.org for your FREE 3 day trial!

Louis Vuitton Briefcase for Men: Stay Classy, Gentlemen

louis vuitton briefcaseThere’s something about a well-dressed guy and his briefcase. It’s classiness. Take a step forward by getting this Louis Vuitton Briefcase for Men at this upcoming live auction based in Florida. Don’t be intimidated by the brand name. Even the most fashionable items featured at government auctions can go for a fraction of its retail price. Know that you can have the briefcase to last you, that makes you look phenomenal, yet only cost you—well, it depends on what your final price will be. It looks simple, yet oddly fashionable. As long as you bid smart and play your cards right, you can get away with a major bargain. If you want more information on this briefcase, you can start by clicking here in order to activate your 3 day free trial account. Tons of government auctions are happening each day, so don’t wait on jumping on this opportunity.

Louis Vuitton Handbag and Wallet: Set for Royalty

Louis Vuitton bag walletAny fashionista, socialite, or just a pretty lady who cares about first impressions and the art of maintaining the best outer appearance should definitely look forward to this Louis Vuitton Handbag and Wallet. This set of glossy red leather is fit for queens. Envision business attire. Solid black or sleek white? Either or will match with this handbag. An exquisite dress for the weekend excursion? Take your pick of colors to match this eye-catching red shine of this handbag. Whatever you choose to do, know that you’ll be getting a huge bargain at this upcoming live auction. A brand name bag of this quality will fetch a hefty price at retail stores, so take advantage of this opportunity and make out with a potential steal. If you want to find out more about amazing government deals, just click here in order to activate your 3 day free trial.

Louis Vuitton Luggage: So Classy

Lous LuggageThis upcoming live auction means that you will get a Louis Vuitton Luggage piece for a great price and probably a have a great day. Louis Vuitton is a great designer that makes some pretty eye grabbing items that will have you looking good wherever you go. This luggage bag would definitely have you going gaga for some new fashion while you wait in the airport while everyone else looks at you in awe and with loving or envious eyes. Louis Vuitton will probably continue to make bags like this in the future but this piece of luggage would be a great way for you to enjoy the current state of a nice bag that will have you taking all of your clothes to wherever they need to go. You can find out more about this bag and about many more inside your free trial account right away!